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Charlotte Cox, Consumer brand marketer, SUN Brand Consultancy

Momentum 2017 to 2018


Success Highlights:

  • Increased visibility to enable her to win new contracts outside of her referral network
  • Created and sold her first mentoring programme which has opened up opportunities beyond her regular consultancy work
  • Health and self-confidence stronger than ever, enabling a clearer focus and more energy to do see through her business plans
  • Running and promoting her first open workshop succesfully

“You’ve given me a broader mindset and got under the skin of why I wasn’t doing some of the bigger things I knew I was professionally capable of.”

What was business and life like before you started Momentum?

I had already worked with Karen before joining Momentum and she had helped me get a lot of nuts and bolts of getting my business, package and proposition ready. But I still felt I had a gap between where I was trying to make it all happen and getting the results that I wanted. Momentum seemed like the right thing to do to help me go from a place where, in theory, I knew what I needed to do but, in practice, I needed support in getting the right mind shift to go do it. I needed the mind space to position myself in a more professional space, to get clearer, more assertive and more confident about what it is I could deliver to my clients.

A big challenge for me has been about getting myself out there. I am great at bringing in a new customer and making a sale from someone known to me in my network, but making myself more visible and putting myself in front of people who didn’t know me yet felt like a challenge.

When you’re working on your own, it can be easy to snowball small things into a bigger issue and since working in Momentum, I’ve been shown how to break down my bigger issue topics into smaller, achievable tasks.

Why has Momentum been the right programme for you?

Momentum has given me that hand on my back; supporting me along with a practical edge of breaking the plan down, working it through and not make it such as big beast as it is. That reassurance of the regular group calls and accountability has given me a broader mindset and got under the skin of why I wasn’t doing some of the bigger things I knew I was professionally capable of.

What key things have you worked on during your time in Momentum that have made a difference to you and your business?

The big thing for me has been my visibility challenge; this visibility focus runs through my 90 Day Plan, showing me what I need to do in order to be in a place where I can feel more comfortable to be able to talk about what it is I do and showcase my expertise on social platforms, such as LinkedIn.

I’ve put myself forward to accept speaking opportunities, as well as running my first an open workshop. I have created a brand new mentoring programme called Shine Mentoring and won a £4,000 piece of business from my first non-health and wellbeing client as a result of my visibility promotions.

I have also now got a wonderful portfolio of professional photographs of me “in action” which I’m using to generate conversations. It was through sharing these that a personal friend, who saw these photos, has connected me with a large consultancy where I am now an elevated consultant to work with them with their programmes and we are discussing opportunities to support them with some of their visioning work with their clients.

The other key thing for me has been to have a health and self confidence focus in my 90 Day Plan, which I firmly believe has helped me have a better outlook and attitude to running my business and given me more energy to do what I want to do.

What is like working with Karen?

I love Karen’s down to earth, no-nonsense approach. She gets a sense of what is really going on, taps into the nitty gritty and pushes the buttons enough to encourage everyone in the group to take action, without them feeling uncomfortable. The structure is in place to create the whole 90 Day Plan, as well as the longer term visioning and following it up.

It’s been fantastic to have a 90 Day Planning Process to work towards which keeps you more on track and makes you do those planning stages. It’s easy, when you work on your own, to roll from one week to the next without actually being disciplined or even looking back at what you have achieved and have done. So having Karen show us how to plan and then support us in the implementation of it has been brilliant.

Karen gives a good balance of feeling pushed, of feeling you have a plan but still having that supportive hand on your back.

What words of wisdom would you offer others who were thinking of joining Momentum?

Don’t underestimate the power of a group situation or of group learning. I definitely believe you are stronger by working through business issues together; particularly women where we have a natural innate need to be connected with others and work together. I think it has been so powerful to have been part of this group because of the support you get, whilst still putting in the individual effort and energy required in order to see the results.



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