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One day to focus on your business strategy

A simple, powerful plan to uplevel your business, discover your leverage points and design the marketing systems that will allow flow and ease.

What got you here, is not going to get you there

Whatever path you’ve taken already, it’s probably not the path you need to take for your next stage in your business growth. At every stage of your business growth, you need to adjust, refresh and sometimes knock a few things down in order to rebuild a bigger, better and more fun version of what you want.

If you’ve reached a ceiling in your business and you’re ready to scale, then this is where I can help.

One day with me and we’ll discover exactly where your leverage points and bottlenecks are, diagnose the right problems that need solving to allow your business vision to happen and devise a plan that is designed specifically for you, your business and the clients you want to serve.

What you’ll come away with

  • Get clarity on your 3 to 5 year vision and what bigger impact you want your business to have
  • Have a clear outline of the business model you need that will help you achieve this vision and the income goals you want, whilst ensuring you thrive in the process
  • Work backwards from your vision so you have clear milestones and know what team, infrastructure and marketing systems need to go in place and by when
  • Come away with a simple, powerful 90 Day Plan to get you focused on what to take action on

Discover your Profit Levers

The good news is that you probably have got everything you need to get the business you want. But you need help in seeing where the bottlenecks are and where to focus so you get the best results on the terms you want.

Design a business central to your vitality

It’s easy to simply work harder and push through but over time, your health and wellbeing are going to suffer. Let’s get you re-connected with your core values and focus on building your business that will fuel your vitality, rather than suck your energy dry.

Design the right marketing systems & processes

Behind every successful business is a solid foundation of lead generation, conversion and delivery systems. Plus you need a small, strategic team to put this in place and manage it for you.

Who is Karen Skidmore?

For more than 14 years I have supported creative professionals and entrepreneurs and I am only too aware of what it takes to make a successful business out of expertise and talent.

Whether you sell your time for money or you have an online business, you’re fed up with feeling frustrated. You want to do more. You want to make a difference to more people, whilst having wealth, a fulfilling life and vitality. But when you push forward to make things happen, fear and doubt can pull you back and you end up wondering whether you really have the energy, time, know-how or space to do it.

If you are making a living from your expertise and talents, I’m here to help. To give you business advice and growth strategies that will turn YOU into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business. To have a business that fuels you, gives you the income you want and enables you to make a bigger impact.

Book your Strategy Day with Karen right now

The day with Karen is £1,500 +VAT which will be payable once a date has been confirmed and accepted. Here’s what you need to do start the booking process.

1. Email [email protected] to request an initial phone conversation with Karen.

2. If both you and Karen feel this is right for you, a day will be scheduled and timings confirmed.

The day is £1,500 +VAT

This includes a minimum of 5 hours consulting time as well as lunch and refreshments, plus a follow-up call within 2 weeks of the day.

Plus guaranteed satisfaction. Your investment back at the end of the day if you don’t feel you’ve come away with a different perspective, insight and/or plan that you feel will grow your business.

Mary Waring
Specialist Financial Advisor & Founder of Wealth For Women


As twice City Wealth’s Power Woman of the Year and twice Women in Finance Awards Financial Adviser of the Year, I knew I needed higher level marketing for my business. But it wasn’t until Karen challenged me on my rather same-old industry ideas that I realised I needed some help to up-level my thinking and get help executing a bigger game plan to reach the higher net worth clients I knew I could help.

During our Strategy Day together, Karen helped me re-think my events and develop a strong marketing brochure that blows the standard PDF version out of the water, both of which have now helped me get the recognition and authority to open doors and get introductions to some key influencers in my industry.

One day with Karen gave me a huge uplift in my marketing strategy and I came away with a clear 90 Day Plan on exactly how to execute and take action on the ideas we came up with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this session take place?
Usually, these sessions take place at Tylney Hall in Hook, Hampshire which has an accessible train station and only 5 minutes from M3 junction 4.
What do I need to do to prepare for my Strategy Day?
There isn’t much that you need to do before the day as much of the pre-day information is gathered in your initial call with Karen to discuss whether this is the right option for you.

What we do recommend is that you spend some planned time a few days before your scheduled Strategy Day reflecting on your journey so far as well as playing with the vision you have for your business.

There’s no need to have total clarity as this is what your day with Karen is all about. But plan some time to be playful and open up your mind to possibilities, rather than work flat out right up to the morning.

On the day, you’ll need a notebook and pen for taking your own notes. Karen does write up your session and sends you a report after the day, but your note taking will be just as important to reflect upon as you start your next level business journey.

We’d also recommend you plan a morning or afternoon shortly after your day together to reflect and play with your plan. Often your subconscious will have been working away silently in the background and the ideas and strategy you’ve come up with Karen may evolve further. After working with Karen, you will discover that creating this space for you and your business to grow and evolve is critical for your sustainable success.


How long is the session?
The day is scheduled to run for a minimum of 4 hours of consulting time and a maximum of 6, depending on how discussions go. We usually meet at 9.30 am, have lunch at around 12.30 pm and then can carry on until 3 or 4 pm depending on our discussions and planning.

The grounds at Tylney Hall are truly magnificent so if the weather is kind, a stroll around the Water Garden or around the lake can be a wonderful way to open up thinking about a new business model or marketing strategy.


Full refreshments, including lunch in the main restaurant, will be offered during the session to keep you fully nourished and energised.

How do I pay?
Once you have decided this is exactly what you want and a date is confirmed, you will need to pay in full. Payment can either be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card.

Ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done

“Working you has given me a new approach to marketing my business in ways I just wouldn’t have thought of. You really know your stuff and you’ve got an ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done.You peel away all the stuff that we don’t need to worry about to instead focus on a targeted plan.”

Cory Chapamn

Professional Organiser

Perfect mix of down to earth advice, encouragement & kick up the backside

“The prospect of launching and promoting my first online product felt overwhelming, scary and lonely. So many new technologies to learn. Plus the prospect of writing sales letters filled me with horror. Karen gave me the perfect mix of down to earth marketing advice, positive encouragement, combined with the (gentle and friendly) kick up the backside I needed. Not only did the product launch successfully (without technical glitches), it also met sales targets.”

Mark Ridsell Smith

Vertical Veg Club

Joining The Academy has really made me up my game this year. I have been on a steep learning curve with my business marketing journey and having Karen and the rest of the group to help, support, challenge and motivate me has been invaluable.

Simple things like critiqued a sales page, focussing on one goal and planning for the year ahead have all helped to make this year my best year yet. Since joining I have finally launched my signature programme "The Wardrobe That Works" (after 2 years in my head!); I have a realistic plan for my business growth as well as the support of a great team of colleagues who will give me honest and constructive feedback.

Karen has a great knack of being able to find the right words and tactics to make your marketing work and attract your ideal clients. This is a Mastermind Group that will really make you think differently about your business and it's potential.

Gail Morgan

The Image Trainer

Quiet the chatter and calm the creative whirlwind

“What I love about working with Karen is that she lives and breathes the KISS principle. She understands what each person needs for their business and guides them down the simplest and most productive path to achieve their goals. Her advice and counsel helped quiet all the chatter in my head and calm the creative whirlwind.”

Wendy Deyell

Wondrous Wanderers

Karen is simply fantastic to work with. She’s focussed, enthusiastic, energetic and a lovely person. Karen is very genuine and honest. If she doesn’t think something will work, she will make positive suggestions on how to improve it. I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis to achieve my other goals. With Karen I know my chances are significantly higher.

Lisa Turner

Founder of Psycademy

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