Student with writers blockHad a great business mentoring session with a client last week who wanted to focus on getting an action plan together to help her write her website copy.

The design and template was done, but it couldn’t go live until the copy had been written.

However, one hour later we had not only planned out the copy writing but also spent the best part of the session focusing on who exactly she wanted to attract to her website.

Her target audience of “women” was just too broad and she soon realised that to enable her to write powerful and engaging copy that stopped online surfers in their tracks and got them to leave their name and email address to opt-in to her newsletter, she needed to be absolutely clear on who it was she wanted to engage with.

Whether it is the home page of your website, a flyer for your next event or a postcard to handout at networking events, you have to spend time writing out the profile of the person you want to be attracting before you write the copy.

It will save you months of wasted marketing!

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