Expand your business and thrive in the process

We work with busy, successful professional service business owners who are working hard at running their business, life and family, but are now feeling overwhelmed, stuck and heading for burnout.

We are here to get you unstuck and start thriving.

If you sell training, consultancy or advice, let’s talk. I’ll show you how to leverage your and your team’s time, increase your profits and start working less hours.  

Ready to have a more profitable, purposeful and simpler business, and thrive in the process?

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Here’s how we can help you

Business Growth Strategy & Systems

Get absolute clarity and focus on the key projects that will increase your profits, expand your business impact and ensure you grow strong in the process.

More time & ease

Discover how to create an Ebb & Flow™ to the way that you work throughout your year; a new approach to managing work, time and energy.

Profitable Pricing & Programmes

Discover how to create and deliver profitable products and programmes that allow you to thrive and exceed your clients’ expectations.

Purposeful Vision & Business Planning

Get support and clear direction on how to establish, expand and evolve your business so you can grow “Beyond You”.

Simple, Profitable Business Models

Design and create the business structure and revenue streams that work best for you and the way that you love to work.

Increase Your Business Impact

Get a plan to commercialise your purpose so you can make the money you want AND make the big difference you want; purpose and profit can work together.

True Profit Business – Get The Book

There are so few really practical, ballsy books like this. I love the way you set out those simple business models and give all the practicalities as well as bringing in the beingness of business. That combination is so powerful.”

The Momentum Grow Strong™ Programme & Community

Whether it’s more money you want, more time, more freedom or to create more impact, Momentum will give you what you need to grow a purposeful, playful and profitable business.

“A brilliant mix of high level strategy help and practical details whatever level you are at.”


How do your monthly cycle, hormones and seasons all contribute to your productivity levels throughout the year?

Get access to Karen’s free, easy to follow Energy Tracker today.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Joy Burnford, MD of My Confidence Matters

Momentum 2018 to 2020

Website: www.myconfidencematters.com

Success Highlights:

  • Increased authority as a Forbes contributor
  • A clear plan on how to have strategic high-level conversations
  • Moving from operating in a BCB space into a B2B space and being positioned as a leading edge researcher on gender equality


Luck’s Yard Clinic

Solid systems in place, dream team hired & confidence to launch a new coaching business alongside her thriving family clinic


Get Gorgous

From overwhelmed to tech confident, Adele’s new lead generation system is rocking her business


Nutritional Therapist

Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquires are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease


Clinical Psychologist

From travelling miles every day to now having the time to focus on developing her successful online business while achieving a healthy work/life balance

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Your Dream Team: who do you need to hire to help you grow?

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Energy tracking and how to achieve more, with less stress

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How to start your week off right

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