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Finally … Clarity on WHO You Are Marketing To

How to identify and define Your Best Clients

The simple 5 step process that helps you create laser-focused marketing that effortlessly attracts the right clients

Get instant access to Your Best Client

Just £25 TODAY ONLY!

Usually £95

Have you got a mud flinging approach to your marketing?

Spray-and-praying … and flip flopping from one thing to another?

You aren’t alone! There are so many options to take, and online tools to try out.

But if you want to get better results from your marketing, find yourself naturally attracting brilliant clients, and feel more confident getting out there to promote yourself, then the easiest and simplest place to start is with your WHO.

When you get clear on exactly WHO you want to attract, you can turn your mud flinging into a strategic, laser focused marketing process where prospects come to you.

If you don’t get clear on your WHO … your marketing won’t work!

But let’s be honest with each other …

Spending time on identifying exactly who you want to target your marketing at, isn’t as sexy as learning about Facebook ads.

Nor does it sound as exciting as creating your first online product or deciding on the branding for your new website.

Client profiling is one the least favoured projects to take on because most business owners like you, just want to get on with getting the right clients … don’t you?

So, what’s the answer?

Even though client profiling can be perceived as one of those boring marketing exercises, it’s like the job of prepping your garden for the beautiful seeds you’ve just bought. The photo of your summer flowers look beautiful on the seed cover … but if those borders aren’t prepped properly, you could end up with a gardening disaster on your hands.

So like your gardening, you need to get really clear on exactly who you are targeting first before you start marketing because your client profile will give you:

1. The ability to create compelling marketing copy that gets you heard (even in crowded marketplaces)

2. The knowing where to find your ideal clients so you use the right social media sites, advertising platforms and events in your marketing

3. The confidence that you are creating the right offers and products that your clients want to buy

Creating your Best Client avatar allows you to stop the sell-sell-sell pitch and create a path for prospects to come to you.

Imagine receiving an email from someone who writes …

I can’t believe what I read on your website – it’s almost as if you’re reading my mind. Can we talk?”

This can happen time and time again … when you’ve created Your Best Client.

Introducing “Your Best Client”

Your Best Client is a simple 5 step process that breaks down the steps to identifying and then emotionally connecting with your ideal client so that you can easily write compelling copy for your website, emails and sales pages, create desirable offers and make marketing easier.

You will put a stop to your struggles in writing an email or sales copy or a headline for a leaflet.

And if you’ve ever struggled to find your niche or feel that you want to spread your net as wide and far as possible, you’ll love this simple process to follow.

This quick and easy online course can take you as little as a couple of hours to complete, whilst giving you a stack of resources if you want to dig a little deeper and go into more detail.

And once you’ve gone through the process, you’ll discover that working on your Best Client avatar, is time well invested!

Save hours of wasted marketing time

Get instant access to Your Best Client

Just £25 TODAY ONLY!

Usually £95

In a nutshell …

  • 5 step, easy to access online course
  • Mix of written lessons and short videos
  • Takes approx 3 hours to complete
  • Bonus survey & research resources

How will this help fast track your marketing results?

Easy To Access

Work through each module on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Easy to read through, with a few short videos to watch to bring the content to life.

Solid Reference Point

Any time you get confused about what to do next in your marketing, your Best Client will bring you back to what’s going to work for you.

Take 80% off your to-do list

Once you’ve gone through the 5 steps, you’ll easily see all the marketing stuff that you DON’T need to do any more because it won’t be relevant to your Best Client.

Find emotional connection

Once you understand what makes your Best Client tick, you’ll be able to confidently create copy that speaks to them individually.

Quick and Easy

This is a short, sweet course that can take just 3 hours to go through. Or if you prefer, you can schedule in 30 minute chunks over a few days.

Easy To Follow

Each module is written in easy to read text – there’s no heavy going business manuals to wade through here!

Karen's Your Best Client course was a revelation to me. I realised I'd been emailing and tweeting for ages without a crystal clear picture of exactly who I was talking to. The bit in the course where it really fell into place for me, was towards the end when Karen encouraged me to write my avatar up as a story - so much more user friendly than my previous efforts. Now my communications are really effective because they're using the scenarios and words my potential clients are already familiar with.

Ginny Carter

The Author Maker

The best thing about working through the client avatar process is it made me think, not just about who my market is, but what I am offering. I used to suffer the classic therapist approach of "I help people with ..." Knowing who I most like working with, then asking what are their issues and that I can help them resolve brings into much sharper focus where I want to be. The shotgun approach has been replaced with a much more focused 'sniper' approach. It means my marketing becomes not only easier, but I don't waste time and energy.

Mike Rogers

Step2Change Hypnotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m In! When will I get access to the course content?

Straight away. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will be re-directed to The Hub – our members’ only site where all our online courses and programmes are hosted. Once you’ve created your account (or logged in if you are a member already), you will find the course material in your dashboard.

2. How long will this course take me?

You can work your way through the 5 steps in as short time as a couple of hours.

Or if you prefer to take your time, you can pace yourself and spread it over a few days to fit around your working week.

There is a bonus module giving you a stack of ideas on how to do more detailed market research if and when you are ready to act on it, but we would recommend you pick one idea at a time and use the others to come back over the new few weeks and months so you don’t get stuck in analyse paralysis!

3. Does your programme come with a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Like all our programmes, there is a 14 day no-questions-asked full refund for anyone not entirely happy with the course material they receive.

If you find that the course content is not what you expect when you login and access the material, you have 14 days to come back to us and ask for a full refund.

4. What’s actually in the course?

There are 5 core modules that take you through the 5 steps to creating a client avatar. There’s very little reading to be done – in fact you’ll be able to scan through each on in less than 5 minutes.

Plus there are a few short videos to watch to help bring the content to life for you, if you prefer to watch-and-learn.

Included is a bonus module with a list of ideas and practical suggestions on how to do market research on a budget.

5. If I get stuck or need help, what can I do?

Any time you need help, get in touch directly with me, Karen Skidmore, at [email protected].

We also have our flagship mentoring programme, Momentum, on offer so if you feel this is just the first step in a bigger journey, then we’d be delighted to arrange a chat to find out more about you and what it is you are looking for.

Karen's learning programs are packed with content, and her style of delivery makes it easy to learn, ask questions and engage. Karen is First Class!

Deborah Bifulco

Marketing Coach & Behavioral Analyst

Karen really made me step back from what I do and see my business from the perspective of the people I want to approach. I love that this system has put me in control of my business and given me a process of attracting the sort of clients I want to work with.

Lisa Webb

Pink Frog Design Agency

You’ve given me the push to get on with moving my business forward. Things have been steady for 11 years but recently I’ve noticed a lot of people tightening their belts. Well, that’s all changed now. Your no-nonsense approach to business has been invaluable.

Joan Williamson

Phone Joan

I thoroughly enjoyed working through your programme. It has exceeded my expectations and given me the courage and tools to take a leap forward with my business, which is exactly what I signed up for. This programme could not have come at a better time for me and my business. With plenty of encouragement, support, ideas, and accountability this programme keeps you on track to get started and start selling your products with confidence. I love Karen’s no-nonsense approach, her business experience, and her inspiring story.

Melanie Mackie

Scarletta Media

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