Unfortunately we had a horrible virus that found it’s horrible way into the Web Tech Club website in 2015; it turned out to be more expensive to clear it out than we could justify.

I took the decision to switch off the site and remove it from my hosting account to prevent the virus spreading across my other sites.

We still do have access to all the Masterclass videos and expert interviews, which I can send links to any members who still want to have access to them.

If you let me know which topics you are most interested in, we can source the video links for you and send the ones that are still relevant to you.

Please note: Some of the content will now be outdated having run The Web Tech Club from 2009 to 2014. Masterclasses on topics such as Facebook and other social media marketing topics will obviously be very outdated, so please don’t ask for these Masterclasses as these won’t give you the right information for marketing your business today

But topics such as email marketing, copywriting & marketing events will still have relevance today.

If you were a Lifetime Member of The Web Tech Club and you wanted to access a particular Masterclass or interviews on a specific topic, email Karen@KarenSkidmore.com with your request. Or call our office during UK office hours on ++4 (0)1428 607745.

Thank you,

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