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What’s that gathering dust on your desk?


In this online world that we all seem to live in, it is easy to focus all your efforts on one or more of the many social media tools out there.

Yup, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are being used more and more by small businesses. But did you know that there is a quicker way to get in touch with people?

I know it’s rather old fashioned and it hardly gets a mention nowadays, but the telephone is really a wonderful device!

At the start of every new week or month, you have a great excuse to pick up the phone and call a few former clients and customers. Find out how they are and how the past few months have been for them.

You may want to find out if they are still on target with the plans you helped set out for them. It could be that you ask for feedback on the last product they purchased from you.

However the phone call goes, there is a very good chance that a couple of those calls may lead to a re-booking or a re-order.

Go on – you know you remember how to use it. Just pick up that handset thingy, press the numbers and when the ringing sound stops, the person will be there on the other end.

It’s quite magical you know ? And not a tweet in sight!

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