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How to stop faffing and turn your BIG plans in to results


It’s the little daily stuff that makes it all happen!

Thinking big is good! You’ve got to have a plan. But starting the week paper shuffling, email faffing and hiding in Twitter is not going to crack it.

And a big problem many of you seem to have (me too!) is being able to break down the BIG plan in to little daily stuff.

Let me give you some examples:

Get blogging” becomes “Write and publish a blog article every Wednesday” (yes, I am sure you know that the more you blog, the more effective your blogging will be, but if you don’t commit to one every week, then it ain’t going happen!)

Do more in LinkedIn” becomes “Invite 5 new connections on LinkedIn every Monday morning” (yup, you could be doing more, but hey – let’s start with something do-able!)

Do newsletter” becomes “Write and send out your email newsletter every third Thursday” (OK, so once a week or fortnight is more effective, but if it is all too much you will only end up in overwhelm and that won’t do any good, will it?)

Follow up on new networking contacts” becomes “Phone 3 people up on a Tuesday morning” (what phone?? Is that allowed in this new world of social networking?! – Duh! Yes!)

Fill pipeline” becomes “Make a plan to meet one new person for coffee every fortnight” (Surely you could more, but hey one a fortnight is better because you are DOING it!)

Need me to go on?

It’s too easy to think BIG and then give yourselves HUGE plans … that never seem to happen.

It’s the little daily stuff that makes it all happen.

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