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Grow your business.
Thrive in the process.

If you are ready to grow your business but feel you’re working harder than ever just to stay on top of everything that needs to be done each day, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to get the right systems, processes and team in place so that you can take charge of how you run and grow your business.

A one year business growth and leadership journey to unlock your growth potential, attract more meaningful work & thrive in the process

Momentum is a one year business strategy and implementation programme for established business owners that shows you how to put the right business foundations and growth strategy in place.

Whether you’ve been in business for two or twenty years, we can help you:


  • Put in the right systems and processes to enable you to grow your business sustainably
  • Hire and manage a small team to run your business more efficiently
  • Get a better understanding of your commercial and financial numbers to enable you to make better business decisions
  • Develop your products and services and give you a business model that allows you to work with more clients but work less, with less stress 


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Next onboarding taking place April 2023

Experience the difference between striving for success … and thriving because of your success

What is the Momentum growth programme?

“I wanted to work with someone who went beyond traditional mindset coaching; who really understood how to build and run a business like mine.”

Emma Insley, Insley Consulting Ltd

During your year with us, we invite you to follow our proven Grow Strong® planning process designed to stretch your growth potential and put in the right processes, systems and team to support you. 

Although traditional 90 day planning works on a quarterly basis, here in Momentum we work on a trimester cycle, and start each new planning cycle in January, May and September every year. 

We do this because far more business owners, like you, thrive and achieve greater results when you have the space to breathe between the cycles; give yourself time to review your progress, re-connect with your longer-term vision, and reset your goals and ambitions as you grow.

This is what helps build your resilience, self-awareness and self-regulation to enable you to develop your CEO mindset to grow a strong, sustainable business. 

Weekly accountability and fortnightly group calls keep you supported throughout your journey, and you have full access to an online library of courses, as well as our team of Momentum coaches to up skill your selling, marketing and business process know-how as and when you need to.

Everyone in the Momentum community is working towards their own business vision and growth plans that are going to work best for them, their clients, their way of working and their lifestyle. So rest assured, there is no competition or any need to fall into the comparisonitis trap. No one gets left behind because you are all going at your own pace.

Our proven Grow Strong® business principles and planning process gives you the commercial focus to take your business to the next level and help you with: 

  • The expertise, innovation and creativity to help you thrive, no matter what comes your way; from up-skilling your marketing and business development knowledge to developing your leadership style and success mindset to help you be the very best possible CEO of your business.
  • The commercial advice and focus on the right financial numbers and data that will help support and make your decision making easier.
  • The accountability and support to motivate you, keep you going when times get tough, as well as stretch you to play bigger when you need it.
  • The community of experienced business owners to give you the business friendships to support and inspire you, as well as potential partnership opportunities that could take your business to the next level.


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Next onboarding taking place April 2023

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Why Momentum Works

Business was tough enough before the pandemic hit, but since 2020 many thousands of businesses had to quickly pivot and adjust to the new way of virtual working. Although on paper many may look to be doing well, the initial resilience and crisis management has morphed into exhaustion and fatigue, especially for those struggling with stress.

We get what’s it like to be running your own business in these times, especially if you are a consultant or trainer, and selling professional services, your expertise and essentially your time for money. Having worked businesses like yours since 2004, we understand the financial, commercial and growth strategies that work.

Since Momentum first opened its doors in 2017, we have strived to continually improve not only the level of support and experience each and every member receives, but also to increase the results each member achieves. This is why Momentum doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter approach and is tailored to each member’s personal goals and objectives. 

In the past year alone, our commercially grounded coaching, community support and strategic planning process has helped our members win 6-figure contracts, hire new team members to support the operational running of their business, recruit associates to scale their delivery and create new revenue streams with digital products and online memberships, as well as build their resilience, reduce their stress levels and number of hours worked.

All this is because of our four cornerstones; structure, stretch, self-care and support.


Our proven Grow Strong® planning process, roadmap and accountability gets you focused on the right growth strategy for what matters to you, and then keeps you on track. The structure is flexible enough to fit around your business delivery, personal goals and circumstances, and go at a pace that suits you.


Expand your thinking and get the courage to do what you really want to achieve in your business. We challenge you in the way you approach and think about your business, help you avoid getting stuck in tactical and short term activity and show you how to embrace your CEO mindset.


We believe your health and wellbeing is instrumental to your business success, which is why it is central to your growth plans. This ensures you do what is needed to decrease your stress levels and improve your resilience, and we keep you connected to your energy flow, allowing you to go at a pace that enables you to thrive and build on your success sustainably.


Expert mentoring and advice based on the High Support/High Challenge model, as well as support from your community members, ensures you not only reach your potential, but never feel alone on the journey. We will be your cheerleaders, show you what your full potential could achieve and give you a safe space for the tough times. 

You’ve helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business; unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering.

Sam Palmer, Founder of Midlife Makeover

This has been a business catalyst for speeding up my growth. Being stretched and challenged has been incredible.

Joy Burnford, MD of My Confidence Matters

Who is in our Momentum community?

Momentum attracts brilliant people who do brilliant work.

They are consultants, trainers and small business owners from across the UK, Europe and North America. We have an inspirational community of businesses, including training companies, leadership and executive coaches, marketing and branding consultants, owners of accountancy firms and HR services.

What they all have in common is the desire to not only grow and scale, but to run and grow their business with more ease and flow.

They are ready to work smarter, to make a deeper impact with their clients and increase their reach, increase their revenue as well as their profits, and they want the help and support to be stretched and fulfil their potential.

They want to be part of a connected community who understand what it’s like to be working for yourself, and cheer each other on, every step of the way.


What’s included in Momemtum?

Access to the Grow Strong® Planning Process

This is the spine of Momentum; a proven planning process that gets you clear on your Big Vision, your prospecting and sales targets, the key growth projects to focus on for the next 12 weeks and the health and wellbeing commitments to ensure you have the energy and clarity of thinking to implement. We give you all the tools, templates and training to complete this so that by the end of your first year, you will have embedded a strong planning discipline that works.

CEO Strategy Session

You are invited to book a CEO Strategy Session at the start of your year to clarify your offer and product suite, marketing strategy and map out the infrastructure and team that will give you the best path for your journey. This session will give you a clear pathway for the year ahead and help you decide which projects to focus on in your growth plans over the coming year.

Mastermind Sessions

Ask anyone at their highest level of success, and they will tell you they didn’t do it alone. These powerful session, facilitated by Karen Skidmore, happen three times in the year and bring together our Impact Members for peer-to-peer hot seat masterminding. Always a highlight in our calendar every planning cycle.

121 Business & Mindset Coaching

Monthly 121 coaching call with one of our Grow Strong® coaches to deep dive into your growth plans, sanity check ideas and get help with any business challenges you find yourself up against. Ideal for anyone wanting more support and individual mentoring.

Fortnightly Pod Calls & Weekly Monday Mojo Calls

You will be put into smaller groups, we call Pods, and join a group call every fortnight. These groups are small enough to give everyone the opportunity to get air time and discuss the progress on their plans, as well as big enough to benefit from the group’s collective wisdom. Plus you have the option of joining the weekly live Mojo call every Monday if you want to get help in prioritising your week ahead or simply want a burst of mojo to kick start your week.

Access to The Hub & regular live Masterclasses

Whatever you need to fulfil your growth plans, we’ve got you covered. As well as regular live Masterclasses on topics from prospecting, marketing systems and mindset, to managing teams, hiring associates and money management, you also have access to an online library of courses to up skill your selling and marketing know-how as and when you need to.

Engaged & Uplifting Community

During your time in Momentum, you will be working in a smaller pod of between 6 and 10 people which makes Momentum intimate enough to give you personalised support, as well as give you the opportunity to connect and share with other inspiring entrepreneurs in the bigger community.


Momentum Accountability System

Each week, you’ll submit an Accountability Report. Although a simple exercise, the power of doing this is not to be underestimated. It allows you to learn from what’s happened during your week and know exactly what’s next to keep moving forward, whilst ensuring you are making time for refuelling and replenishment. Plus for each report you submit, we make a donation to our partner charity, The Hunger Project, to scale the impact you create and provide extra motivation for you to keeping going!

Personalised Onboarding Process

Because we know there is a lot included in Momentum, everyone gets a personalised and individual welcome. You will have a call with our Client Manager to go through everything from how to access our online library and digital resources, as well as our planning process and terminology that we use.

Programme Manual & Templates

Posted out to all new members is our striking ring binder manual complete with templates, tabbed dividers, checklists and a glossary of terms – everything you need to keep you organised every step of the way – plus a beautiful Big Vision journal to help your thoughts flow out onto paper.

What’s the investment in Momentum?

As you can see, Momentum is not “just another” online course. Momentum is a comprehensive business growth programme that focuses on increasing your revenue opportunities, making the right commercial and financial decisions, and putting in the structure, processes and team to enable you to have a business that’s a joy to run.

We’ve been running Momentum since 2017, helped more than 100 business owners embrace our Grow Strong® planning process, and have a high renewal rate, with some of our members now in their third year or joined our ongoing Mastery Membership.

We know Momentum works!

Everything is included in your annual membership; the monthly coaching and masterminding, with the structure, support and accountability that grows with you, at every step of your journey.

And if you are not quite ready to invest at full Impact membership or already have a business coach you are happy to continue working with, you can join at Core Membership; we’ve got you covered.

Speak to us about our payment plan options.

VAT charge to UK businesses only.


Register your interest today.

Next onboarding taking place April 2023

Ready to explore your options?

The Momentum Team

A combined total of 30 years of small business mentoring and marketing experience from your senior coaches, Karen and Melina, and personal welcome and support from our Client & Operations Manager, Alexia, means that you are getting assistance from one of the most experienced business growth support team in the UK.

Karen Skidmore: Founder & Lead Coach

Karen is a proven coach and business mentor, with more than 25 years of commercial experience. Her operations background and strategic thinking blends beautifully with her deep connection to using intuition and inner wisdom, a rare combination of skills in the world of business.

Her talents lie in spotting growth opportunities and understanding the operational needs of the business; the marketing systems, business processes and infrastructure needed for you and your team to work more profitably, make a bigger impact, and deliver 5-star customer service. She will always have your back and stretch you to think bigger and achieve your full potential.

Melina Abbott: Grow Strong® Coach

Melina joined the Momentum team in 2019 and specialises in supporting businesses on B2C and B2B sales training, pricing and packaging of offers, as well as being a ninja at challenging belief systems and identifying where you may be stuck in your thinking. She has an extensive career having worked for many years in manufacturing before starting her own consultancy and coaching business.

Melina hosts our weekly Monday Mojo Calls which means you also get direct access to her wealth of sales experience and mindset laser coaching.

Edward Haigh: Grow Strong® Coach

Ed is an accomplished and purpose-driven business leader with 25 years of international experience across a wide range of industries. He has a track record both of launching new, disruptive business ventures within established multinational organisations, and of scaling small start-up businesses, at all times putting people and purpose at the heart of his approach to leadership.

Ed supports Momentum clients by helping them to stay focused on what really matters, and to find their unique path to sustainable growth by developing strategies that are rooted in capability, resilience and authenticity.

Alexia Padgham: Client & Operations Manager

Alexia Padgham has been supporting Karen in her business since 2007 so she knows exactly what our clients and community members need to help them in their business growth journeys. She personally welcomes you into Momentum and ensures you know where to find all the resources available to you. If you need your password reset, links to any of the calls or the date of any our live sessions, she's here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Grow Strong® planning process work?

Our Grow Strong® planning process is a 5 step process that starts with your purpose and vision, lasers in on the sales targets you need to make, maps out two key projects that will both stretch you, as well as lay the foundations for sustainable growth, and then incorporates a health and wellbeing rhythm to support you. We guide you every step of the way with live training sessions, templates and in person clinics. 

What you end up with is a simple, yet powerful, one page Grow Strong® Plan which helps you achieve your longer-term goals whilst still being able to manage the day-to-day of your business. You will be expected to submit your plan, which we use to help keep you accountable and on track over the following three months, whilst providing the mentoring and support whilst you implement.

What exactly do I get when I join Momentum?

We have a comprehensive programme of training to support your business growth plans. The core of the programme is our Grow Strong® planning process, which takes place in the first 3 weeks of each cycle. Then as you start to implement your Grow Strong® Plan, you join your Pod on fortnightly group calls and submit a weekly Accountability Report on your progress.

Every four weeks, we run a Review & Redo planning session to realign your plan and adjust any milestones that need reviewing. And then help you drill down to what your next 4 week action plan will be. Throughout the twelve week implementation period, you will be asked to maintain your Health & Wellbeing rhythm to ensure you look after yourself during the process. Business growth isn’t just about the business; how well you look after your physical, mental and spiritual needs are critical to your success.

During each planning cycle, we run Masterclasses and extra training, depending on what’s needed by our members. And you have access to a whole library of online training programmes in our Momentum Hub.

There’s a lot, I know! Which is why we recommend you start the process and complete our registration form as the first step, and we can take you through the full process with you when we speak. 

When do the group calls take place?

During your time in Momentum, you will be working in a smaller pod of between 6 and 10 people. This allows us to deep dive into any challenges or help you may need, as well as make you feel part of a team who cheers each other along every step of the way.

Currently, we have our fortnightly Pod group calls happen on Mondays and Wednesdays. We have a number of Pod times available which we will confirm with you when we speak. All calls are recorded so if you do miss one, you’ll get to listen back to the recording in your own time. And in between your Pod Calls, you have a dedicated Facebook Group and you can join us on the weekly Monday Mojo calls which are open to all members. 

You’re not expected to attend every call so if you’re happy getting on with your plan or find yourself not able to attend one week, don’t worry; you won’t ever get behind because you’re taking action on your own plan.

Why are there only 3 planning cycles in Momentum, when there are 4 quarters in a year?

Momentum runs as a one year programme that opens up for new members three times a year, and follows the framework of a 90 day plan.

Although traditional planning like this often works on a quarterly basis, here in Momentum you work on a trimester cycle. We see far more business owners like you thrive and achieve greater results when you have the space to review your progress and re-connect with your longer-term vision between each trimester business cycle, as well as more time and in depth thinking for your planning at the start. 

We think that most small businesses would be wise to stop thinking in terms of quarters, and embrace our trimester ebb and flow. It’s critical if you want to stop burn out, as well as increase your opportunity to grow your purposeful profit potential.

What's included in your Momentum Hub course library?

During your membership, you will have access to an online library of courses to up skill your selling and marketing know-how as and when you need to. Courses currently in the Hub include:

  • Your Best Client – How to identify and define Your Best Clients – The simple 5 step process to getting emotionally connected with your market place
  • How to Hire a VA – How to avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong VA and find the right one who will help move you and your business in leaps and bounds.
  • The 10 Day Conversation Challenge – How To Create Conversations That Fuel Your Business – A 10 day challenge that will inspire you and show you how to create easy, relaxed in-person conversations with people who want to talk with you. (Note from Karen: This is a particular favourite of mine and you will often hear me recommend it if you need inspiration to fulfil your Business Heartbeat targets.)
  • GID School – How to position, price, package and promote your business. (Note from Karen: The first lesson on Positioning is a very good module to go through; Partnership Power is something I talk about a lot, especially when you are gearing up for selling or valuing your services and products.)
  • List Love – How to engage, build trust and make more sales from your email marketing.
  • Clicks To Clients – The online marketing system to help you create leads, prospects and clients from your website.

Plus you have a full library of recorded Masterclasses that we’ve run over the years, including:

  • Profitable Pricing – How to price your services, products and programme
  • Prospecting: The Art of the Follow Up
  • Weekly Task Listing – for when you don’t get done what’s on your plan
  • Business Impact: How to use your business as a force for good
  • Onboarding: What, Why & How to Wow Your Clients
  • Master the magic of storytelling to demonstrate your value, attract your ideal clients and get paid your worth
  • And much, much more.
How many people do you have in Momentum?

This programme is intimate enough to give you personalised support because of the size of the Pods (no more than 10 in each one), as well as give you the opportunity to forge deep connections with other inspiring entrepreneurs through a private Facebook group for you to connect, share and learn with other members.

We have a thriving community, with some members having been with us for more than three years, and run regular social meet-ups for our past and present members. 

How do I access the group sessions? Is everything virtual now?

Yup. All our group calls and training are accessed online. We currently use Zoom which allows you to access the calls via any web browser or from your phone via their app.

Is Momentum just for women?

Whilst the majority of our members have been women to date, the content, support and accountability is not gender specific and we welcome men who would like to take part in our Momentum experience.

What if I'm not techy - is Momentum focused solely on getting my business online?

Not at all. Although there are Momentum members whose focus is to develop an online business, most of our members are focused on expanding and evolving consultancy business models, hiring small teams and adapting their previous face to face services to virtual offers.

Many of our Pod call discussions are focused around clarity of offers, selling to corporates, increasing impact opportunities, visibility campaigns such as speaking, and hiring and managing teams of associates.

We keep things focused on you stepping into being the CEO and leader of your business so we will actively encourage you to outsource and hire technical support so you stay out of the trenches. We will happily share with you recommendations for digital marketing tools and will help you with online marketing such as your website and social media marketing but when you do want something techy set up in your business as a result of the plan or marketing campaign you create, we have a select list of suppliers and recommendations we can share with you, personally vetted by Karen Skidmore.

A big shift in my business in a relatively short space of time and a true generosity of spirit in the group.

I already had a range of packaged services, but it became apparent my fee structure failed to reflect my true value. I increased my prices significantly and, by making an offer to current clients, have been able to successfully transition them to the new pricing model.

This was important and impactful, but the biggest impact to date has been on my mindset and my confidence in what I can achieve. It’s meant that I have started to have longer and broader tech conversations with my clients which not only helps to move me to where I want to be, but also are really well received by my clients. It is what many have been wanting and waiting for!

Jason Kruger
Online Marketing Without The Trauma

10% growth in sales in my first year, and forecasting a further 30% growth this year.

Momentum provides the balance of practical support and know-how, with accountability, planning and process. It has given me the space to refine and define my vision, made me crystal clear about who I want to work with – and how – and the practical steps I need to take. It has made me accountable, given me a support network, challenged me and held me high in celebration.

I had my highest grossing revenue month ever in my first year in Momentum – and a 10% growth in sales across the year which took me across the VAT threshold. I am forecasting a further 30% growth this year. But the crucial measure for a sustainable business is profit. Profit has increased tenfold. I also now attract more of my ideal client and more of the work I want to do.

Emma Insley
CEO Emma Insley Consulting Ltd

Momentum is the engine behind my revenue growth; best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced.

If I were to describe my approach pre-Momentum, I was playing at working for myself. Now I really feel master of my destination. This experience has been instrumental in helping me formulate the marketing for my own white paper service, and I am just at the end of the best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced and sold up all my available time from now until the end of the year so Momentum really has taken me to the next level.

I’ve been able to package my services and put into place more operational procedures, and I’ve been able to see what my strengths are, as well as the areas I need to develop. The structure and simplicity of Momentum has leaped me forward on a few quality projects rather than just inching forward on lots of projects.

Being part of momentum has shown me to lift my head up from the day-to-day doing and keep my eye on the bigger picture. I know now what I want to be and what I stand for. It sounds so simple but it’s hugely powerful. 

Lois Dabrowski
Specialist in Marketing to HR

Helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business, unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering.

It’s given me the space and encouragement to work on my vision. The coaching team have the knack of being both relaxed and focused – and know exactly when to challenge and question me. I have far greater clarity from being able to bring ideas and thoughts to the calls, and to talk through my ideas and get opinions. It’s a safe space to be part of.

I’ve also been given you a reason to be accountable. Momentum gives you the tools to learn more about your business and the opportunity to get alternative and external views on those challenges you might otherwise be working through on your own – and that’s invaluable.

Sam Palmer
Founder of Midlife Makeover

The calibre of the others in the programme is a huge benefit. In surrounding yourself with really good people, there’s a very real collective benefit.

I had a good business with plenty of work – a freelance learning and development specialist working with organisations face-to-face to develop team effectiveness and leadership skills. I had great clients and loved what I did. But the COVID pandemic hit me hard as firms cancelled talent development and focused attention on other HR issues; it was a stressful time. Coming out of the pandemic, business picked up rapidly with my clients all wanting my input again. I was overwhelmed with requests for work and a full diary. I knew I had a choice. Either to go back to as it had been with me selling and delivering entirely face-to-face training which meant my capacity was quickly reached – or to change how I operated. I knew it was time to re-look at my business model.

Joining Momentum helped me address some of the trickier areas that I might have otherwise ignored. I was helped to spot signs of hazards long before I reach them, so I can take action. My work in Momentum has highlighted some of the gaps in knowledge of running a bigger business, with a different operating model. It was the prompt I needed to dig deeper and be able to access the data I need to make decisions. Now, just being in control of the model and the important figures makes me feel more like the sort of person who is strategic. I’ve been able to focus on the right things as CEO and leader of my business.

Elaine Gosden
CEO of Blue Gnu Consulting Ltd

The right balance of structure and emotional support for strong growth.

For a number of years my business had been a bit of a roller coaster: from high revenue, to very low months. In 2019, it began to rise again and 2020 was looking good – my business was growing and I was feeling well. Then COVID-19 kicked in, and my turnover instantly dropped by some 80%. I joined Momentum at a time I could least afford it, but I knew if my business was to survive I couldn’t do it alone. I wanted to re-build a robust business that would sustain me – in good times and bad – and do so in a different way than before.

Momentum became the scaffolding which supported me, allowing me to grow personally and express the person I’ve become as I developed my brand. I now have clear business processes, terms of service and a solid fee structure in place to support my work. For me, Momentum has struck the perfect balance between practical structure and processes, as well as emotional support needed for strong growth.

Kirsty Innes
Purpose & Brand Consultant

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