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Never enough time…..or is there?


Time is a precious commodity, there is no doubt. As I watch my teenage children grow older each and every year, I wonder how my little babies grew up so fast to become young adults.

But time is equal for us all. Every second, minute and hour equals the exact same period as everyone else’s.

Time isn’t like currencies that go up and down depending on the state of the economy. Time isn’t like the price of oil that rises and falls depending on tax and the state of peace in certain countries.

Time ticks on as slowly and fast as it always does.

So how come some people get more stuff done than others?

How come some people can drift around all day with a contented smile on their face and yet others run around with harried expressions, shouting at their watches like The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

I’ve just come off the phone with an accountant who has wanted to create an online training programme for the past 7 years. She wants to move some of her income generation over to activities that don’t need her time to deliver.

But the irony is that she lacks the time to create them in the first place.

Time is not the problem here.

The problem is our choice with what to do with it.

Now, I know there are things that HAVE to be done. In the case of this accountant, there were tax returns that have to be in or her business would face fines from the tax office.

But if someone was to phone you up with a serious family emergency, I bet you would drop everything there and then – no matter what the fines or legal implications in not getting done what you need to get done – and you would go and deal with your family emergency.

(And this actually did happen in this case a few years previously.)

So why do we let stuff go undone when we think we have no time to do it in?

What’s so different with deciding to deal with a family emergency and deciding to deal with a business project that’s been on your to-do list for the past 7 years?

The only difference is the motivation and the desire to do it.

So don’t give me that never enough time excuse.

Either make a decision to park that idea (which is absolutely OK, by the way and it’s not seen as a failure if you decide not to make something happen because there will be plenty more great ideas that will come to you) or make a decision to commit to getting it done.

Your choice … because there’s always enough time.

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