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Dr Jen Nash, Sussex, UK

The Academy Sept 2015 to Sept 2016

The Eating Blueprint


Success Highlights During The Academy:

  • Work/life balance changed almost immediately; less travelling to focus on wellbeing and more time back to spend developing new revenue streams
  • Confidence to step outside comfort zone and start taking action on the right things to grow her business
  • From selling time as speaker and trainer to selling online courses and programmes

Taking the leap out of your comfort zone to become the best version of yourself

I immediately had that gut feeling that it was the right thing for me to work with Karen.  She’s honest and pushes me out of my comfort zone to do the things that have made my business the success I only hoped it could me.

What was business like before you joined The Academy?

During the 18 months prior to meeting Karen and joining The Academy, I had been working very long days, travelling up and down the country presenting and training healthcare professionals which often involved nights away from home.  I really enjoyed what I was doing but my work/life balance was out of kilter so I was looking for a way to better manage my time.  

I felt that the way to do this would be to start creating some online courses so that I could still deliver the presentations and training that I feel so passionate about but I didn’t really know where or how to start.  I had dabbled with some online programmes that I joined but I did not have the confidence or direction that I needed to get going.  So, last September I decided to enrol on one of Karen’s webinar sessions and arranged a call with her immediately after.  I clicked straight away with Karen and signed up to The Academy that day.  I haven’t looked back.

How has being a member of The Academy benefited your business?

My work/life balance changed almost immediately. My goal was to work less hours so that I would have time to focus on my well being and just under a year later, I have achieved this.  I now rarely have to travel as I have two associates who were former colleagues during my time working for the NHS and they work closely with me and present on my behalf. This is something I would never have dreamed possible before meeting Karen.  

I have now also been able to free up valuable time to work on my online courses and to develop and engage with my client list.

What have been your highlights of working with Karen and The Academy?

The fortnightly accountability calls have motivated me and driven me to move forward with my new business plan.  Running your own business can be very isolating at times so it’s great to have a support network to share my business goals and achievements with.

The other Academy members are an invaluable support group for me and without them and our calls/meetings, I genuinely feel that my business would not be where it is today.

How has Webinar Funnel Mastery helped your business?

I took part in the Webinar Funnel Mastery course at the end of the spring term and the success has been instant!  I’ve done 5 webinars in the last 4 months since the course and I average 180 registrations for each webinar, of which I get about 30 attendees. I typically get 7 sales from these.  My members now total approximately 35, which has been a result of my webinars. I also offer a purely online course now and my conversion rate is typically 1:2.

What words of wisdom would you give to someone considering working with Karen?

Go for it!  I immediately had that gut feeling that it was the right thing for me to work with Karen.  She’s honest and pushes me out of my comfort zone to do the things that have made my business the success I only hoped it could me. 

And the success I’ve had already really feels like just the tip of the iceberg as she has shown me the potential to do more things and continue growing which I would never have had the courage to do on my own.



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