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Product Launches: How big does your list need to be?

When you have a product launch, what size list should you have? Do you need a big list to launch your product?

I love this question. If you watch any of the latest gurus sells their internet marketing courses and “Secrets to 6 figure business” programmes, it becomes easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of several thousand people all signing up to their 3 part video series or webinar training or whatever free entry training at the start of their product launch.

It sets a high – if not impossible – standard if you just starting out and creating your first products, doesn’t it?

The more realistic situation is that you will be lucky to get a hundred – or even a couple of dozen – to a product launch. And I promise you that this is a GOOD thing.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have a successful product launch with a list as few as 100. I’ve done it before and I will do it again because if you focus on quality first before quantity, you’ll have a stronger foundation to build your long term success.

Making 10 sales to a list of 100 targeted people is ALWAYS going to have more success that trying to make 10 sales from the street corner of your local High Street, which is exactly what you’d be doing if you are focusing on quantity rather than quality.

And if your product launch starts with a free giveaway – such as a webinar or video course – then you have a great excuse to go out and build your list whilst launching your product.

So don’t worry about how big your list is. Focus your energies on reaching out to the right people.

And if your marketing efforts can include picking up the phone, sending personalised messages on Facebook or LinkedIn or even posting a piece of direct mail out to them, then you’ll have far greater success getting your product launched.

Remember, the big gurus who attract thousands of people to their launches never started out at this level. They were all beginners, just like you. They all hustled and focused on making sales on smaller lists. So there’s no need to give up before you’ve even begun.

Less is definitely more.

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