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Sitting on a goldmine?

There’s no fun in working long, hard hours only to end up with profits more suited to a “hobby business”. But most business owners I speak to are actually sitting on a goldmine; they are just so busy being busy they don’t know where to start digging.

Flip Flop Marketing?

You’ve flip flopped from one marketing strategy to another based on the latest advice or new media marketing tool. It’s costing you, you’re beginning to wonder whether you’ll ever get your business to work and you’re now confused and lost on what to try to next.

Burning Out?

If you are creating a decent income but you’ve no time to enjoy the fruits of your labour; you’re in danger of getting burnt out. And no one wants to get ill from work related stress or get so worn out that they end up losing business or missing golden opportunities to grow their businesses more profitably.

Business Coach & Marketing Mentor

Database Growth & Segmentation

Developing your biggest asset – your mailing list – and showing you how to set up your email marketing, opt-in reports and autoresponder campaigns

Selling Yourself At The Right Price

How to sell yourself effectively, stop undercharing and price yourself at the level that you deserve to be paid

Clarity, Focus & Simplification

Breaking down projects to simple, clear action lists so you know what you should be focusing on to grow your business

Build Your Team

How to hire, outsource and ensure you are building a team around you so you can focus your energies on what you are good at

Marketing Strategy

Creating a clear and focused marketing strategy for your business and how to clearly identify your target client

Lead Generation & Conversion Systems

Proven marketing systems that create new leads and deliver clients with ease and grace

Profitable Products

How to create products such as online courses, e-books, webinars, membership sites and group programmes so that you are not restricted to just selling your time by the hour

De-Mystifying The Tech

Getting to grips with the right social media and digital marketing tools (and knowing which ones you can ignore)

Karen SkidmoreHi. I’m Karen Skidmore

I’ve achieved what most business owners feel is impossible; to create a profitable lifestyle business which enables me to run an international coaching business during term times only.

When I left my corporate career as a Director for an international recruitment firm in 2004, it was critical for me to design my business without it impacting my health, wellbeing and family time. I started up when my eldest started school and my youngest still at nursery and, as they’ve grown over the past 13 years (now in their GCSE and A Level years), freedom for me is having the systems in place for me to be able to work hard and play hard … with it having it to be hard work.

Many of my clients are experts who have tried-and-failed at different strategies and tactics to get their business up and running successfully. And it’s my rare mix of intuition and emotional understanding of what business owners are trying to achieve in their businesses, along with a logical, mechanical way of thinking in systems and processes, that allows me to design and create True Profit Business Models for other people.

There’s no doubt you are prepared to work hard and put the hours in to get the success you want … but when you are lost in the wilderness and have no clear strategy in place, it’s no surprise you feel overwhelmed, demotivated and exhausted.

You’re probably frustration up by all the conflicting business advice and exhausted trying to keep up with what the latest online marketing gurus are teaching. It’s time for someone like me to help cut the crap and give you real life advice based on what I’ve done to create a successful and highly profitable term time business around me and my family.

I know from 13 years of experience that you could be sitting on a gold mine. Let’s have a conversation and discover how easy your True Profit Business Model could be to create.

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