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Making ripples together – the impact your business can make

How often do you consider the impact you are making? There are three energies that your business can give you; money, creativity and impact.  Money allows you to be profitable and have the time that you want to live your life. Creativity allows you to work in flow and...

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Hello. Is anyone listening?

Do you ever wonder if anyone is actually really and truly reading, listening or watching your content? Today, all our content can be tracked by metrics; number of likes, comments, click-throughs and shares. But do they tell the whole story? I was out last night with a...

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From feast and famine to feast and fallow

I see many business coaches and mentors drive their clients hard; fuelled by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and other high adrenaline entrepreneur gurus, many people believe that hustle and grind are proof of success. Heck, I used to do it myself back in the early days...

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What is the real truth behind your profit?

For many of you who decide to start up a business, it isn’t the money that necessarily drives you above all else. However, making sales is a critical component to having a successful business. Without someone buying what it is you are selling, you have no business....

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How to start your working week

How do you start your working week? Do you find what you do on a Monday morning, or maybe even a Sunday evening, sets the tone for the rest of the week and the weeks proceeding? Today, I wanted to share with you the three things I do every Monday morning. I've learned...

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Is making a decision a skill or a way of being?

The number of choices you have to make to each and every day can add up into the thousands; from what clothes you put on in the morning and what you eat for lunch to what podcast you listen to next or radio station you play in the car. In fact, some sources claim that...

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Revenue streams – how many ways can you make 6 figures?

No, it’s not a trick question nor am I about to launch into some scammy way of turning on a money tap whilst lounging back on a Caribbean sundeck. It’s a serious question that all experts and service-based professionals need to answer at some point in their business....

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Marketing with your cycle

Have you ever taken into account the timings of your monthly cycle when planning your business or deciding when to launch your next programme or to speak at an event? (Yes, this article is written for ladies but if you're a guy with women in your team, please read on...

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How to get through the Festive Fog

Happy New Year! It's the first blog post of the year and it feels wonderful to be back in the office, albeit for just for an hour to write this. I know there are plenty of people who have been dreading the return to work; having to face the daily commute or office...

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Claiming back any power you may have lost in your business

As we approach the last few working days of 2018, I am reminded to share with you my thoughts about claiming back any power you may have lost in your business. The Winter days here in the UK are an ideal time to give us the gift of reflection and review our past 12...

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Red, hot convertible or roomy SUV?

Take a trip to a city and what would your vehicle of choice be? I would love to hire a red hot, convertible; roof down on a sunny October day and seat warmers turned up to max so I wouldn’t have to wear a coat. But a car like that is wasted in...

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When fatigue and burnout is hurting your business

Our start-up culture here in the UK and the US celebrates hustle-and-grind and hard work, and yet sells us the passive income dream and laptop freedom lifestyle. This social pressure to achieve, crush it and chase the 6 or 7 figure business formulas, has resulted in...

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The Yes Paradox

Let's talk about the words YES and NO. Does saying YES really lead you to the right opportunities? Or does it lead you to the world of insanity? YES and NO. Such definite answers. Great words for making decisions. And yet say YES more often than you've got time for,...

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When bootstrapping hurts your business

How can you ensure your marketing reflects the value of what it is you're selling? Marketing costs. There’s no denying it. Hard cash, your time, resources - whatever way you look at it, it costs to market your business. So I get that the popular questions I get asked...

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Following up and the rule of 3

The art of following up. Why it’s critical to follow up, why you don’t follow up and how you can follow up simply and easily without an overcomplicated online funnel that drives you nuts in trying to set the whole thing up. Following up leads and prospects is critical...

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The space between your pendulum swings

How to create the space that allows you to reflect, review and connect with your bigger vision and be able to grow your business. Today I want to draw your attention to the spaces between your pendulum swings. The space between where you push forward and you pull...

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Don’t squeeze me too hard

What do you do when you have a new idea? Not just any idea but the kind of idea that catches you off guard ... gives you that flash of inspiration. You feel exhilarated and your eyes shine brightly with opportunity. What happens when you start to think about getting...

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How our fears can be our greatest strengths

  After a quite incredible weekend at the One Woman Conference, I've been reflecting on our individual impact to make a difference. When you are alone in your office, it's easy to feel that the journey is too steep or too rocky or that your goal isn't clear and...

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Marketing live events in this digital age?

I’ve gone back to marketing live in-person events again. After a three year run of being totally digital, I’ve realised how much I missed running them and how important they are to a business like mine; a business that needs me to show up and be visible. Perhaps...

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Be More Tortoise

Before you plough into next thing on your to-do list, stop. Take a breath. If your weeks seem to be going crazy fast and your juggling your WhatsApp pings, emails and Facebook notifications, it’s easy to feel you can’t keep up. But I’m here to tell you that you can....

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Resilience and the game of business

[email protected]&* happens, yes? Just as you feel you are in flow and that you're finally two steps forward, you get an email cancelling a contract or a client tells you they don't want to go ahead with the programme you've just confirmed with them. Perhaps a marketing campaign...

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Product Launches: How big does your list need to be?

When you have a product launch, what size list should you have? Do you need a big list to launch your product? I love this question. If you watch any of the latest gurus sells their internet marketing courses and "Secrets to 6 figure business" programmes, it becomes...

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How to get off the marketing treadmill and play a bigger game

How long do you keep on pushing? This was the question I asked myself a few years ago. It was the start of 2014 and I realised I couldn’t keep going the way I had been. From the outside, I had a successful coaching business. I had a steady flow of 1-2-1 clients, had...

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What do you do when you’ve had a crap day?

If you work from home, it's easy not see any one for several days. Especially if you work with clients by email or phone. There is no coffee room talk or quick catch-ups by the photocopying machine that you used to have in PAYE world.  And sometimes it can feel just...

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Asking for referrals: it’s in the way that you ask for them

You all know that asking for business referrals is good thing, don’t you?  But how to go about asking for them can be an entirely different kettle of fish. One of the most simplest, yet most effective, ways of increasing the number of referrals from existing clients...

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How to stop faffing and turn your BIG plans in to results

It’s the little daily stuff that makes it all happen! Thinking big is good! You’ve got to have a plan. But starting the week paper shuffling, email faffing and hiding in Twitter is not going to crack it. And a big problem many of you seem to have (me too!) is being...

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