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True Profit Business Models

Design and create the business structure and revenue streams that work best for you and the way that you love to work.

Marketing Strategy & Systems

Get absolute clarity and focus on what will work for you and your audience so you attract the clients you want.

Pricing, Packaging & Productisation

Discover how to create, launch and deliver profitable products and programmes that allow you to thrive and don’t burn you or your team out.

Purposeful Vision & Planning

Get support and clear direction on how to establish, expand and evolve your business so you can grow “Beyond You”.

Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore. For the past 15 years, I have worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders who are stuck, out of flow with their business or have hit an income ceiling.

My two core qualities are innovation and passion so I don’t care about following the same-old industry rules. There’s every chance your market place is too noisy for you to be heard and if you are trying to do the same as everyone else, it’s keeping you on a treadmill. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I believe that everyone has the potential to do great things in their business but, to achieve this, you need the right revenue streams, systems, team and plan in place that fuels you and the way you serve your clients. If you want to up-level your thinking and want a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective on how to market and grow your business, but lack the know-how, time or confidence to take action, then we need to talk.


Sun Brand Consultancy

Got under the skin of why she wasn’t doing some of the bigger things she knew she was professionally capable of


Chartered Health and Safety Consultant

Got a clear B2B sales and marketing process which is now the backbone of her marketing


Nutritional Therapist

Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquires are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease


Kina Event Management

Given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales

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Our start-up culture here in the UK and the US celebrates hustle-and-grind and hard work, and yet sells us the passive income dream and laptop freedom lifestyle. This social pressure to achieve, crush it and chase the 6 or 7 figure business formulas, has resulted in...

The Yes Paradox

Let's talk about the words YES and NO. Does saying YES really lead you to the right opportunities? Or does it lead you to the world of insanity? YES and NO. Such definite answers. Great words for making decisions. And yet say YES more often than you've got time for,...

When bootstrapping hurts your business

How can you ensure your marketing reflects the value of what it is you're selling? Marketing costs. There’s no denying it. Hard cash, your time, resources - whatever way you look at it, it costs to market your business. So I get that the popular questions I get asked...

Following up and the rule of 3

The art of following up. Why it’s critical to follow up, why you don’t follow up and how you can follow up simply and easily without an overcomplicated online funnel that drives you nuts in trying to set the whole thing up. Following up leads and prospects is critical...

The space between your pendulum swings

How to create the space that allows you to reflect, review and connect with your bigger vision and be able to grow your business. Today I want to draw your attention to the spaces between your pendulum swings. The space between where you push forward and you pull...

Don’t squeeze me too hard

What do you do when you have a new idea? Not just any idea but the kind of idea that catches you off guard ... gives you that flash of inspiration. You feel exhilarated and your eyes shine brightly with opportunity. What happens when you start to think about getting...

How our fears can be our greatest strengths

  After a quite incredible weekend at the One Woman Conference, I've been reflecting on our individual impact to make a difference. When you are alone in your office, it's easy to feel that the journey is too steep or too rocky or that your goal isn't clear and...

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