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The True Profit Business Podcast: Series 1 Episode 4

True Profit Growth Flow: The ‘Sell Then Create’ launch strategy

Business success is often defined by following metrics such as ’10X growth’, ‘7-figure business’ or ‘increasing sales by 20% next quarter’. However, if you have been running your own business for a while, you will absolutely know that growth rarely shows up a steady and consistent straight-line upwards.

Business growth is a flow; an up and down, a roundabout and back again. It is a rhythmical and cyclical process that is often governed by external factors, what’s happening in our personal lives, our hormone fluctuations and even the moon cycle and the seasons.

Welcome to True Profit Business, the podcast that dives into what it really takes to create a purposeful, playful and profitable business. In this episode, Karen Skidmore takes you through the True Profit Growth Flow and dives into the Sell Then Create process.

Sell Then Create is the same strategy that Karen has used for the past 15+ years in her own business and although some people can find it quite stressful if they tend to be perfectionists (or control freaks LOL), it is one of the most effective ways of taking a new product, course, programme or service offering to market. It can save you thousands of pounds in marketing mistakes and hours of wasted copywriting and branding.

You can see the Growth Flow model in detail on Page 87 of Karen’s book, True Profit Business and read the full story of how she launched her GID School of Marketing and took it through the True Profit Growth Flow over the following three years in Chapter 4.

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