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Achieve More By Doing Less

How to have more time, energy and creativity than you ever thought possible

A new approach to managing work, time and energy

Does this sound like you?

  • Why do I feel sluggish and brain fogged all the time? It’s so frustrating!
  • I have so many responsibilities to juggle and I feel like I’m failing at everything
  • There is so much wrong with this world but I am too tired to try and make a difference
  • I just want to curl back under my duvet and hope that everything on my to-do list just goes away
  • I’m so busy trying to get everything done every day that I’ve forgotten what it is I really want out of my life
  • My menopause symptoms are really getting me down and I haven’t slept properly for weeks
  • I keep forgetting the simplest of words – even names of clients I’ve worked with for years!
  • I’m constantly over-thinking and running multiple projects in my head all the time; it’s exhausting

It’s not just you!

You are not alone

Our work culture is not setting us up for success!

For the past thirty years, our obsession with doing more in less time has exponentially increased.

We have access to an endless supply of productivity apps and automation tools to help us do more in less time. Our smartphones can tell us how well we are eating, sleeping, and exercising. Our 24/7 society and expectations to have our emails and messages responded to almost instantly have meant we are constantly switched on to work. And there is an abundance of books to read and podcasts to listen to, all created to help us be more productive.

So why is it that we are feeling that we can’t keep up?

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by what’s on your ever-increasing to-do list to run your business and life, you are not alone. As we all live and breathe this create-more-in-less-time work culture, our productivity standards are sky-high based on what we think we ought to be able to achieve. It keeps us in busy-ness mode, often spending our days in crisis management and bouncing from task to task.

It’s exhausting.

Our work and life is designed in 24 hour cycles, and yet 50% of the population doesn’t work this way.

Added to this, it turns out that most women find it hard to be productive in the way society expects of us.

Female hormones typically work around a 28 day cycle (our menstruation cycle), whereas male hormones work around a 24 hour cycle. It’s not that women can’t work to a 24 hour clock, but when our work culture has taught us to work in a linear way throughout the year, not taking into account our changing seasons, daylight hours, or our own body’s natural rhythms and hormone cycles, this is when we can burn out.

And, as if we don’t already have enough to contend with, the menopause can hit us like a freight train!

If you are already experiencing levels of stress (and let’s be honest … most women are; they just don’t recognise the symptoms), peri-menopausal symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, raging headaches, aching bones, and hot sweats, can slow us down and be incredibly frustrating and exhausting.

My menopause transition started in my early 40’s and that’s very normal. But the summer I turned 42  was the start of five years of horrid hormonal imbalance and peri-menopausal symptoms which I realised couldn’t be fixed with a pill or a two week holiday.

I had to reset, reboot and take some serious rest, and yet I felt really guilty about taking my foot off the pedal.

Over time, I came to realise that doing less isn’t about doing nothing; it’s about doing less of the busy stuff and doing more of what matters to us and the values we want to live by.

And doing it in a way that flows with our natural cycles and energy ebb and flows.

This started me on a journey of exploring and understanding what working less hard actually meant. And today, I bring everything that I have learned condensed into my practical and easy to follow Ebb & Flow programme.

Get access to this game changing course and feel the ease and flow come into your work and life

Find your flow and achieve more than you ever thought possible

A proven, practical process

A four stage process that has been developed based on Karen’s work with clients over 10+ years, in simple and easy to follow steps.

Feel lighter & inspired to make change

Feel you can make the changes to the way that you work, quickly and easily, and be able to bridge effortlessly between tasks, without resorting to pushing hard to get the results you want.

Re-connect to your inner wisdom

Discover how to incorporate better vitality into your working life, get out of your head and re-connect the trust with your intuition.

What is Ebb & Flow going to give you?

The Ebb & Flow four stage framework is the foundation for showing women how to build sustainable success in business, life and leadership.

Karen Skidmore business coaching

Ebb & Flow is not your typical time management course or productivity programme.

As you being to understand the principles of how Ebb & Flow works, you will be blown away by the amount of time and energy you really do have. However, the real benefits will be the deep connection to self and discovering how to follow your own cycles, ebbs and flow.

You will be shown how to get out of your head and be given the tools to be able to kick the habits of working hard to achieve and overdoing what needs to be done.

By embracing your own rhythms of working, you’ll find that you’ll connect more deeply with yourself – your inner wisdom, intuition, gut, heart, and soul.

This will transform the way you think, feel, and act in your everyday life and business.

You will discover how to batch certain tasks to match your energy flow, be able to schedule downtime in confidence … and without the guilt of staying busy … and begin to break the productivity habits that you have been subconsciously using to drive yourself to burn out.

Course Outline

1) Track: Get Out Of Your Head & Become Conscious 

  • Become aware of how our modern, fast-paced schedules and work productivity expectations are not designed to work in flow with most entrepreneurs and creative business owners
  • Redefine what productivity is; get to see and experience the difference between being busy and productive
  • Understand the intangibilities of time, energy, and impact and the real reasons why you only notice how much you have when you have none left (which is what you want to avoid if you are on track for burnout!)
  • Discover how the relationship you have with your phone affects your day and how technology is working against you
  • Get shown the cycles that affect your flow; how your hormones, menstrual cycles, moon cycles, and the seasons all contribute to your creativity and ability to get things done throughout the year

2) Align: Find Your Space Between The Doing

  • How to identify as a Dominate Do-er or Dominate Be-er and why it’s important to have both doing and being energies in your day
  • Understand the true power of slow; why slowing down is more powerful than many of you will give it credit
  • Get three simple overwhelm techniques to help you break the productivity habits that you have been subconsciously using to drive yourself to burn out
  • Discover powerful centering practices that will help you stop and breathe in the “in-betweens” and bridge between projects and tasks
  • How to make your health and well-being integral to your professional success

3) Design: Create a Work Rhythm To Work WITH You

  • Linear versus Circular productivity flows; find out how to move from linear work days and embrace your cyclical powers and work rhythms
  • How to use Mother Nature’s four seasons to create a work rhythm that will work WITH you and stop you from trying to fix and fight your way through your day
  • Discover how to batch tasks to suit your energy flow, whilst still being able to meet deadlines
  • Get five practical ways of setting boundaries (one of the secret powers to harnessing the Ebb & Flow process)

4) Activate: How To Switch On Your Ebb & Flow Power

  • Learn how to shift between your Doing-ness and Being-ness so you are using the right energy for the task
  • How to recognise the signs that you need to shift between the two
  • Discover the simple principles of planning, and avoid resorting to short-term coping strategies that burn you out
  • Experience how you can shift from linear lists to cyclical growth and propel your growth in ways you didn’t imagine were possible
  • Get shown how to deeply connect with your bigger mission, articulate your Big Vision, and then break it down into a do-able and practical implementation plan

Ready to embrace your full potential?

I’m excited to get you started on this journey. This programme has enabled me to put everything that I embody in my own decision-making and way of working into one teaching place.

Ebb & Flow has not only saved me from my own busy-ness self-destruction but has propelled me forward and helped me embrace my midlife and menopausal shifts. Having spent too many years frustrated with my lack of energy and constant seeking of external validation, the power I feel today to enable me to step up in my own business and leadership opportunities feels incredible.

And this is what I want for you.

This is your opportunity to challenge society’s definition of productivity, move to a cyclical workflow and embrace your inner wisdom to make change for your clients, communities, and our planet.

It’s time to embrace the full potential of you.

We’re re-opening up the doors to Ebb & Flow very soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?

If you’ve ever tried a time management course or productivity programme, you’ve probably found yourself with more things to do; timesheets to fill out, new email management systems to create or task management software to set up. When you have enough to do right now, the last thing you want is to add more busy-ness to your day.

The purpose of Ebb & Flow is NOT to give you more things to do but to give you the space to reflect and get conscious about your behaviours. We are not giving you a tonne of templates to download nor do we expect you to actually do anything extra.

This journey is about changing your behaviour and beliefs around productivity, who you are being and how you are approaching your thinking during your work day.


How do I access the course?

Ebb & Flow is available as an online course consisting of chunked down, easy to watch videos and downloadable templates. You will be to use any device – desktop, tablet or phone – giving the choice of exactly where and when you access the content. 

How much time do I have to give to make this programme work for me?

I get it. You are probably up to your eyeballs already with life and business stuff, but this is one of the big reasons why Ebb & Flow is needed for you at this time.

There’s every chance that a lot of the stuff you are dealing with is either not what you should be spending your time on (AKA someone else should be doing it for you) or it’s stuff that is distracting you from the doing the things that you really want to be working on (AKA working on the projects that will create the impact you want to make).

What you will spend your time on in Ebb & Flow is discovering how to make shifts in your thinking and make your decision-making process simpler and easier. Plus you will be practising techniques which are designed to slow down your pace which, as you will experience, will actually speed up the results you are getting.

Your return on investment in these hours will be huge; you will find that you will feel lighter and inspired to put aside more hours to work deeper as you go through the changes you are making to your working week.

And let’s be clear.

If you are truly saying to yourself and to others that you really want to make a difference and an impact with the work that you do, then isn’t it time you put on the breaks and took a serious look at how much your exhaustion and overwhelm is costing those who need you to step up?

It’s time to put a stop to your current way of coping.

What are your terms and conditions?

The full terms and conditions of your purchase can be viewed over on this page here:

In a nutshell, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period, as is your consumer rights here in the UK. But after this period, there is no refund for this course. 


Meet Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore is a business strategist and catalyst, with 25+ years commercial experience and almost two decades of running her own coaching and leadership companies. Her operations background and strategic thinking blends beautifully with her deep connection to using intuition and inner wisdom, a rare combination of skills in the world of business.

She specialises in working with midlife founders and business leaders who are experiencing midlife shifts and menopausal changes. Menopause is a natural transition for all women, but with cases of burnout rapidly increasing, it is an invisible and unspoken issue for most women.

Karen understands this more than most having faced her own burnout journey in her early 40’s which she spent many years recovering from. She brings this experience and wisdom into her work, and empowers business leaders to create a new rhythm and flow to their lives in order to not just stay working, but to fulfil their economic and leadership potential, and increase their level of impact.

You have made me appreciate how I can structure my day, week or month to work efficiently without burning out or bimbling along aimlessly.

Ema Doherty

I am now kinder to myself and it has ‘given me permission’ to slow down, not feeling that I have to be ‘doing’ something all the time to feel I’m ‘achieving’. I feel calmer, too, now that I have the tools to help me out.

Lucy Hay

Before I started Ebb & Flow, I was feeling positive, yet aware that my priorities were probably not right and biased towards work and clients. You have reaffirmed the importance of taking time out – leaning back – time to reflect and think – in order to get the best results personally and professionally.

Sarah Badcock

I was feeling pretty good before I joined. I’d achieved a huge amount in the previous 6 months, and joining Ebb & Flow was more about understanding time management for me. You’ve helped me see that, actually, my experiences are normal! We all have challenges one way or another, and we each need to find ways of managing our energy in a way that works for us.

Kirsty Innes

For someone who recognises herself as a dominant do-er and thrives on being busy, it was great to look at ‘doing things’ from a different perspective. I’ve now got an increased awareness of the impact of cycles of effort and focus, and it’s made a significant impact to the way I’m working in my business. 

Lois Dabrowski

You’ve helped me see how important just being is for me rather than always doing. I thought I was a dominant-doer, but now realise how that this is balanced by dominant being when I’m away from my desk. I can now relax & be without thinking I “should” be doing something. It’s almost as though I now have permission to just be since i recognise how much i need it.

Mary Waring

Life was a huge perimenopausal struggle and business was challenging before I joined Ebb & Flow. You’ve helped me accept the ebb and flow in my life, instead of rallying against it, which has made a huge difference to how I live my life. I loved learning how to apply the seasonal analogy to my day. 

Cheryl Holloway

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A new approach to time, energy & impact

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