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Discover How To Step Up And Scale Your Business

If you’ve been bumping up against a ceiling in your business, you are not alone. It’s too easy to be distracted by everyday busy-ness and marketing tactics, particularly if you are already working at full capacity and you don’t have the headspace to work out what to do next to shift your business forward.

Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to rise up and serve at your highest potential. It’s time to start thinking strategically about the direction of your business and join our incredible and inspiring community of entrepreneurs, game changers and visionary business leaders who are all making the space to step up and scale their businesses.

Book your ticket now for this live stream event and get clarity on what the right business model, pricing, processes and team to have in place to enable you to play bigger, even in this time of change.


Book your place today for just £45 +VAT

No need for any travel, this is a virtual morning workshop that promises to be engaging and packed with practical advice, strategies and insightful conversations and an amazing opportunity to work with and network other business owners, just like you.




Playing The Long Game

​There are plenty of people who will happily jump on to a call with you to advise you on how to get more clients, or more leads from LinkedIn, or even how to get a 6-figure business. And yes, I have answers for all those.

But tactics without a strategy will only get you so far.

We’ve been programmed to think that the way to grow a business, is to get more clients. But in most cases, that is like wanting to get fit, opening up YouTube and searching for ‘get fit videos’.

There will be millions of videos for you to look through, but as you start to watch a few, each one seems to contradict the next one you watch. There’s nothing wrong with the advice you may be getting, but unless you are clear on your objectives to getting fit, what body shape you are in right now, what equipment you’ve got available and any injuries you may have, the ‘right’ advice may do you more harm than good.

You’ll get busy with a few training sessions. You may get good results in the short term.

But if the ‘get fit’ tactics aren’t right for your ‘get fit’ strategy, at best you aren’t going to see the transformation that you were hoping for. At worst, you may get an injury and find you can’t do any training for weeks.

It’s the same with your business.

At best, marketing tactics without the business strategy isn’t going to get the growth you truly desire.

At worst, you’ll run out of money or steam (whichever comes first!) and want to (or have to!) give up on your business dream.

And this is why it’s critical to focus on your long game right now. It’s critical to discover the right strategy for the growth that YOU want so that you know which tactics are going to work for you. And this is exactly what we are going to do together on this next Play Bigger event. 

How To Step Up And Scale Your Business (Without Burning Out!)

Event Schedule


Session 1 – Long Game Thinking

You’ve probably already experienced a huge shift into virtual and digital delivery for every type of business. You will have seen many of your colleagues and competitors over the past few months offer free and low cost products and programmes in an attempt to serve their communities. Access to technology and digital marketing can give you hugely profitable ways of growing your business, but they also run the danger of over-complicating how you run your business.

It’s really easy to get distracted by what everyone else is doing. You could end up creating a digital offer that may be cheap enough to attract enough clients, but end up with is an unsustainable product that exhausts you. Before you rush in, it’s important to evaluate your options.

What this first session will give you:

  • How to explore your revenue options within your business and see which business model can be profitable AND sustainable for you and your business
  • Which pricing strategies work (and which ones don’t!)
  • Why selling to more customers may not be the most profitable path for you right now
  • How to pragmatically assess your current business and audit the opportunities available to you, as well as the potential threats and weaknesses of your current way of working
  • See how business growth follows a four-stage growth flow, rather than an unrealistic up and up curve.
  • How to avoid getting stuck in the two black holes that hold your growth back (once you see what needs to be ‘fixed, you will be able to scale up sustainably and profitably)


Session 2 – Purpose & Planning

When we experience huge changes and uncertainties, the last thing you may want to do is plan. But knee-jerking your way through business is going to be exhausting and expensive for you if your ideas to adapt your business don’t work out. You are in danger of spending money and time on projects that distract you with busy-ness, as well as throwing caution to the wind can eat up valuable cash flow and leave you with nothing, very quickly.

Planning doesn’t have to be dull or constrictive. With the right plan in place, it can still allow you to be creative and free to be flexible and stay in touch with your flow, whilst keeping your energy and resources directed at your bigger vision.

In this second session, you will:

  • Discover the power of creating a bigger vision for you and your business
  • See how planning can make all the difference to your future business journey
  • Get the steps in the planning process to put in to help you stay agile and adapt your plan quickly, without you losing pace or direction
  • Find out how to make planning fun (yes, really … planning doesn’t have to constrict you or be boring!) 


Session 3 – Your Dream Team

The people you decide to have in your business can make or break your success. If you want to build your business with less stress and have the potential to scale, you have to think about the people you have around you. In this last session, you’ll be looking at who makes up a lean and highly profitable team to enable you to execute your plans. Plus, you will be assessing your own mental, health and wellbeing needs and working out who you need help and support from in your family, home and personal life.

No matter what level of leadership you decide to take on over the coming months, you NEED the support from others. So let’s ensure you know who those people are before you get on and take action.

What you’ll get from this session is:

  • How to work out who needs to be in your Dream Team
  • The importance of how to join forces, collaborate and run joint venture marketing campaigns with other businesses
  • Why trying to do it all by yourself doesn’t mean you lose control of your brand or your business

What’s been said about previous events

‘You’ve helped me see how I can play bigger, have a year launch plan and not have to sacrifice who I am.’ Tiffany

‘You’ve reminded me to focus on simplicity.’ Dany

“Really good live stream event. I think the use of the two ‘locations’ worked brilliantly. Of course, there is a lot to be said for meeting people in person but I think you did brilliantly. I started using online meeting technology in 2000 and I’ve rarely experienced a better session. Well done.” Kevin

‘The day has built on what I’ve learnt in your book, True Profit Business, beautifully and meeting others has helped get clarity and challenge what my business could be.’ Kathryn

“Surprisingly good, no post-lunch slump. I found my focus didn’t drop during the event and I probably talked to more people than perhaps I would have at a live event, not sure, I’ll have to attend a live event and then feedback on that!” Kate

‘It was fantastic how Karen simplified business stuff that would normally have me tied in knots! I came away with clarity and focus as well as enthusiasm for my business and a deep satisfaction having spent the day with other wonderful and supportive business owners.’ Vivienne

“I loved it. It meant I could take part without the worry and expense of travelling to the event.  I get put off from attending events because of the logistics around my lifestyle, but this was a great way of doing it. Plus, no travelling for hours to get home afterwards either. Or getting up early to get to the venue on time.” Katrina

What you’ll get from the day

Re-Evaluate And Re-Boot Your Thinking

It’s more important than ever right now to tune into the different energies that you have at your disposal so that you can find and connect with a path that is going to take you forward with purpose.

A Business & Pricing Strategy That's Right For You

Discover the right business model and pricing strategy will enable you to not only survive the coming months, but also to see how you can build sustainably for the future.

Courageous And Connected Community

Through our interactive break out sessions, you will come away feeling re-energised and re-inspired from deeply connecting with others during this virtual event.

Book your place today for just £45 +VAT

No need for any travel, this is a virtual morning workshop that promises to be engaging and packed with practical advice, strategies and insightful conversations and an amazing opportunity to work with and network other business owners, just like you.

An interactive training event where you get the right advice needed for your next stage of growth

This day is different from a typical webinar where you may simply watch and use the chat box. This is a virtual workshop style training day that you will be participating in.

Throughout the day, we are running smaller group discussions, giving you quiet time to work through various exercises on your own, as well as the opportunities to get laser coaching time with Karen Skidmore. 

Fro the past four years, we’ve run this event as an in-person workshop experience but the opportunity of taking these events virtually has pushed us to up-level our delivery. We love the energy of the room and the energy of the people who are attracted to what we teach, but until we can meet again in person, we now love creating this same energy via a live stream, whether you are on your sofa, in your office or sitting at your kitchen table.

Who needs to attend this event

You’re overwhelmed by all your options. You’re seeing a tonne of people offer help to get your expertise online and create digital courses and memberships, but you’re feeling confused about what it is you offering and you’re wondering whether you’re good enough to stand out from everyone else you see on your Facebook newsfeed.

You’re getting caught up with all the tech and feeling lost.

You’ve been doing all the things that your marketing mentor has been telling you, but you aren’t getting the results that you’ve been promised. The truth about most marketing formulas and launch systems is that they work well for the guru who is teaching you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. It’s not your fault and you don’t need a better mindset. And, to be honest. it’s probably not the fault of your marketing mentor. You’re probably following the wrong system and wrong business model for who you are, the resources that you have and what it is you want.

You need to step back before you step up and get the clarity on what it is you really want.

You know you are NEEDED right now … you just don’t know how. If you run a business that supports the spirituality, health or wellbeing of your clients, then you are probably feeling an immense sense of needing to help more. There is a real danger that you end up giving too much of yourself and burning out in the process.

It’s critical that you take this time to evaluate your strengths and opportunities and create the systems and support network for you and your business that will allow you to rise up and serve, whilst still supporting your own spirituality, health and wellbeing.

You’re ready to take on the next few months but you’re already feeling exhausted. You may be in the situation that you’re having to home school children, look after more vulnerable members of your family and community or find that you are sharing your usually quiet home office with a spouse. Now is not the time to simply ‘work harder’ to get your business to work over the coming months.

It’s a time to pause and assess how you and your team find new ways of working that sustain you.

Meet Your Hosts For The Day

Leading the day is Karen Skidmore. Business Books Awards finalist 2020, podcaster, and business mentor with 25+ years experience, Karen is CEO of True Profit Business which uniquely combines the being-ness and doing-ness of business to help scale up purpose-driven businesses.

We know that most business owners are burning out, trying to drive their businesses forward. The problem is because they are time-poor and often misaligned with their current business, they are chasing the wrong goals and using overcomplicated marketing tactics. They may look successful on the outside but inside, they are exhausted and getting to the point that they want to give up.

And Karen knows this from first-hand experience. She has run her own coaching and consulting company since 2004. After an 11-year career with Hays Plc, her children were approaching school age and she realised how much she wanted a more flexible and fulfilling professional career.

Within 6 months of starting up, she was awarded European Social Funds for her Women’s Enterprise Programme and Simply Marketing Workshops, which was instrumental in helping hundreds of women start up their own businesses across Surrey & Sussex. She founded a regional women’s networking group in 2005, created & ran a 100+ membership site for 3 years and launched dozens of online courses and group programmes over the past 13 years.

But in 2012, struggling with adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances, Karen was burnt out from constantly launching new programmes and marketing campaigns. She wanted to play bigger but to enable her business to grow and for her to serve more people, it was no longer a case of “work harder”. She had to change the way she and her business worked. And it soon became apparent that her clients wanted this same change. 


Joining Karen as co-host for the day is Melina Abbott.

Melina joined The True Profit Team in 2019 as the Senior Coach to support the continuing growth of the community. She is incredible at helping our members get the right mindset for selling, spotting patterns and digging into limiting beliefs. 

What we see is a lot of people we work with are selling what it is they need to get themselves; you are often on the same journey that you want to help transform for your clients. If you haven’t embodied the results and transformation you want to see in your clients, it’s easy to start doubting yourself and trip up when you start the selling process, especially at higher price points that you may have sold at previously. So Melina will be on hand to help spot any of these patterns in the work that we do together during the day.

Book your place today for just £45 +VAT

No need for any travel, this is a virtual morning workshop that promises to be engaging and packed with practical advice, strategies and insightful conversations and an amazing opportunity to work with and network other business owners, just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your booking terms and conditions?

The full terms and conditions of your booking can be viewed over on this page here:

In a nutshell, all tickets are non-refundable two weeks before the event, although if you can’t attend at short notice, you’d be welcome to pass your ticket to friend or colleague (simply let us know their name before the event so we know to expect them). In an unlikely situation that we have to cancel, full refunds will be issued to everyone.

What are the logistics for the day?

We are running this event via Zoom and have a delegate welcome pack which has all the information you need to participate fully in the day. All you need to join us is internet access and a webcam. 

Are you covering the same content as your previous Play Bigger events?

If you’ve come to one of previous Playing Your Bigger Game events, you will find this event is very different from previous events. 

Not only are we changing our delivery and running this day via our brand new home TV studio, we have completely re-vamped our agenda and created a day unique to what we are experiencing. So although the principles of True Profit remain the same, we think you will love the way we are applying them for your business right now.

Is it an only women event?

Not at all. We welcome both men and women, although, as you can gather from our photos, we find that it is predominately women who attend. But don’t get put off by this.

Because a large percentage of business growth seminars focused on topics such as business models and the mechanics of starting up and growing a business are dominated by male coaches and digital internet marketers, there are very few practical business training events delivered for those entrepreneurs who have ambitions to grow, but without the hustle-and-grind push to succeed or the sole focus of digital options.

As we find ourselves in a brand new decade, you and I don’t need business dumbing down or being made pinker or softer, so you won’t find this event ever being positioned as a female only event. What we need is to fundamentally change the way we all – men and women of all ages – approach business growth to create a purpose-led and sustainable economy.we need to fundamentally change the way we all – men and women of all ages – approach business growth to create a purpose-led and sustainable economy.

Is there a recording I can watch if I can't make it live on the day?

PLEASE NOTE: This is a live event and we are not recording this event to be accessed as a recording at this time. 

Need to ask us a question first before booking?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions here on this page, please email Alexia on [email protected] or click the contact us button below.

What Clients Say About Karen

Given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales

“Before I was in a state of wishful thinking. Now having a 90 Day Plan and the follow through to help implement it, it’s given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales. I found that when you have cash in the bank, it’s easy to get complacent. But, in reality, you have to make sales, which means that I need to have a clear plan for each week on what I and my team can do to develop the business. Momentum has been a catalyst to help me understand where I have been going wrong, and the 90 Planning Process and implementation have given me crystal clear focus on what is the best use of my time.”

Alex Palmer

Corporate Event Manager & Strategist

My work/life balance changed almost immediately. My goal was to work less hours so that I would have time to focus on my well being and just under a year later, I have achieved this.  I now rarely have to travel as I have two associates who were former colleagues during my time working for the NHS and they work closely with me and present on my behalf. This is something I would never have dreamed possible before meeting Karen.  I have now also been able to free up valuable time to work on my online courses and to develop and engage with my client list.

Jen Nash

The Eating Blueprint

Momentum has given me a broader mindset and got under the skin of why I wasn’t doing some of the bigger things I knew I was professionally capable of.

“It’s been fantastic to have a 90 Day Planning Process to work towards which keeps you more on track and makes you do those planning stages. It’s easy, when you work on your own, to roll from one week to the next without actually being disciplined or even looking back at what you have achieved and have done. So having Karen show us how to plan and then support us in the implementation of it has been brilliant. Karen gives a good balance of feeling pushed, of feeling you have a plan but still having that supportive hand on your back.”

Charlotte Cox

Consumer brand marketer, SUN Brand Consultancy

Working with Karen has really made me up my game this year. I have been on a steep learning curve with my business marketing journey and having Karen to help, support, challenge and motivate me has been invaluable in helping me make this year my best year yet. I have finally launched my signature programme “The Wardrobe That Works” (after 2 years in my head!); I have a realistic plan for my business growth as well as the support of a great team of colleagues who will give me honest and constructive feedback.

Gail Morgan

The Image Trainer

Gave me focus on what matters

“As a creative person who is motivated by action rather than committing to a strategic vision, working with Karen and using this planning process of hers was the most productive I’ve been in years. Karen’s planning process helped me focus on what matters right now versus having a massive list of stuff that makes me feel so overwhelmed I get nothing done.”

Helen Evans

Conscious Business Mentor & The UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst

Working with Karen I was able to grow and expand my business awareness in a small setting with people I have got to know, and whom I trust. I felt we have pushed ourselves more in this environment, but it is also very supportive. It has also enabled me to make some big shifts in my mental attitude about things at work which I was avoiding and finding uncomfortable to deal with, and this shift has and will make a big impact on my business function and profitability.

I love working with Karen as she is tough but with silk gloves, she never makes you feel small but she also knows that you can do more than you are so, it encourages you to raise your game.

Tone Tellesfen Hughes

MD of Luck Yard’s Clinic & Chiropractic Connections

Book your place today for just £45 +VAT

No need for any travel, this is a virtual morning workshop that promises to be engaging and packed with practical advice, strategies and insightful conversations and an amazing opportunity to work with and network other business owners, just like you.

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