Do Less. Be More. Play Bigger.

Creating profitable, sustainable and scalable businesses.

For more than 14 years I have supported creative professionals, experts and business leaders in their marketing strategy and business growth plans and I am only too aware of what it takes to make a successful business from your expertise and talents.

I’m here to show you how to have a business that fuels you, enables you to make a bigger impact and gives you the income you want.

“You got to the heart of my business objectives. You were ambitious for my success and you translated that ambition into practical, actionable steps. In this confusing world of internet marketing and over-hyped 6-figure business advice, your no-nonsense, common sense and spot-on advice to marketing and business have been invaluable.”

Profitable Business Models

Design and create the business and revenue streams that work best for you and create the life you want

Marketing Strategy

Get absolute clarity and focus on the tactics and platforms that will work for you, your expertise and clients you want to attract

Pricing & Packaging

How to create profitable products, programmes and offers that flow with ease

Lead Generation & Conversion Systems

Proven marketing systems that create new leads and make sales with ease and grace

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Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore, and my mission is to love and play our way to profitable, sustainable and scalable business.

For more than 14 years I have supported creative professionals and entrepreneurs and I am only too aware of what it takes to make a successful business out of expertise and talent.

Whether you sell your time for money or you have an online business, you’re fed up with feeling frustrated. You want to do more. You want to make a difference to more people, whilst having wealth, a fulfilling life and vitality. But when you push forward to make things happen, fear and doubt can pull you back and you end up wondering whether you really have the energy, time, know-how or space to do it.

If you are making a living from your expertise and talents, I’m here to help. To give you business advice and growth strategies that will turn YOU into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business. To have a business that fuels you, gives you the income you want and enables you to make a bigger impact.

Success Stories


Luck’s Yard Clinic

Solid systems in place, dream team hired & confidence to launch a new coaching business alongside her thriving family clinic


Chartered Health and Safety Consultant

Got a clear B2B sales and marketing process which is now the backbone of her marketing


Nutritional Therapist

Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquires are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease


Clinical Psychologist

From travelling miles every day to now having the time to focus on developing her successful online business while achieving a healthy work/life balance

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