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10628454_10152981434592172_6126192565452853560_nFOCUS … Follow one course until successful.

Gotta love a new mnemonic to start off a new season, don’t you think?!

After a summer of holidaying, ferrying teenagers around, flitting here and there and generally being very un-focused, September has always been the month that gets me going again.

My personal focus is to get exercising again (3 times a week doing laps in my local pool) and my work focus is my new programme Clicks to Clients that launched back in early July (and may well be the title of a new book I’ve got planned … but shush, keep that one under your hat!)

Focus is the theme that I kick my members off with in both my GID School of Marketing and GID Academy. I’ve set my GID Schoolers the challenge of reporting in with their 90 Day Goal (singular – not plural!) in our next call on Thursday.

And my Academists have a whole morning with me tomorrow, planning out their next 90 days. Lucky, lucky people.

So I was wondering.

What about you, my dear reader?

I didn’t want to leave you out.

How focused are you in this first week of September?

The seasons are turning and yes, Christmas is fast approaching. Not that I like to rush the year through but as marketer of your business, you have to be thinking of your promotions, campaigns and products at least 1 season ahead.

90 Days … the next 90 days have huge potential for you.

And this is the last 90 day season in which you have a clear run at before the end of this year.

So I have put together a really, simple and uncomplicated way of giving you some of the focus I know works.

I know not everyone will want to do this.

And it is just a bit of fun, really.

But there is something magical about telling someone else what your intention is. It makes it more real … you’ve made yourself accountable .. because I may just remind you of what your 90 Day goal was in 90 days time 😉

If you want to put your 90 Day goal into a vault for me to keep safe for you, then simply click here.

I’m not going to share it with anyone. I’ll just hold it safe for you giving you the knowledge that you’ve stated your intention to focus on one thing.

It may just be the key that unlocks the next stage of business growth you are after.

And if there is anything I can do to help you get there, just let me know.

Have a great week, Karen

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