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What Your Book Cover Says About You


Do people judge a book by its cover?

Most of us have been taught to never pre-judge people and to always look beyond someone’s appearance before casting an opinion.  And yes, in society this is certainly how I like to be treated.

But, in business, we often find ourselves making snap decisions.

You meet a stranger at a networking event and BAM – you just can’t help it.  The way they shook hands with you, the way they did (or didn’t) look you in the eye and the way they said their name – all these things are immediately processed and an instant judgement is made on whether you want to stick around and carry on the conversation.

Statistics say that, on average, what you actually say contributes just 7% to how someone perceives you.  38% comes from the way you say your words and a massive 55% is affected by your appearance.

Scary isn’t it?

When we start out in business, we often worry so much about what we actually say when go out and network and present ourselves to prospective clients.  But from these statistics (and just look at how you react to people you meet in business for the first time) what we actually say slips rapidly down the priority list.

The way you say things and the way you present yourself, both in terms of clothing and body language, are incredibly important factors to how your personal brand is interpreted.

And your personal brand is an incredibly important factor when it comes to attracting clients.

Imagine two nutritional therapists standing up to speak at a networking event.  They both offer the same elevator speech in that they work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis to help them lose weight and feel healthier.

One nutritional therapist is nicely slim (not lollipop-model!), well groomed and has a clear complexion.  The other seems to be wearing ill-fitting trousers (two sizes too small), has a huge spot in the middle of her forehead and looks slightly out-of-breath having walked up two flights of stairs.

OK, I’m being a little extreme to make my point here but Which one are you going to “judge” to be the “better” nutritional therapist?

So what’s your book cover saying to people?

What is your appearance, your body language and your speech patterns saying about your business?

Understanding your personal brand and identifying how people perceive you and your business, can be daunting.  But it’s got to be done! Take time out to check yourself out in the mirror before leaving for your next networking event.

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