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Email newletters: Give yours some personality


Email newsletters are a very powerful way of building your own database for your business.  By giving value in the form of top tip articles, latest industry news or practical advice on “how-to-dos” will allow your subscribers to build trust in your expertise.

And you all know that if you trust someone, you are more likely to spend money with them – don’t you?

But having an email newsletter sign up box on your website with the words “Free email newsletter – sign up today” will just not cut it today.

Offering an email newsletter is just not unique enough, because everyone is offering one!

If you are offering an email newsletter and just not seeing anyone subscribe, it may be time to give your email newsletter some much needed personality.

Brand it, name it, give it some value.  Your email newsletter needs to be regards as your most important product to offer because it is the first door that someone opens directly in to your business.

Take some time out to give your newsletter some personality.

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