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From inconsistent, unprofitable work to a fulfilling, profitable business

Generate the income you need to grow your business, feel more confident and attract the clients you love to work with (and at better prices!)

Does this sound like you?

  • I feel so disappointed by the results I’ve got so far. It’s so frustrating!
  • I have so many responsibilities to juggle and I feel like I’m failing at everything.
  • I only seem to be attracting bitty work that doesn’t pay well; I want to delivering bigger and more juicy contracts.
  • I hate having inconsistent income; I win a good piece of work but then when it’s over I seem to be back at ground zero again.
  • I’m exhausted after fighting my way through 2020 and feel I ought to be further ahead with my business by now.
  • I haven’t got the results from the marketing courses I’ve been on already and disappointed that I haven’t found an easier way to make sales.
  • If I just put in more hours, it will happen; I just have to cling on for the next few months and keep going.
  • I find the whole process of selling icky and I rarely reach out directly to people because it feels so pushy.

It’s not just you!

You are not alone

If you are a coach or consultant who is feeling weighed down by exhaustion and disappointed by the lack of consistent, fulfilling work, you are not alone. 

We have been experiencing rapid change over the past few years.

From The Great Pivot of 2020 to today’s tough economy, many organisations are reviewing budgets and people are thinking more carefully about where they spend their money. Coupled with the fact that there are also huge numbers of new coaches and consultants entering your marketplace right now, this means competition is on the increase, which only puts more pressure on you to find enough clients. 

You may be getting some contracts and new clients to work with, but the work feels bitty, the money is not all that great, and it’s not the bigger or juicier work that you want. 

You may have been learning how to put sales funnels together and spent the past year pulling your hair out trying to get over-complicated systems and tech tools to work.

You may have been having to negotiate on your fees or feel you have to keep your prices low in order to persuade people to say yes, which means you probably haven’t got the income to pay yourself what you expected to earn, let alone have enough to be able to grow your business. 

Plus there’s every chance that your business isn’t the only thing you are juggling; you may have children or eldercare responsibilities that take up much of your time. This means that even though you are prepared to work hard, you need to be mindful of the time and energy you can put in.

You’re already feeling you are burning out and not sure how much longer you can keep going like this. 

I know all this, because I’ve been here, too. 

When I started my first coaching business, it didn’t go well to begin with. By month nine, my husband was quietly asking whether I should think about going back to my job that I left, which only left me feeling even more discouraged (and a little peeved off, TBH!).

What changed for me was getting a grip on what and where I was focusing my time and energy on. 

I needed sales to not only give me an income, but to prove that I was cut out to be my own boss. 

I got clear on what exactly I was selling, who I really wanted to work with, set the price that gave me what I needed (not hoping that a low price would make someone say yes), and started to be proactive. 

That was back in 2005, and over the years I have gone on to sell everything from low ticket memberships, workshops and online courses, to consultancy projects and group programmes. 

I know how important it is to get the basics right so that you make the sales you need to shift your business forward, and prove to yourself that running your own business was the right decision.

Whether you are still in your first year of business and have struggled to sell enough in recent months, or you’ve been in business for many years and simply lost your mojo and direction, then getting back to basics and focusing on getting consistent leads and sales is your critical next step. 

And this is exactly what our brand new Sales Accelerator programme is going to give you. 



Hi! I’m Karen Skidmore. I’m a business catalyst, founder of Momentum, and creator of the Grow Strong® Business Growth System, and I’d love to invite you to explore our new and exciting programme we have on offer this autumn for business owners, like you.

Our long standing reputation comes from giving practical, commercial business guidance that’s balanced with gentle, nurturing support.

If you are a coach, consultant, or service provider who wants to leave the heaviness, exhaustion and disappointment behind, and wants to grow with confidence, then you are going to love what we have for you.

In a nutshell, here’s what on offer …

Clarity on your offer and pricing

A simple sales plan to hit your income goals

Accountability and guidance to achieve it

  • Clarity on what you are offering and who you want to work with
  • How to set up a simple sales process and an action plan to find the right people to speak to, without resorting to cold prospecting or creating over-complicates funnels
  • The guidance and accountability to support you whilst you take action on your plan
  • How to set up your sales calls to feel more like conversations, rather than sales pitches, and help you sell the right things to the right people in a way that feels good to both you and your clients
  • How to avoid having to ‘reel people in’ and allow people to go away and think about it before they say yes (probably one of the most challenging parts of selling right now!)
  • Have the right tracking tool in place (a simple spreadsheet is all you need!) to track your pipeline and ensure you are following up and asking for business at the right time
  • Sanity check your pricing and offerings, critique your brochure or sales page, and anything else that you may need to make your services irresistible to your ideal clients

The full details …

What’s the Momentum Sales Accelerator?

This is a small, intimate programme that will run from September to December within our Momentum community. Born out of two decades of running successful coaching and consulting businesses, this programme cuts through the complexity to make sales simple.

You’ll get an initial sales training and strategy sessions, followed by 12 weeks of implementation and accountability, access to a library of sales masterclasses and trainings, and a final review round-up to build your momentum going forward.

You’ll be focused on creating a simple, clear plan and then consistently taking action on the 2 or 3 key strategies that work for you.

Who Is It For?

This programme is designed for coaches and consultants offering one-to-one, contracts or group services, selling B2B or B2C, who want to simplify their sales process, get consistent leads and sales, make it easier (and more fun!) to have sales calls and know how to turn conversations into clients.

You can be in your first year of business and have struggled to get enough clients yet. 

Or you could have been in business for several years, but you’ve lost your mojo and you are in need of clarity and direction.

The Problem: Sales Are Tough Right Now!

We know it’s a challenging environment out there.

The strategies you’ve been told will work – chasing Linkedin algorithms, sending cold DMs, creating lead magnets and funnels – can feel overwhelming and less than effective when you are selling services.

Much of what is taught about how to sell right now is using impersonal digital marketing tools and push energy, which leaves most of us feeling cold and icky.

Our Solution: Simplify Sales & Get Back To Basics

We will help you get clarity on what you are offering and who you want to work with, help you find the right people to speak to, without resorting to uncomfortable direct messaging or cold prospecting.

And we’ll teach you how to set up your sales calls to feel more like conversations, rather than sales pitches, helping you sell the right things to the right people in a way that feels good to both parties.

We will also ensure you have the right tracking tool in place (a simple spreadsheet is all you need!) to track your pipeline and ensure you are following up and asking for business at the right time.

Plus, we will sanity-check your pricing and offerings, make sure that what you are selling will give you what you really want, critique your brochure or sales page, and anything else that you may need to make your services irresistible to your ideal clients.

What Makes This Programme Unique?

Our focus is on practical, commercial business guidance, balanced with gentle, nurturing support.

No more chasing the latest trends or tricks, or over-complicated funnels and automated email sequences.

Nor are we expecting you to ‘smash your goals’ or 10x-ing your business in ‘just 6 weeks’; if you know you need to build your confidence, pushing you to get there just won’t work!

Instead, we’ll concentrate on developing both your sales strategy and mindset that feels congruent to who you are and the values you stand for.

Plus, if you are running on empty, we need to ensure you are have the right health and wellbeing support in place.  

And we will gently keep you on track with our Momentum Accountability System and fortnightly group calls, which we call Pods.

Who’s Behind the Programme?

Having run my own business for 19+ years, I know firsthand what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve taken my experiences, lessons, and successes and built them into this accelerator.

I shall be doing the front-end teaching and sales strategy with you, and then you will have Melina Abbott, my top sales coach who works with our Momentum members, work with you over the following 12 weeks as you implement, take action and get the results you want.

I’ll be running a couple of the group calls so you will be getting my input, too, throughout your journey.

Join the Momentum Community

As part of the Sales Accelerator, you’ll also become part of our Momentum community, a committed and inspirational group of business owners and founders who are all working towards growing and scaling up their businesses.

They’ve all been where you are, so use the group to ask for help.

What about dates? 

We start on the second week of September with two live training sessions with me that take place on the mornings of Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th.

Then fortnightly Pods, our group calls, take place every other Wednesday at 1pm (UK Time); running from 20th September until 13th December.

Every call is recorded, as we know it’s likely you won’t be able to make every single one, so you can listen back in your own time.

Plus you will have your own private Facebook Group where you will be submitting your weekly accountability report, as well as the place to ask your questions or get feedback from both Melina and myself in between the live calls.

Anything else included? 

Actually, yes!

We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much ‘how-to’ learning, but we will give you access to some amazing resources that our Momentum members get.

You’ll get access to online courses such as Your Best Client and Karen’s famous 10 Day Conversation Challenge, as well as a selection of Momentum Masterclasses on sales topics such as profitable pricing, structuring sales conversations and prospecting follow up.

How to Join

Interested? We’re ready to have you on board so the final decision to make is whether you want to pay in full and get a bonus coaching call with me (worth £250) or take up the easier payment plan option.

Remember, spots are limited to ensure each member gets the maximum benefit.

Join us on this journey that will get you the consistent leads and sales you need to shift your business forward, where you can shed the stress and frustration, and start enjoying the process of running and growing your business.

You’ll not only make sales; you’ll grow in confidence and courage as you begin to make a difference to the clients you love to work with.

Bonus sales coaching call with Karen Skidmore when you select the one-time payment option

Book any time during the programme and get the opportunity to dive deeper into your sales strategy

Join today from as little as

Select your option to make a one-time payment or the easier four monthly payment plan

* All prices are subject to VAT for all UK customers. This will be added to your total once you’ve added your address.

One time payment of £980*

Includes bonus 121 sales coaching session with Karen Skidmore
(Valued at £250)

4 easier monthly payments of £245*



Meet The Sales Accelerator Team

A combined total of 30 years of small business mentoring and marketing experience from your Sales Mentors, Karen and Melina, and programme support from our Client & Operations Manager, Alexia, means that you are getting support from one of the most experienced business growth support team in the UK.

Founder & Lead Coach

Karen Skidmore is the founder of Momentum, and creator of the Grow Strong® Business Growth System. She first started developing Momentum’s unique growth project management and planning process in 2014 when she realised her clients were in need of longer-term strategic thinking to help them with their business growth plans. Her talents lie in spotting growth opportunities and understanding the operational needs of the business; the marketing systems, business processes, and infrastructure needed for a business leader and their team to work simpler and make a bigger impact, as well as deliver 5-star customer service. 

Senior Sales Coach

Melina Abbott joined the Momentum team in 2019 to support the continuing growth of the community. Melina is a ninja sales queen helping Momentum clients implement all the different pieces of the sale process itself – ensuring they’re set up to generate sales quickly and with ease.  Then there’s the hidden aspect of sales – the inner game where clients’ feelings around money value are reflected in the income they generate.  Melina is brilliant at shining a light on these patterns and limiting beliefs that may have been holding clients back for years.  Once they’re seen she then supports clients transform and heal them so sales start flowing – seemingly effortlessly.

Client & Operations Manager

Alexia Padgham has been supporting Karen in her business since 2007 so she knows exactly what her clients and community members need to help them in their business growth journeys. She personally welcomes all new members into Momentum, manages the onboarding for all our programmes, and ensures you know where to find all the resources available to you. If you need your password reset or links to any of the calls, she’s here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your booking terms and conditions?

The full terms and conditions of your booking can be viewed over on this page here:

In a nutshell, we are committed to fulfilling our promises, as per outlined on this page, and after the initial 14 day cooling offer period, there are no refunds. 

What are dates and times of the live calls?

The Sales Accelerator officially starts on Monday 11th September when we welcome you to the Facebook Groups.

The first two training sessions are 9.30am on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th September and will run for 90 minutes.

The fortnightly Pod calls will happen every other Wednesday at 1pm (UK time) and will run for 60 minutes.

The dates of these Pod calls are as follows: 20th September, 4th and 18th October, 1st, 15th and 29th November with a final review call on 13th December.

I can't make one of the calls; is this going to be a problem?

It’s not a problem if you can’t make either of the initial sessions live. Both will be recorded and you will be able to access them on the same day.

What we would recommend you do it is schedule both those sessions in your diary at a time that you can do to ensure you go through each and treat them as a live session; that way you will be ready for the following implementation weeks. They are both 90 minute sessions.

If you can’t schedule them not until the following week, that’s absolutely fine. It’s a 4 month programme and you won’t get left behind. We always expect everyone who works with us to work at their own pace, and if that means they take things slower than others, or they have some weeks they can’t work because of family or other life commitments, that’s absolutely fine too.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for those offering one-to-one, contracts or group services, who want to simplify their sales process, make it easier (and more fun!) to have sales calls, and know how to turn conversations into clients.

What we won't be teaching

We won’t be teaching funnels or any latest tricks to beat the LinkedIn algorithms. Nor will we be teaching you to pitch strategy sessions, cold calls, or mine data from LinkedIn.

We will be happy to answer any tech questions or help you align the funnels that you may have created already, but we know from experience that a lot of tech and digital marketing can distract you from the essentials of creating sales conversations.

You have been the engine behind my revenue growth; best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced.

If I were to describe my approach pre-Momentum, I was playing at working for myself. Now I really feel master of my destination. This experience has been instrumental in helping me formulate the marketing for my own white paper service, and I am just at the end of the best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced and sold up all my available time from now until the end of the year so Momentum really has taken me to the next level.

Being part of Momentum has shown me to lift my head up from the day-to-day doing and keep my eye on the bigger picture. I know now what I want to be and what I stand for. It sounds so simple but it’s hugely powerful. 

Lois Dabrowski
Specialist in Marketing to HR

10% growth in sales in my first year, and forecasting a further 30% growth this year.

Momentum provides the balance of practical support and know-how, with accountability, planning and process. It has given me the space to refine and define my vision, made me crystal clear about who I want to work with – and how – and the practical steps I need to take. It has made me accountable, given me a support network, challenged me and held me high in celebration.

I had my highest grossing revenue month ever in my first year in Momentum – and a 10% growth in sales across the year which took me across the VAT threshold. I am forecasting a further 30% growth this year. But the crucial measure for a sustainable business is profit. Profit has increased tenfold. I also now attract more of my ideal client and more of the work I want to do.

Emma Insley
CEO Emma Insley Consulting Ltd

The calibre of the others in the programme is a huge benefit. In surrounding yourself with really good people, there’s a very real collective benefit.

I had a good business with plenty of work – a freelance learning and development specialist working with organisations face-to-face to develop team effectiveness and leadership skills. I had great clients and loved what I did. But the COVID pandemic hit me hard as firms cancelled talent development and focused attention on other HR issues; it was a stressful time. Coming out of the pandemic, business picked up rapidly with my clients all wanting my input again. I was overwhelmed with requests for work and a full diary. I knew I had a choice. Either to go back to as it had been with me selling and delivering entirely face-to-face training which meant my capacity was quickly reached – or to change how I operated. I knew it was time to re-look at my business model.

Joining Momentum helped me address some of the trickier areas that I might have otherwise ignored. I was helped to spot signs of hazards long before I reach them, so I can take action. My work in Momentum has highlighted some of the gaps in knowledge of running a bigger business, with a different operating model. It was the prompt I needed to dig deeper and be able to access the data I need to make decisions. Now, just being in control of the model and the important figures makes me feel more like the sort of person who is strategic. I've been able to focus on the right things as CEO and leader of my business.

Elaine Gosden
CEO of Blue Gnu Consulting Ltd

Helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business, unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering.

It’s given me the space and encouragement to work on my vision. The coaching team have the knack of being both relaxed and focused – and know exactly when to challenge and question me. I have far greater clarity from being able to bring ideas and thoughts to the calls, and to talk through my ideas and get opinions. It’s a safe space to be part of.

I’ve also been given you a reason to be accountable. Momentum gives you the tools to learn more about your business and the opportunity to get alternative and external views on those challenges you might otherwise be working through on your own – and that’s invaluable.

Sam Palmer
Founder of Midlife Makeover

The right balance of structure and emotional support for strong growth.

For a number of years my business had been a bit of a roller coaster: from high revenue, to very low months. In 2019, it began to rise again and 2020 was looking good – my business was growing and I was feeling well. Then COVID-19 kicked in, and my turnover instantly dropped by some 80%. I joined Momentum at a time I could least afford it, but I knew if my business was to survive I couldn’t do it alone. I wanted to re-build a robust business that would sustain me – in good times and bad – and do so in a different way than before.

Momentum became the scaffolding which supported me, allowing me to grow personally and express the person I’ve become as I developed my brand. I now have clear business processes, terms of service and a solid fee structure in place to support my work. For me, Momentum has struck the perfect balance between practical structure and processes, as well as emotional support needed for strong growth.

Kirsty Innes
Purpose & Brand Consultant

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