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The True Profit Business Podcast: Series 1 Episode 9

The Inner Game of Business Growth

We need to address this important part of the journey ahead of you; the one that is often called ‘The Inner Game’.

Welcome to True Profit Business, the podcast that dives into what it really takes to create a purposeful, playful and profitable business. In the last episode of this first series, Karen shares the five strategies that have helped her step up and grow over the years.

If you have been listening to all the episodes in this first series, thank you and congratulations! Hopefully, by listening to this podcast, you have decided that you are definitely up for playing bigger and growing your business.

However, your success is ultimately decided by how well you are able to play this Inner Game; how well you deal with the thoughts, worries and doubts you will experience as you go about your business growth plans. It really doesn’t matter how crystal clear your Big Vision is or how brilliant your 90-day plan is, if you let your fears and doubts pull you back from thinking bigger and taking action, you will play small.

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