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Your True Profit Business Workbook

Thank you! Here’s your workbook …

I’m delighted you’ve made it here. 

A book that sits on a bookshelf gathering dust does nothing so the fact that you are here means you have at least read the first few pages. What you’ll learn in the book only really comes to life and is able to do good in this world when you read it and take action. So thank you for making it this far and getting access to this workbook.

I’ve designed this workbook to give you a place to work through all the exercises contained in the book, as well as give you the space to record your progress and make a note of your reflections and ideas you want to take action on. You will find a Spark Sheet for each chapter to record these.

So I hope you will find this a useful addition to the book that you’ve already got.

What to do now: Print out this workbook and have it with you when you read through each of the chapters. I recommend you get yourself a new clip binder or folder to keep this workbook safe and in one piece. Many of these exercises in the book are designed to stretch you and expand your thinking so keeping a record of what shows up for you will be important to help you know what to implement when you are ready to take action..

By the end of the book, it is my hope that you will have a clear focus and direction for growing your business and that you will know exactly where to focus your time and energy to get out of the hustle and grind and be able to grow a business that is profitable, playful and purposeful.

We need to change we do business. We simply can’t afford any more business owners to burn out before they achieve their vision. It’s why we need to stop chasing formulas and money-only goals. We don’t need more profit; we need True Profit.”

Karen Skidmore

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