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Ready to play your bigger game, without burning out in the process?

Here’s where you can download a copy of your free workbook to get the most of what you will be learning in the True Profit Business book.

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Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore, author of True Profit Business and founder of Momentum, and I am delighted you have got yourself a copy of my book.

I have designed this downloadable workbook to give you all the exercises contained in my book and give you the space to record your progress as you work through each chapter.  

Burn out is rife right now. Our business culture celebrates hustle-and-grind and sells us the passive income dream and laptop freedom lifestyle. For those of you who want to make a difference and create a bigger impact, whilst still be able to make good money, this social pressure to achieve and crush goals, has resulted in exhaustion and launch fatigue for many

If you are feeling lost, confused and exhausted by never ending to-do lists, then I hope that this book helps give you a better path to follow. Business advice and growth strategy that will turn YOU into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business that fuels you, gives you the income you want and enables you to make a bigger impact.


Discover a smarter way of working

Review where it is you are headed and work what changes you may need to make your business model and your marketing strategy.

Know what to take action on

Let’s get decisions made and give you a clear focus so you know exactly what to start taking action on today, next week and next month.

Reconnect with your business again

Fall back in love with your business and to re-connect with your passion and purpose.

We need to change we do business. We simply can’t afford any more business owners to burn out before they achieve their vision. It’s why we need to stop chasing formulas and money-only goals. We don’t need more profit; we need True Profit.”

Karen Skidmore

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