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The (Not!) Surprising Link Between Your Health and Business Success: How Prioritising Wellness Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Get access to Karen’s free Grow Strong® Rituals & Rhythms checklist and start to make the switch from striving to success, to thriving because of your success.


Your health and well-being are critical to your business success.

You may know this on a logical level, but it’s easy not to make the daily and/or weekly commitment and take the action necessary to ensure you remain fit, healthy, and mentally strong throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

As you and your business grow, you will find you have more responsibilities, bigger decisions to make, and bigger opportunities come your way.

Unfortunately, finding the necessary time and attention to your health and well-being is often the first thing to go, which is why it is essential to have the right Rituals & Rhythms in place to make it easy for us to keep the discipline to do what we know we need. 


Why Rituals & Rhythms?

Today’s fast-paced schedules and work productivity expectations are playing havoc with many of our adrenal and nervous systems, and midlife burnout has fast become a rite of passage.

Karen Skidmore and her team are on a mission to put a stop to this.

For the past 15 years, we have worked with business founders who are stuck, out of flow with their business or have hit a revenue ceiling. They want to expand, reach more clients and make more money and a bigger difference, but the day-to-day delivery has meant they’ve become overwhelmed, often on the fast track to burn out! If you want to level up your business, but you feel you’re bouncing from one task on your to-do list to the next, with no clarity on what your bigger strategy or plan is, then we can help you.

To help you get started on how you can redefine your work patterns, get access to the Rituals & Rhythms process which has become a critical part of the Grow Strong® planning process they share with their clients.

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