Who is Karen Skidmore?

Karen SkidmoreHi, I’m Karen Skidmore and I’m one of the UK’s most sought after business coaches and mentors. I specialise in freedom based business models and creating marketing systems that allow leads to easily and simply flow in to your business.

I’ve created a business model for myself that brings in only the very best clients for me to work with during term times only. And this is my idea of freedom.

If you can’t have freedom when you are your own boss, what’s the point of it all … right?

I decided that, as I had taken the plunge to jump off the corporate ladder back in 2004 to spend more of my time to be “Mum” as my children started school, there was no point working all day and all night if I couldn’t create the time to enjoy life.

There’s nothing fun about working ridiculous hours only to end up creating a hobby business that gives you just enough income to sneak under the inland revenue threshold, is there?!

And as I was after creating a decent income, if I had no time to enjoy the fruits of my labour, I knew I was in danger of getting burnt out. And no one wants to get ill when they have a business to run!

karen skidmore kick ass

Me in my earlier “Kick Ass” days

I left corporate life in 2004, when I originally begun my entrepreneurial journey as a life coach. Yup .. hard to believe if you’ve ever met me. However, after just a few months, this journey almost ended as quickly as it begun. Selling myself by the hour as a women’s confidence coach didn’t really take off!

Instead of begging for my old job back, I began to discover what it really meant to be a business owner. My journey (fortunately!) took a whole different path.

After several years of running my hugely successful “Women’s Enterprise Programme”, with European Social Funds awarded from University of Surrey and recognised as a business support advisor by Business Link, I began to teach email marketing and blogging courses.

Social media naturally followed and in 2010, I launched The Web Tech Club which became the go-to resource for small business owners looking to find out how to use web based marketing tools. I wrote and published my book “Shiny Shiny: How to Stop Being a Social Media Magpie”.

After working hard (far too hard at times!) for much of my first 10 years in business, I realised that as I became one of those proverbial “woman-of-a-certain-age”, I needed to change the way I worked and made some serious changes to my business model; simplifying many of my marketing strategies and closing down several of my products (my hugely successful membership site, The Web Tech Club being one of them).,

Today, I focus my time and energy working with clients on my 2 core programmes: The GID School for start ups and business owners looking to get new clients fast and The Academy for experts growing their business, wanting to leverage their time and create a True Profit business model.

In my “spare time”, I’m also married with two teenage children and a dog to keep to keep me company when I work from home.

What you get when you work with Karen

Database Growth & Segmentation

Developing your biggest asset – your mailing list – taking you step-by-step to developing your email marketing, opt-in reports and autoresponder campaigns

Profitable Products

How to create products such as e-books, teleseminars, webinars, membership sites, workshops and group programmes so that you are not restricted to just selling your time by the hour.

Selling Yourself At The Right Price

How to sell yourself effectively, both on an individual basis as well up on the stage presenting at events and conferences, and price yourself at the level that you deserve to be paid

De-Mystifying The Tech

Getting to grips with social media and integrating it in to your current marketing activities, as well as understanding which web marketing tools to use (and which ones you can ignore!)

Marketing Strategy

Creating a clear and focused marketing strategy for your business and how to clearly identify your target client

Clarity & Focus

Developing a clear business vision and road-mapping your next 12-24 months to make it easier to know which projects to work on next


Coming up with simple daily & weekly action lists so you know what you should be focusing on to grow your business.

How To Hire, Out Source & Build Your Team

How to delegate and make sure you are building a team around you so you can focus your energies on what you are good at … and not the time-sucking admin

Who’s in Karen’s team?

Alexia Padgham

Alexia Padgham

PA to Karen Skidmore

Alexia is the ying to Karen’s yang. If you need an appointment made or re-scheduled, need login details for your course or help with your payments, Alexia is there for you. But like all graceful swans, beneath the water Alexia does so much more in keeping a watchful eye on the detail, organising events and being Karen’s right hand woman.

Sarah Hillier

Sarah Hillier

Marketing Assistance to Karen Skidmore

Sarah’s aim is to free up as much of Karen’s valuable time as possible by looking after her marketing.  In doing so, Karen can dedicate more time to supporting and coaching her clients while Sarah works behind the scenes looking after the technical aspects of Karenskidmore.com.

Joining The Academy has really made me up my game this year. I have been on a steep learning curve with my business marketing journey and having Karen and the rest of the group to help, support, challenge and motivate me has been invaluable. Simple things like critiqued a sales page, focussing on one goal and planning for the year ahead have all helped to make this year my best year yet. Since joining I have finally launched my signature programme "The Wardrobe That Works" (after 2 years in my head!); I have a realistic plan for my business growth as well as the support of a great team of colleagues who will give me honest and constructive feedback. Karen has a great knack of being able to find the right words and tactics to make your marketing work and attract your ideal clients. This is a Mastermind Group that will really make you think differently about your business and it's potential. Gail Morgan

The Image Trainer

Working in The Academy I am able to grow and expand my business awareness in a small setting with people I have got to know, and whom I trust. I feel we are pushing ourselves more in this environment, but it is also very supportive. It has also enabled me to make some big shifts in my mental attitude about things at work which I was avoiding, and finding uncomfortable to deal with, and this shift has and will make a big impact on my business function and profitability. I love working with Karen as she is tough but with silk gloves, she never makes you feel small but she also knows that you can do more than you are so, it encourages you to raise your game. Tone Tellesfen Hughes

MD of Luck Yard’s Clinic & Chiropractic Connections

At the start of my involvement The Academy I felt very out of my depth in relation to marketing and building my business and, realising I was joining a group of very experienced and successful people initially filled me with trepidation – had I started this too soon, was my ‘business journey’ so far removed from theirs that I would always be a step behind, was I doing the right thing? How wrong I was! I realised that however ‘successful’ you are, you have the same issues as the next person, just maybe on a different scale. I have learnt so much from the group as a whole, the active Facebook Group offers feedback , support, encouragement and celebration of success and Karen’s no nonsense, humorous but absolutely common sense and spot on advise has really helped me focus on what I am doing. In the group you are challenged in a ‘safe’ way and encouraged to set goals and commit to them.I have a long way to go and lots to learn but feel that I would be miles behind my current position had I not joined The Academy!! Alex Freeman

Absence Management Solutions

The prospect of launching and promoting my first online product felt overwhelming, scary and lonely. So many new technologies to learn. Plus the prospect of writing sales letters filled me with horror. Karen gave me the perfect mix of down to earth marketing advice, positive encouragement, combined with the (gentle and friendly) kick up the backside I needed. Not only did the product launch successfully (without technical glitches), it also met sales targets. I cannot recommend Karen's mentoring highly enough to anyone taking their first steps into online marketing. Mark Ridsdill Smith

Vertical Veg Club

I had a lack of system before I came to you. I’d been working on various areas of promoting my business but it was all very scattered and none of my activities was really moving the needle. Working with you has given me a new approach to marketing my business in ways I just wouldn’t have thought of.

You really know your stuff and you’ve got an ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done. You peel away all the stuff that we don’t need to worry about to instead focus on a targeted plan.

Cory Cook

Professional Organiser

What I love about working with Karen is that she lives and breathes the simplicity principle. She understands what each person needs for their business and guides them down the simplest and most productive path to achieve their goals. Her advice and counsel helps to quiet all the chatter in my head and calm the creative whirlwind. Wendy Deyell

Wondrous Wanderers

We've addressed head-on some key weaknesses in our "offer" in an open and constructively critical way ... and came up with some concrete action points. You didn't shirk at all at the ground we had to cover. You tell it as it is. Invaluable. Rod Paley

Xtensis Ltd

I love Karen's straight talking, no-bullshit approach. Sam Pilling

Bite Me Marketing

Clicks To Clients really made me step back from what I do and see my marketing from the perspective of the people I want to approach. I love that this system has put me in control of my business and given me a process of attracting the the sort of clients I want to work with. Lisa Webb

Pink Frog Design

I came to Karen because I felt I needed serious direction for my marketing efforts. What I liked best about working with you was your directness; your perspicacity about what is going and the clarity with which you give advice. Your advice is to the point which means you are not wasting people's time! Anita Sheehan

Impakt Coaching

Karen was recommended to me and I can see why. She helped me make sense of the marketing jungle, stop dithering and crack on in a structured way.

Jenny Wilson

Life Coach

You un muddle the muddle! You’ve helped me see the clear process of generating leads and nurturing those leads so that I can see when and how to make my offer. You’ve given meaning to why I am doing any aspect of my marketing. You certainly know “your stuff”! Louise Turner

Barefoot Training

Karen's learning programs are packed with content, and her style of delivery makes it easy to learn, ask questions and engage. Karen is First Class!

Deborah Bifulco

Marketing Coach & Behavioral Analyst

Clicks To Clients has given me the confidence and the ‘push’ to get on with creating a marketing process that actually wasn’t as difficult to create as I had imagined. You have to pay attention to what you are creating, but when you are consistent with the process, it makes complete sense and will work.” I am really excited that I now have confidence in my process for bringing in new leads and converting them to clients. Not only that, I can also repeat the same Clicks to Clients steps again in the future to create additional processes for different groups of potential leads. Magic! Peter Wakefield

Alexander Technique Teacher

The prospect of launching and promoting my first online product felt overwhelming, scary and lonely. So many new technologies to learn. Plus the prospect of writing sales letters filled me with horror. Karen gave me the perfect mix of down to earth marketing advice, positive encouragement, combined with the (gentle and friendly) kick up the backside I needed. Not only did the product launch successfully (without technical glitches), it also met sales targets. I cannot recommend Karen's mentoring highly enough to anyone taking their first steps into online marketing. Mark Ridsdill Smith

Vertical Veg Club

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