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Sam Palmer, Founder of Midlife Makeover

Helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business, unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering.

Success Highlights:

  • Owning the ‘expert position and attracting strong partners
  • Confidence in the value of services
  • Clarity in action to achieve long-term vision
  • Greater financial insight to the business

“Momentum gives you a reason to be accountable. It gives you the tools to learn more about your business and the opportunity to get alternative and external views on those challenges you might otherwise be working through on your own – and that’s invaluable.”  

How was business for you before you started working in the Momentum programme?

My vision is clear. I want to help mid-life women target their approach to exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition in a way that will serve them best.

COVID-19 had been the tipping point for me. I’d had to change my business model entirely – I had been running client-facing exercise classes, a women’s running group and speaking in-person at corporate events about menopausal support. Within a week of lockdown – and while other fitness professionals were pondering what to do – I shifted my entire exercise timetable online. 

I seem to live by four words in my business – act fast, think later – and they’ve served me well over the years. Moving the classes online was a knee-jerk, gut reaction – and it worked. 

But, gut reaction can only take you so far. I knew that I had got to the point where gut reaction was not enough and I needed something more to move forward.

What was the key reason you decided Momentum was the right programme for you to join?

I knew of Karen and the Momentum programme through her work with mid-life women. I liked what she did – and her approach. I simply thought: I want that in my business! 

And meeting her came at the right time. 

I’d been able to keep and serve my old clients but also develop a new set of clients who had recently found me. I knew I had the opportunity to shape the business in a very different way. I had a clear vision but I was holding back. I suffered from imposter syndrome, played down my strengths and abilities, and paid little attention to the ‘money’ side of the business. 

I was ready to be challenged, build in some structure and to be made accountable for the actions I would take going forward.

What have you worked on during your time in Momentum that has made a difference to you and your business?

I already had the knowledge and expertise. I’d been a nurse, the owner of a first-aid training business, won awards for my coaching skills and invested in learning about health and exercise during the menopause. What I lacked was the confidence to own my ‘expert status’.

As well as the (now) online fitness classes, I had a 12-week programme – Move Over Menopause – running three times a year. Before Momentum, the programme had been secondary to the core exercise side of the business and, while I’d seen the transformation that it brings, I knew it had unfulfilled potential. The Momentum coaches gave me the confidence to expand the client value and rightly increase the ticket price from £150 to £900. It’s now my premium programme and is more popular than ever. 

Joining Momentum helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business, unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering. It was a hard process to work through – and took time – but I fine-tuned in a number of areas and it has shaped the way the business has progressed. I’ve now turned my focus to streamlining the processes and systems of what is essentially two businesses and refining the customer sales journey.

What has being part of Momentum given you?

Overwhelmingly, the Momentum process has given me structure. The Grow Strong cycle format works well for me. I am at my best if I’m accountable – and I’m very, very target driven. 

It’s also opened my eyes to my own value and given me the confidence to step into my worth. Most importantly, I have remained true to myself, my vision and my values. I’m getting more comfortable in owning the ‘expert’ label and it’s probably no coincidence that I have since been asked to work alongside some influential leaders in this field – and I hold my own.

What is it like working with the coaching team?

They give me the space and encouragement to work on my vision. They have the knack of being both relaxed and focused – and know exactly when to challenge and question me. 

I have far greater clarity from being able to bring ideas and thoughts to the calls, and to talk through my ideas and get opinions. It’s a safe space to be part of. 


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