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How to get a steady flow of qualified prospects, increase your sales and become an expert in your field, while in your slippers from the comfort of your office.

Webinar marketing can do this for you and it’s not as complicated or confusing as you may think.

Demonstrate your expertise

Discover how to deliver online training so that your audience loves your content and buys from you because they love what you’re offering.

More from your time

You have the opportunity to be engaging with hundreds of prospects from the comfort of your own desk, with your slippers on. No travelling required and easy to fit into your diary.

Target Audience

Be able to focus on specific topics that attract your ideal customers and be recommended as the go-to expert in your target market


With an easy rinse and repeat system, webinars can create the perfect opportunity to create a steady flow of qualified leads throughout the year.

There’s no doubt webinars can feel like the most complicated and overwhelming of marketing strategies at times.

There’s all the tech … all the decisions to make (which webinar software to use … how to record my webinar … what topic do I do) … the promotion of them (how do I get more than my mum, my best friend and my cat listening in?!)  … and possibly even fear of presenting.

But whether you’ve just run your first one or two webinars or you’ve been running them for a few years, there is no doubt that you’ve seen a glimmer of how extremely powerful webinars can be, both as lead generation tools as well as opportunities to make sales and showcase your expertise.

As someone who has been using webinar marketing consistently in her business, I know webinars work because:

1) A date in a diary creates an authentic deadline for your audience to make a decision to show their interest in what you offer.

2) It’s an ideal platform for you to communicate and showcase your expertise and your personality so your audience get to see the “real” you.

3) By recording what you deliver, you’ve created a powerful capture of you in your flow that you can use either as a playback but also as a transcript for digital products, articles or even future books.

4) It creates a real time opportunity for your audience to take action – either to schedule a call with you or to buy a product – before, during and after the live event … you have 3 bites of the cherry, not just the one.

My name is Karen Skidmore, and I have been using webinars & teleseminars to grow my business for most of my business life, as lead generating, direct selling opportunities and delivery of course content. But it’s been over the past 3 years that I’ve been fine tuning and perfecting my webinar marketing funnel so it has become, single-handedly, the back bone to my marketing success.

Whilst many business owners have given up on webinar marketing over the past year because they’ve either got lost in a crowded marketplace or flipped flopped over to go after the next shiny shiny marketing tool, I run live webinars every 6 weeks or so and consistently get, on average, 40% attendance figures and, if my call to action is taking up a free call with me, between 12 and 20 qualified prospect calls scheduled into my diary automatically.

For someone like me, who works term times, school hours only and doesn’t like to travel up and down the country speaking at events or being away from home right now, this has created a really simple, effortless way of connecting and engaging with potential clients.

Plus, the type of webinars I run create such value that I regularly get emails along the lines of “You are brilliant. Clear, concise and knowledgeable. Best webinar I remember listening to for many, many years.” This means that I’m consistently growing my reputation whilst still being able to make sales; there’s never a need to be making icky, hard pitch selling sessions with the system I’m teaching!

Thus webinars have, and I believe will continue, to have a massive impact on my expert status and monthly sales, whilst being a lot of fun to run and very simple to promote and execute now I have my webinar marketing funnel in place. I have created and refined this seamless, efficient and highly effective webinar marketing funnel so that each time I run my next webinar, it becomes a simple rinse and repeat process.

There are 20 steps that I follow.

And I am now ready to share all 20 of these steps in detail with you.

Now I have to admit, it’s about bloody time!

My clients have been asking me about my webinar funnel for a long time now. And I’ve had so many people register for my own webinars just so they could try and unpick the steps that I take to get the success I’ve been getting.

Well, rather than have you second guess or try to work out webinars for yourself anymore, I put together a step by step programme where I show you exactly how to create the promotion, the pre-webinar build up, the event itself and the post-webinar follow-up.

This is not some re-hashed theory I’m spouting … this webinar system is based exactly on what I’ve being doing for the past few years. I’m telling you exactly what works, what to avoid and I will save you hours (if not months and years!!) of frustration trying to get webinars working right for your business.

Whether you want to get strategy calls scheduled in your diary if you are offering a higher priced programme, or you want to make sales on the day … I’ve got the webinar funnel process all laid out for you.

Is it the webinar that works?

Or the system behind it?

Most people think of webinar marketing as just the webinar … the 60 minute slide show presentation you deliver. But what you don’t see is the four distinct processes that go on to support the full webinar marketing system.

And this is exactly what Webinar Funnel Mastery shows you step by step.

Process Number One: The Registration System

Choosing a specific & compelling topic so that your target client not only registers but also feels compelled to attend live is the first important process to get set up. From headlines and bullets, I even show you one of the big “secret” success pieces in your webinar puzzle; the webinar registration thank you page. Get this page right and you will dramatically improve your sales opportunities during the live session.

Process Number Two: The Promotion System

Once you’ve got your registration pages set up, it’s time to get your message out there. I’ll show you the most effective use of your time, budget and resources. Plus I’ll explain in detail the important onboarding emails to send to people once they join. This is a critical part of the process as you want people to turn up live, rather than wait for the recording because you’ll get better results. Once you see what I teach, you’ll be getting 30 to 50% attendance rates easily.

Process Number Three: The Live Presentation

In this module, you’ll go into detail on creating impactful slides, how to craft your story so your audience love what you’re selling as well as getting your replay set up so that you still make sales after the live event. There’s a formula and agenda that I teach, without you feeling like you’re reading from a script or giving a hard sell pitch. You’ll also be shown whether to sell by click or by conversation and which would work best for your business and the offer you’re making.

Process Number Four: The Follow Up

The fourth process of successful webinar marketing is almost always forgotten or hardly ever given any consideration. In Webinar Funnel Mastery, you’ll be shown exactly how to take full advantage of helping undecided customers get off the fence and buy from you. This process will help you see massive increase on your conversion rates, which means you don’t have to run as many to get the results that you want (Check out Shelley’s testimonial below for specifics on this!)

Is webinar marketing only for advanced marketers or people who are technically gifted?

Who is this programme for?

Webinar Funnel Mastery has been specifically developed for business owners who sell themselves – coaches, therapists, consultants, designers, accountants, professionals.

It’s tough to sell “you” … your expertise, your intellectual property, your time, your energy, your personality. So whether it’s your time that you want to sell through your webinars – your coaching or consulting or design time – or it’s a specific product or programme, you’ll be taught how to make a sale via a conversation or a click.

Do you need to have run a webinar before? Preferably yes because you will want to know whether you’re going to enjoy this style of communication but you certainly don’t have to be skilful at delivering webinars just yet. You’ll be taught how to deliver the live webinar as well as engagement techniques so it doesn’t feel you’re talking to an empty room!

And because of the detail and step-by-step process that Webinar Funnel Mastery goes into, you’ll be able to follow through and see results whether you are an absolute beginner or you’ve been running webinars for a few years.

Do you have to be technically competent? In my experience, most people who consider themselves to be technophobic, only think this because they’ve never tried. When you learnt to drive a car, do you remember how your first few lessons felt scary, awkward and even highly stressful? But now, decades later, you probably had at least one journey home where you don’t remember the route you took; you were on auto-pilot and the physical act of driving your car had become innate.

Running webinars is just like driving a car; yes, stressful and awkward to begin with but after your first 3 or 4, you settle in and realise that if you follow the systems and processes laid out in Webinar Funnel Mastery, webinars are far easier than you originally thought.

Plus, it’s an ideal marketing strategy to outsource and get help in setting up. Give your VA or technical assistant access to Webinar Funnel Mastery and get them to set up the systems I show you … you don’t have to be the one to do everything!

Are you ready to start growing your business and helping more people with your webinars?

Proven framework for your content

Compelling and desirable webinar topics that generate qualified leads, training for your presentation style and a content blueprint for your slides

Templates for all your emails

Automated email sequences to plug into your email marketing system for your promotional campaign, pre-webinar engagement and post-webinar follow-up

Rinse and repeat marketing system

Exact steps with printable checklists, quick view videos and step by step instructions that you can use time and time again

When Webinar Funnel Mastery is run as a live group “Bootcamp”, prices usually start at £1,500 (+VAT) but you can get started right now and grab all the training modules, checklists, templates and step by step processes for just £745 (+VAT)

Just £745 (+VAT) if you order TODAY

“No Questions Asked” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

And like all our online courses and programmes, there is a 30 day “No Questions Asked” full refund for anyone not entirely happy with the course material they receive.

If you find that the course content is not what you expect when you login and access the material, you have 30 days to come back to us and ask for a full refund.

Followed Karen’s process to the letter (with all the follow up emails and checklist suggestions) and ended up with 9 sales!! 7 came directly from webinar and email follow up, 2 more from strategy calls (out of a total of 6 calls). Am very chuffed.
Jen Nash

The Eating Blueprint

Fabulous for absolute beginners

Ideal system for selling online products

The webinar system you gave us to follow, for example the email sequences before, during and after the day of the webinar, were fantastic and helped me understand how to build trust with people who registered. It was so new and difficult for me to see the direction I was going in so once I’d followed it through the second and third times, it all became so clear why the steps you were teaching me were important.
Adele Stickland

Get Gorgeous

I had over 500 registered for my webinar with 60+ attendees and almost the entire number staying till end of presentation & this particular launch brought in £35,000. The biggest benefit to me was getting more from doing less: I converted 1 in 2 of the people I spoke to on sales calls, I only had to do one webinar to fill to my programme versus my normal 2 and I halved my normal Facebook Ad spend.

Shelley Hutchinson

Client Nectar

Huge impacts for experienced marketers, too

Not sure if this is the right course for you?

Or if webinars are your thing?

If you are not sure whether this course is right for you and you want to check with me first before ordering, email me.

I’ll happily tell you if I DON’T think this is something you should be doing. As you know … there are a lot of SHINY SHINY toys out there and I know webinars are not for everyone. So if you’re not sure, ask. I’ll give it to you straight ?

Email me at [email protected] and I’ll happily reply to a quick question on email.

When does the course start?
About three times a year, this course is run as a Bootcamp. But you can get access to all the teachings and training modules right now. As soon as you order, you’ll be able to set up an account and you’ll get instant access.
What’s the format of the course?

There are 4 modules, which you have access to immediately, that contain short, concise videos and downloadable checklists outlining the steps to take during the week.

If you’ve decided to follow the course over a 4 week period, you will run your live webinar during the week of the fourth module. Otherwise, you can work through each module at your own pace, in your own time.

What exactly are you covering in each of the modules?

There’s a tonne of content!

Week 1 – Setting up your webinar registration page and getting ready for promotion

  • Setting the “right” date and creating the “right” topic that will be interesting enough for your audience to take action
  • Creating a registration page that converts
  • Integrating your webinar platform with your email marketing system and creating an effortless registration process
  • Maximising your “thank you page” (your secret weapon of mass enrichment!)

Week 2 – Promoting your webinar

  • Creating your promotion email sequence for your list, plus quick & easy one-click ways for your list subscribers to sign up
  • Your 3 most effective external promotions, including a quick start guide to setting up your FB Ads
  • Creating your post-registration sequence to maximise your attendance rate (one of the big struggles that many business owners end up with!)

Week 3 – Creating your webinar content & engagement strategy

  • Slide design, creating content and telling your story to position yourself and create your expert status
  • How to sell conversations and how to make direct sales (and which one will be the most effective call to action for your webinar attendees to take)
  • Proven engagement techniques to pre-sell and sell on the day
  • Checklist for running the webinar live so you don’t forget a thing
  • Creating your playback page, recording and back up tips for when things don’t quite go according to plan!

Week 4 – Webinar Follow Up

  • Creating post webinar follow up email sequences & techniques on using webinar attendee reports to increase your sales opportunities
  • Deciding when to go Evergreen and next steps to creating your Evergreen campaign
  • Post campaign measurement
How else will you be supporting me?
There will is a Facebook group set up where you’ll be able to ask questions and connect with everyone else going through the exact same process and steps … a fabulous place to share ideas and get inspiration for your webinar topics and headlines. Although I can’t promise to answer same-day questions, I will be there in the group offering my own advice and suggestions to you, too.
Will I have to run a live webinar to keep up with the course content?

No, absolutely not. The course has been created so that you follow through each step and take action from I am showing you. And if you were to do this, your live webinar would be during the fourth and last week of the course content.

However, this is not essential and we know that it may not be possible for you run a live event during this week. So you can take this course at your own pace and go as fast or as slow as you want to go.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have lifetime access to the course content so whenever you want to run through all 20 steps again or dive back to a specific stage in the funnel and improve what you set up originally, you can do this.  Webinar marketing can be an easy rinse and repeat process once set up so the more times you go through the modules, the better and more effective you will become at webinar marketing.

Plus if you aren’t quite ready to get working on Module One straight away, that’s OK. You can take your time and do this programme at your own pace.

Is this course guaranteed in any way?
Yes, of course. If you find that this is not the course you expected it to be or it doesn’t meet with your original hopes and expectations, you have 30 days after your purchase to let us know and receive a full refund. No questions asked – just email me and let me know and we will process your refund and remove your access from the course.

When Webinar Funnel Mastery is run as a live group “Bootcamp”, prices usually start at £1,500 (+VAT) but you can get started right now and grab all the training modules, checklists, templates and step by step processes for just £745 (+VAT)

Just £745 (+VAT) if you order TODAY

“No Questions Asked” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

And like all our online courses and programmes, there is a 30 day “No Questions Asked” full refund for anyone not entirely happy with the course material they receive.

If you find that the course content is not what you expect when you login and access the material, you have 30 days to come back to us and ask for a full refund.

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