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Catherine Evans Joines, Leadership and Transition Coach

Momentum 2017 to date


Success Highlights:

  • Turned a side-hustle to a job into a full-time business
  • Has clarity and created a level of professionalism in the way she presents herself in her new business
  • Achieved a rhythm to her working quarter, month and week so she knows exactly what to focus on to win her the clients she wants

“I have gone from standing start to solvent. This is no longer a hobby. My business is now what I do and who I am, and I am taking ownership of it.”

What was business and life like before you started Momentum?

I was a new business, only started in January, and was doing it as a side-hustle to my main job. In January, my side-hustle became my full-time entity and I joined the Momentum programme to kick start my marketing and have the momentum and accountability I needed to get going.

Why did you decide Momentum was the right programme for you to join?

It was the 90 Day Planning that was really important to me; being able to break my plans down into monthly and weekly chunks which then gave me a focus to the actions I need to take to move forward.

I also wanted accountability, so the fortnightly calls were perfect to keep me on track, as well as the Facebook group and being part of a group rather than working in isolation on my own.

What have you worked on during your time in Momentum that has made a significant difference to you and your business?

What’s really worked for me has been focused on the initial setup of the business; key things such as being revenue generating, focusing on what I needed to do to get clients to get my business going, as well as working on my marketing systems.

As a result, I feel in control. I have clarity and the professionalism in the way I am presenting myself and I’m now getting things done that have meant clients and contracts have come in. It was during the second 90 Day Planning cycle that I started getting the number of clients to be able to launch my coaching programme, and that was as a result of being part of Momentum and the supportive environment.

I like the structure that Momentum gives us. I just wouldn’t have done the planning by myself. The structure of the 90 Day Planning gives me a nice rhythm to the working quarter, month and week because it also gives time to reflect and look at how far I’ve come. Often we don’t take time to reflect and it’s a really important part of the process of moving forward with purpose.

I have pretty much reached my income goals, although not necessarily how I had planned. I have two strands to my business so although I didn’t all the coaching clients that I had anticipated in one quarter, I actually picked up two other contracts on the other strand which made up the revenue stream I wanted. So not necessarily how I had envisaged but by doing the work I had set out in my 90 Day Plan, the result was exactly how I wanted it to be.

What is like working with Karen?

Very good! Karen is very supportive, calls me to account, and is very quick to turn round things and answer our questions and critique our marketing in the Facebook group.

She’s very knowledgeable and has helped me to become a business owner, so I feel like this is no longer a hobby. My business is now what I do and who I am, and I am taking ownership of it.

What words of wisdom would you offer others who were thinking of joining Momentum?

Definitely go for it. It’s a really good investment to take your business to the next level. I have gone from standing start to solvent, which I don’t think I could have done without Momentum.


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