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It’s nothing new that most amusement parks now offer fast-track tickets – pay a little bit more to jump the queues and get on more rides.

I’m not sure which brand started it but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it was Disney.

Now Disney are upping their game.

Earlier this week they announced that they’ve introduced a brand new VIP ticket for a mere $299.

Apparently the premium fast track tickets sold out quickly each day. Which made them realise that there was a market for an even bigger and better Disney park experience.

Hence the introduction of this new VIP Mickey Mouse experience.

They’ve even created the option of having a personal tour guide … for a snip at just $380 an hour!

That’s one big family day out, isn’t it?!

But how does this affect your business?

No matter what industry or profession you are in, you will have this same opportunity to charge a VIP price. And yet … do you?

Most business owners stick to one-price-fits-all model. It often feels easier and simpler … but if you do this you are leaving money on the table.

There will always be a small percentage of your customers who would be willing to pay you more.

And believe it or not, it can actually help make your current middle-of-the-road offer look even better, helping you increase your conversion rates.

So even if no one takes you up on your VIP package, I can guarantee it will help you convert more customers at your current price point.

It’s something I offer myself for my private clients.

Most clients who want to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis go for my half day Strategy Day. And then decide whether they want follow up mentoring support.

But I also offer a 4 month programme called The Accelerator. It does exactly that … gets you where you want to go quicker 🙂

Now I still don’t think I charge enough for it but hey, it works for me. And it works for the clients who take me up on it.

You can check out both the Strategy Sessions and the Accelerator Programme right here.

I am fully booked for the rest of June and July (I take August off … one of the many benefits of being a working mum with school age children!) but I am starting to schedule new clients for September.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected] and we can set up a time to talk on the phone for 30 minutes to talk through your options.

But back to Mickey, VIP tickets and your pricing model.

If you are charging one-price-fits-all … think again. Take half an hour out of your day today and think how you could create a VIP Mickey Mouse experience.

It could be that you give a little bit more of your time; face to face instead of over the phone. It could be that you can guarantee delivery times or levels of customer service. What extras could you throw in? What other products – your own or other people’s – could you add in to the mix?

You will find something … that I can guarantee. And if you can’t, I bet I can find it during a Strategy Session LOL

You never know, you could even increase your turnover without even increasing the number of customers you need to attract – get to work smarter, not harder.

And wouldn’t that make a pleasant change to your working week 🙂

For more information on Karen’s Strategy Sessions and The Accelerator Programme, go to

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