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You don’t need to sacrifice your health and mental wellbeing to achieve great things

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Have the energy & the time to do the things that matter to you

If you are finding it hard to balance how you want to work and live your life, this doesn’t mean you just need to keep your head down and work harder.

Or even give up on your dreams and play small!

But nothing is going to change until you make a decision to change the way that you are approaching the way that you work.

Have you ever stopped to think how our work and life is designed in 24 hour cycles?

And yet 50% of the population don’t work this way!

Female hormones typically work around a 28 day cycle (our menstruation cycle), whereas male hormones work around a 24 hour cycle. It’s not that women can’t work to a 24 hour clock, but our linear work culture has programmed us to be productive day in, day out, often striving to do more, in less time, and not taking into account our own body’s natural rhythms and hormone cycles.

It’s really easy to see how high our standards have got based on what we think we ‘should’ be doing during our days. And if we don’t already have enough to contend with, the menopause can hit us like a freight train during our midlife.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with life and work, it doesn’t mean you just need to keep your head down and work harder.

Our Story

Today’s fast-paced schedules and work productivity expectations are playing havoc with many women’s adrenal and nervous systems, and midlife burnout has fast become a rite of passage.

Karen Skidmore and her team are on a mission to put a stop to this. They empower women in business in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond to create a new rhythm and flow to their professional lives in order to fulfil their economic and social potential, and increase their level of impact.

To help you get started on how you can redefine your work patterns, we have created this easy to follow Energy Tracker to help you experience the cycles that affect your flow; how your hormones, menstrual cycles, moon cycles and the seasons all contribute to your productivity levels throughout the year. 

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