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Sick and tired of not realising your potential?

There’s no fun in working long, hard hours only to end up with profits more suited to a “hobby business”. You feel your business is too complicated, you lack clarity and focus and you’re fed up with being stuck in a rut.

Flip Flop Marketing?

You’ve flip flopped from one marketing strategy to another based on the latest advice or new media marketing tool. It’s costing you, you’re beginning to wonder whether you’ll ever get your business to work and you’re now confused and lost on what to try to next.

Meet Your Business Coach & Marketing Mentor

For coaches, consultants & boutique business owners

Profitable Products

How to create products so that you are not restricted to just selling your time by the hour

Marketing Strategy

Get absolute clarity and focus on the tactics and platforms that will work best for you, your expertise and clients you want to attract.

Lead Generation & Conversion Systems

Proven marketing systems that create new leads and make sales with ease and grace

De-Mystifying The Tech

Showing you the right social media and digital marketing tools to use (and which ones you can ignore)

Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore – business catalyst, online marketing expert and founder of GID School

I specialise in simplifying business for experts, coaches and trainers so that they can realise their true profit and potential for growth.

After a 15 year career with Hays Plc, I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2004 with my European Social Funded Women’s Enterprise Programme to help hundreds of women start up their own businesses. I founded a regional women’s networking group in 2005, created & ran a 100+ membership site for 3 years, wrote my first book in 2012 and launched dozens of online courses and group programmes over the past 12 years.

Growing and adapting my business around my family, as well as my own health and wellbeing, has been integral to everything I’ve created so that I’m able to run an international coaching business, working term times only. And with the right team and systems in place, I firmly believe you can create your own profit and growth on your terms, too.

Rosie's Success Story

Rosie Letts, Nutritional Therapist

“What’s really interesting is that I am now getting LESS enquiries than I did before joining GID School but as almost 100% of people contacting me for a consultation are now saying YES to my newly priced programmes, my business is better than ever.”

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Jen's Success Story

Dr Jen Nash, Sussex, UK

“I immediately had that gut feeling that it was the right thing for me to work with Karen.  She’s honest and pushes me out of my comfort zone to do the things that have made my business the success I only hoped it could me.”

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Tone's Success Story

Tone Tellesfen Hughes

“Karen has inspired me to be the leader that I am and it’s through her, that I’ve now got the confidence to help others achieve what I’ve created at Luck Yard’s Clinic.”

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Adele's Success Story

Adele Stickland

“Karen’s strategy and process has come from a holistic and universal view, which I love. Although I am obviously selling my courses, it doesn’t feel salesy and Karen’s teachings and support have helped me make webinars a critical part of my future business success.”

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