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Business Networking is Not Just for the Quiet Times

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When you run your own business, it’s easy to fall in to the feast or famine trap.

Spend 8 weeks marketing like crazy and then spend the next 3 months working on the projects that you generated during this time.  Then your diary is empty once again as the work dries up and you are out marketing like crazy again to get the cash flow going.

The feast or famine cycle is hard work and very stressful.

And this is why it’s important not to let your networking happen just in the quiet times.

Networking is not an instant fix to increasing your sales leads.  Many big contracts and projects are awarded because of relationships built over several years.

Being visible 12 months of the year – little and often – is far more effective than the 8 week networking tour of every event in a 40 mile radius.

Networking throughout the year will help you attract clients and customers naturally throughout the year, reducing the number of stressful *strapped for cash* months.

So if networking works for you, which networking events are you planning on attending over the next month?

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