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Unplug, take a break and get your business creativity back

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Your inbox is full to the brim. You have a ton of messages in your facebook account. You have had upteen invitations to connect on LinkedIn.  And your Twitter stream is flowing so fast you have trouble keeping up with every tweet, link and reply.

It’s no wonder that every so often you can feel overwhelmed!

Yet, as a business owner you can’t afford to get stuck in to-do-list mode for long.   When you are spending almost 100% of your week working “in” the business – delivering your client work, sending out information packs, responding to emails – your business will soon grind to halt.

Why? Because your business will start to stagnate, shrink or, at worst, fail rather than grow and develop.  You lack the time to evaluate what is working and understand where you may be able to expand or deliver new services.  Your business creativity dries up and you become a slave to your inbox.

Mari Smith once announced that she was embarking on a 2 month speaking tour and unplugging herself from facebook, twitter and her inbox.  And I greatly admire her for her brave and bold decision to do this.  Her business will no doubt flourish even further than it has done already as she will have the opportunity to embrace new opportunities and perhaps, even turn her business on its head.

So, when are you going to switch it all off?  Even for just 24 hours?

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