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Have you ever tossed an idea in your head, over and over and over again?

To begin with, it felt like a great idea. You may have even called it genius when it first popped into your mind. But then over a period of a few hours (or even minutes!), that same idea gets slapped around in your head and you start to see all the downsides. From genius to crap in just 10 thoughts.

How you’ve decided what to believe and see as truth, can affect what you take action on. And this impacts your business, doesn’t it?

Sometimes for the good. But sometimes for no rational reason other than you’ve decided you don’t believe it to be a good idea anymore.

And then what about how you are feeling from one week to the next? If you feel great one week, you often decide to show up differently and thus make different decisions and take different actions, than the previous week when you felt quite crappy.

I see these different train of thoughts happening over what’s become the annual headf&%! over whether one should do a Black Friday sale, or not.

So many other people are doing it … I’d only get lost in the promotions.”

People here in the UK hate Black Friday … it’s an American thing. My audience won’t like it.

I’ll have to put some work in to get it all set up … and if only 3 or 4 people buy, I don’t want to be seen as a failing marketer.”

Are these thoughts based on evidence or are they simply stories you make up as you question whether the idea of doing a Black Friday sale is any good?

All these statements aren’t true, fact or reality.

So how easy it is for you to talk yourself out of an idea just because you are afraid of failing?

How easy is it for you to decide to believe in one thought which in turn means you make different decisions?

So what if others are promoting Black Friday stuff … that’s only a good thing because you may as well make it easy for yourself and ride the wave too. Yes, some people here in the UK don’t believe Black Friday is a UK thing .. but there will be a lot of people holding out for Black Friday in the hope you are making a fab offer. And so what if you only make 3 or 4 sales … those 3 or 4 sales are more than you’d get from not doing the promotion in the first place.

And this decision process is so much more than simply being optimistic.

Deciding to believe different thoughts create opportunities … whether you succeed or fail, it’s always better than not playing at all.

OK, you really don’t have to make a Black Friday offer this year if you don’t want to. But yes, you can create a Black Friday offer if you want … be a different person this week if you prefer … have a different outlook on life … choose to take action on something different because you’ve decided that you can be that person who does that.

Whether this helps you decide to do a Black Friday promo or not, the important word to always look out for is “should”.

If you are using “should” in any of your questions, it’s often because you aren’t confident about your ability to see it through. And this is often based on the person you’ve decided to be and the beliefs and thoughts you decided to have.

The better question to ask around the Black Friday sale idea is “Do I want to?”. Be pragmatic about your answers to the question. Be bold. Be different from the person who asks “Should I?”

Let me know if this helps you decide whether to take the leap of faith and create a Black Friday offer this year.



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