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Business growth without burnout

Make the switch from striving for success … to thriving because of your success

Ready for your next stage of growth?

If you’ve been in business for 2+ years and want to know how to build your business without sacrificing your health, you’re in the right place!

The pace of life is getting faster, and you may be tempted to chase after the 6 & 7 figure goals that are being thrust down our throats, particularly in the consulting and coaching professions.

If you want to move forward with your business without burning out, pushing yourself harder doesn’t work!

Especially if you are navigating health issues, ADHD, parenting or eldercare.

When you find yourself sucked into the busy-ness of life and business, you can quickly become misaligned with your current business model, chasing the wrong goals and over complicating your marketing.

The first step is to slow down.

Yes, slowing down may sound counter-intuitive, but reducing your pace will allow you to shift away from busy-ness and get the right growth strategy to achieve your long term goals.

This is what makes us different; we uniquely combine the being-ness and doing-ness of business to help you grow your business sustainably, and at a pace that allows you to feel calm and in control in the process.

How We Can Help You…

Whether you are a consultant, expert, or run a service-based company and you’re ready for the next stage of growth, we can help.

121 Business Mentoring & Strategy

If you’re after grounded, commercial advice as well as the space to explore your full potential, Karen is the business guide for you.

Limited one-off deep dive strategy sessions available, as well as monthly mentoring packages.

Our Flagship Business Growth Programme

If you want help with your business planning and the accountability to help you stay on track, Momentum will give you the right balance of structure and emotional support for strong growth.

A fully supported, group coaching programme that gets results.

FREE Game-Changing Workshop

Book your place for our 2 hour workshop, led by Karen Skidmore, and discover how to be more profitable and have the right team, systems and processes in place to grow with ease.

July dates now available.

Slow down to speed up your growth

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore. I am the founder of Grow Strong Business with 20+ years experience of running my own coaching companies and consultancies.

Having experienced peri-meno-burnout in my 40’s, I know the very real dangers of having the wrong kind of business and pushing too hard to achieve business goals that weren’t right for me. I was struggling with busy-ness, unprofitable prices and didn’t have the proper team or support to allow me to step away and switch off from work.

I looked successful to others from the outside, but I was exhausted, frustrated and on the verge of giving up.

Today, I have an amazing coaching and support team, and robust systems in place that allow us to run Momentum, our flagship business programme, and help brilliant business owners and experts, like you, get off the ‘work harder’ treadmill and grow a stable, profitable business.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients


Online Marketing Tech Professional

From ‘stuck in a rut’ and busy freelancer to confident business owner


Charity Impact Consultancy 

Highest grossing revenue month ever in first year of Momentum


CEO of Leadership & Training Company

Stepped into the role of the CEO & hired top talent team to scale business


Founder of Midlife Makeover

Owning the ‘expert’ position and attracting strong partners.

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