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The True Profit Business Podcast: Series 1 Episode 8

The 4 bottlenecks of your business growth

When you start to grow and scale up your business, there are four areas of your business model that either move you forward, or stifle your growth.

Welcome to True Profit Business, the podcast that dives into what it really takes to create a purposeful, playful and profitable business. In this episode, Karen is diving into the four choices you have of how you sell and deliver, and how these four choices help you decide which business model would work best for you.

These four areas in your business that can either fuel you or burn you out; these are your top four potential energy, time and profit drainers and/or energisers in your business. We recommend that you get a copy of the True Profit Workbook that accompanies Karen’s book and find the worksheet on Page 29 (click here to download a copy).  As you listen to this episode and hear Karen take you through all four categories, make notes on what shows up for you before you decide on what your percentage allocations could be.

There’s one final note to draw your attention to as you listen to this episode. The common response to decisions here are often how-do-I questions. Put these questions to one side for now because they will hold you back and your energy will start to want to Lean In (go back and listen to Episode 5 for more on these energies). Lean Back throughout this episode and ensure you are feeling into what your intuition is telling you, rather than thinking about what action to take.

To explore this further, there are some working examples of how these percentages may work together demonstrated in Chapter 6 of Karen’s book, True Profit Business.

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