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Tone Tellesfen Hughes, Surrey, UK

The Academy March 2014 to July 2016

Luck’s Yard Clinic family chiropractic clinic & Chiro Connect coaching business


Success Highlights During The Academy:

  • Patient numbers up 17% 2015 – 2016, with an increase of 10 new patients registering every month
  • Focused on putting in systems and investing in team members meaning she’s recently taken on her fifth chiropractor and created her ultimate dream team
  • Launched her coaching business, Chiro Connect, which has grown from running small workshops at her practice to launching her 1-2-1 mentoring programme and the Chiro Connect Paediatrics Summit in 2017

Become the leader your business needs for you to grow

“Karen has inspired me to be the leader that I am and it’s through her, that I’ve now got the confidence to help others achieve what I’ve created at Luck Yard’s Clinic.”

What was missing in your life and business before you joined The Academy?

I’d been a member of a large support group for entrepreneurs up and down the country for several years and had gained a lot from the regular meetings and training sessions. But I had reached a point in my life that I realised I needed to step up. The bigger group was too easy to dip in and out of and I found that too many members weren’t as committed, nor did the environment give me the opportunity to grow.

Although it did feel scary at the time, I realised I needed to invest and join a smaller group that could give me direction and accountability. I needed a group that was equally – and maybe even more so – driven than me so I could learn with and learn from the other group members.

What have been the highlights of working with Karen over the past two years?

We have covered a tonne of both business, practical issues and spiritual, personal developments. Starting with the business practicals, Karen’s structure of the 90 Day Planning sessions has allowed me to divide up my business goals and break them down to a realistic monthly structure.

My practice now has strong marketing and business systems in place which has allowed me to invest and grow my team. I’ve recently employed my fifth chiropractor and feel I truly have my dream team in place.

Patient numbers have always been strong because we have built a solid base in our local community, but through Karen’s guidance, I’ve been able to hone down my marketing systems to increase new patient numbers by 17% over the past year, as well as dramatically increase our profitability through encouraging more of our current patients to return and complete their treatment plans. Our clinic is based in Godalming, Surrey and although we have huge potential customer base, it’s also an incredibly competitive and price sensitive market place, so I’ve be very proud of what me and my team have achieved.

The feedback and critiques on my marketing copy has been invaluable as Karen’s been able to strengthen the message and my offers, without it feeling salesy or pushy.

Being able to run and grow a practice without having to do any hard selling is and will always be at the heart of my business and Karen has really helped me create a practice that is a patient centric clinic, where all my team enjoy working.

Karen has encouraged and inspired me to take my desire to help other chiropractitioners to grow their own business authentically, without hard selling. She has gentle pushed and prodded me to take my small workshops that I’ve run from our clinic on a Saturday morning, and got me to a place where I’ve launched Chiro Connect; running workshops in Sweden and the UK, 1-2-1 mentoring programmes and now focused on the Chiro Connect Pediatrics Summit in 2017.

Which part of the Academy have you benefited from the most?

By far, the Mastermind days. Coming together as a group for a whole day to reflect and work on our businesses has been invaluable.

Karen is an incredible intuitive. She is able to spiritually connect with everyone in the room and has a real sense of exactly where people are stuck. It’s been quite magical at times to experience the chemical change and electricity in the room during certain Hot Seats when someone’s had a real shift in their thinking.

What final words would you offer to others who are thinking about joining The Academy?

Karen has helped me become a whole person. She has this unique ability to help me retain the essence of who I am, whilst focusing on business growth and profits. I’ve always wanted to run my business from an authentic, true and honest place and Karen has helped me keep that flame.

Karen’s true gift is helping someone run a profitable business with their own essence shining brightly through.


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