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Miriam Gilbert, Consultant and Future of Work Specialist

GID School 2017


Success Highlights:

  • Created a simpler, cleaner approach to her marketing strategy so it made the whole process of prospecting more targeted
  • Got the plan and the motivation to take action on prospecting and creating meetings with potential clients
  • Created powerful case studies to demonstrate the tangible results of what Miriam could do, making it easier for prospects to get what was on offer

“What I got was a process; a repeatable and scalable marketing process that would fit for me”

What was business and life like before you started working with Karen?

I felt I had no plan; I had a lot of good ideas and a few great clients who were delighted with what I did with them. But I no idea how to position myself and package my expertise for me to build my business.

What I was looking for was a process. As boring as that sounds, that’s exactly what you need; a process that is repeatable and scalable and one that would fit to me.

How has GID School benefitted you and your business?

One of the best things I got out of GID School was being forced into picking one area of my business had to focus on. Karen gave me permission to focus on one specialty area and make it my own and claim my area of expertise. I had so many ideas and am naturally creative which meant that I was scattering my message. I wasn’t giving a unified message and I would constantly changed what I did when I spoke to prospects, which meant I had no consistency.

Then having made the decision on focusing on one specialty area of expertise, I was able to let go of any attachment to having to make it work and this enabled me to be free to create the right website copy for the clients I wanted to attract.

The weekly calls were excellent. Just when you started to feel a little disheartened, you get another dose of encouragement when you hear what others in the group are doing. It gave me the motivation to keep going with my marketing plan when I had the tough weeks of not hearing back from emails or messages left for my prospects.

Something else I hadn’t appreciated before was that my ideal clients are the pregnancy clients; prospects that may take 9 months to become clients. So I’ve now got a portfolio of offers that include some short-term or quick solutions such as my workshop days, rather than just having to rely on the core consultancy offering.

The process of creating case studies was an absolute breakthrough. You got me to focus on the ROI and get specific on the results I had achieved with my previous clients. The case studies that I created worked on so many different levels. They gave me great client examples for me to use on my website, as well as giving me so much confidence once I realised what I had achieved with my clients.

I also use these case studies in my marketing; I now add them to my proposals as well as weave them into my conversations with prospects and letting them know the specific, tangible results that I’ve been able to achieve with previous clients.

What words of advice would you give to someone considering working with Karen?

Following the process of GID School gets you started and takes you out of the procrastination process so you start doing. But remember, even with the amazing support through the Facebook group and weekly calls, whatever you learn in GID School only works if you do it.

Note from Karen: Yes … GID stands for Get It Done … you need to do to see results 🙂


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