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The True Profit Business Podcast: Series 1 Episode 3

The True Profit Growth Pillars

Is all your focus on sales and marketing?

There’s no doubt you need to be thinking and taking action on your marketing plans and sales, but too many business owners only focus on where their next clients are coming from. All their time and attention is on marketing, product creation, launches and selling.

When you do this, you often find that you have designed and created an incredible penthouse business through big product launches and high ticket sale events. But when you’ve decided to grow and scale-up and tried to do your product launches again and again and again, you suffer from launch fatigue and often feel burnt out. When this happens, it’s because you’ve not paid enough attention to the 10 or 20 floors below to hold up your penthouse business; the infrastructure, systems, processes and people to support your growth.

Welcome to True Profit Business, the podcast that dives into what it really takes to create a purposeful, playful and profitable business. In this episode, Karen Skidmore takes you through the five True Profit Growth Pillars; Purpose, Planning, Power, Process and People.

In Karen’s book, True Profit Business, you can more detail of how each of these pillars in Chapter 3, as well as range of practical exercises that will help you review, reflect and plan what action to take to start building these pillars in your business.

But before you go off and do these exercises, listen in to this overview of how they all work together.

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