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Freedom based business models for coaches, authors & experts

“Selling your expertise … your skills, experience and knowledge … can be tough. But with the right business model and marketing systems set up, you not only attract enough profitable clients … you also get the freedom to enjoy your business and your life on your terms.”

Flip Flop marketing?

You’ve flip flopped from one marketing strategy to another based on the latest advice or new media marketing tool. And you’re now confused on what is really going to make the difference.

Hobby Business?

There’s nothing fun about working ridiculous long hours only to end up creating a hobby business that gives you just enough income to sneak under the inland revenue threshold.

Burning Out?

And if you are creating a decent income but you’ve no time to enjoy the fruits of your labour; you’re in danger of getting burnt out. And no one wants to get ill from work related stress or get too knackered to give their best to their clients!

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore

I’m a sales and marketing troubleshooter and business catalyst for experts who have tried-and-failed at different strategies and tactics to get their business up and running successfully.

There’s no doubt you are prepared to work hard and put the hours in to get the success you want … but when you are lost in the wilderness and have no clear strategy in place, it’s no surprise you feel overwhelmed, demotivated and exhausted.

If you are fed up by all the conflicting business advice and exhausted trying to keep up with what the latest online marketing gurus are teaching, it’s time for someone like me to help cut the crap and give you real life advice based on what I’ve done to create a successful and highly profitable term time business around me and my family.

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