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The True Profit Business Podcast: Series 1 Episode 7

The True Profit Business Models

Your business model is the way you decide to sell and deliver what it is you offer your clients and customers. There has been a huge push on designing and creating digital businesses in recent years and yet digital is NOT always the right path to take for many entrepreneurs and small business models.

Welcome to True Profit Business, the podcast that dives into what it really takes to create a purposeful, playful and profitable business. In this episode, Karen is be taking you through the four core business models – freelancer, consultant, agency and digital – and will be helping you decide which one could work best for you.

Most people end up with a business model based on one of two things; either a business model based on what everyone else in your professional has or a business model based on what you’ve been taught to be the most profitable or easiest to run. What this means is that most people’s businesses are out of alignment to their True Profit Compass, which can lead to burning out.

Karen dispels the myth that time-for-money is bad for business and helps you see that following a formula that promises you the quickest and easiest way of making money is not always the most profitable or even healthy for your mind, body and spirit.

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About the author

Karen Skidmore AuthorKaren Skidmore is a business mentor with 25+ years of experience, specialising in True Profit™; the design & growth of purposeful, profitable businesses. Business Books Awards finalist 2020 & podcaster, Karen uniquely combines the being-ness and doing-ness of business to help scale up, without burning out.

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