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There’s a problem brewing.

And it may already be affecting your business.

Especially if you like to tinker with tech.

Over the past few years, advances in technology has massively affected how you and I run our businesses.

Some of it’s great, allowing us to work from the kitchen table or garden office (yup … I’m very jealous of you if you have one of those gorgeous purpose built sheds or log cabins. Send me pictures please!)

But some of the tech out there is dangerous.

Not dangerous in the sense that you could infect your PC or lose a year’s worth of documents when your laptop crashes.

But dangerous in that it suffocates your business.

The tech that so clever and cool that it’s real easy to let your inner geek take over so that you lose focus on what your original objectives were.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a client about LeadPages. LeadPages is a drag-and-drop landing page builder and it allows you create beautifully designed pages without the need of any technical knowledge.

LeadPages is great. And I highly recommend it if you are you looking for a quick and easy way to get a squeeze page up.

BUT … because of the way the opt-in forms are set up, it doesn’t allow you to collect extra information such as mobile phone numbers even if your CRM system does.

Now, you may or may not need extra contact details at this very first stage. That’s the beauty of LeadPages … it keeps it real simple.

And yes, you can always ask for them on a second web form.

But the point is that my client’s original objective was that he needed a mobile phone number so he could follow up with both emails and text messages. And now that he’s fallen in love with LeadPages, he was trying to squeeze his objectives in to a tool that didn’t meet his requirements.

Now we got something set up that worked around the system and his campaign is up and running.

But it would have been really easy for him to have given up with the mobile phone number idea because LeadPages would not allow him that extra custom field in the opt-in form.

This would have cost him sales.

And he’s not the only one.

I see this a lot. In the forums in Facebook, in LinkedIn. People asking how they can get a particular tool to work for their needs.

It’s super easy to see a link, advert or webinar promoting the latest fancy smancy, “so easy to use that even your Grandma can add to their website if she was to have one” tech tool for just $67.

But then waste your next week, trying to squeeze your marketing idea in to it, like you do each year when you get last year’s white trousers out of the loft ;o) (OK .. you guys may not have this problem … is it only us girls?)

In fact, how many plugins, themes, pieces of software or other shiny shiny toys have you got stored on your hard drive right now, that you haven’t fully put in to action?

Stop it! Seriously. The shiny shiny tools can suffocate your business.

If you are on this slippery slope and you need help, you can discover exactly what your strategy should be when it comes to using the web to market your business when you check out my Web Marketing Masterplan.

You can find it here

Here’s just one of the many feedback emails I have got over the past 8 months:

You’ve made me realise the importance of collecting email addresses using opt-ins through my blog, etc. I realise now it is so much more than having a website, doing a newsletter and a blog, using facebook, twitter and linked in. None of what I was doing was integrated or had a particular purpose.

And this is what this programme does. It spells out the steps you need to take to make sure you stop wasting time and start creating smarter marketing systems.

You even get a paperback copy of my book in the post, signed by yours truly when you order.

For more information go to

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