Are you stuck in the washing machine cycle of not knowing what tech tool to use?

If you are a time-for-money business owner where your income comes from a hourly rate or per session charge, you may well have been exploring ways of creating your first product or programme; the dream of making sales in your sleep.

But where most of you go wrong is that you start with the tools.

And this will mean that you will be asking the wrong questions when it comes to creating your first product or programme!

This week’s question comes from Rob who asks: “I want to create a product that will give me recurring income. I’m thinking of a membership site but open to other ideas. What tool do you think would be best to look at to run this? I’ve heard of Optimise Press and I know you use Wishlist. Which is best?”

Recurring income is absolutely something to focus your energies on. I know it made a massive difference to my business sanity – and monthly income – when I launched my first membership site in 2010.

But the questions Rob – and you! – should be asking here, should not be around the product and tech tools. It should be about what problems you can solve for your customers … and how could you package up your solutions to fix these problems.

Are you stuck in the washing machine cycle of what tool to use? How do you feel about the create-then-sell technique?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to know what you think.

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