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Here in the UK, traffic police have announced that middle lane drivers will get pulled over and given a fine of £100 plus 3 points.

About time, I say!

These drivers who sit in the middle lane can cause all sort of traffic problems. Often thinking that they are driving safely by sticking to a steady speed, they can block up a busy motorway in minutes.

So it’s a big hooray from me for this new law for our roads.

But what about the middle laners who drive their business this way?

Ever seen a traffic cop pull one of these guys over?

You can usually spot them as they sit there with the same trance-like look on their face. Steadfastly focusing on where they are going, without even thinking about what and who is happening around them.

They’re busy. They’ve got a lot going on. And they don’t – and can’t – deviate from the path they are on.

If they did, they may miss something. Forget something. And then have the whole business could come crumbling around their ears.

Focus is great, don’t get me wrong.

But focus too hard on just keeping a steady speed and keeping up with what’s going on around you, it’s real easy to get stuck in the middle lane … doing OK but causing all sorts of blockages in your business.

A new member joined The Web Tech Club recently and we had our scheduled 30 minute “welcome call”. She had been stuck in her business middle lane for the past 2 years.

She was doing OK, but because she just the right amount of work coming in to stop her from working “on” her business, her plans for launching an online programme had got blocked.

She was stuck trading her time for money and she had just been gripping on to the steering wheel, keeping her business steady for too long.

And it was only now that she looked up to see the flashing blue lights telling her to “Pull Over. You are hogging the middle lane and you are blocking your business!”

A lot of business owners who end up over at The Web Tech Club are stuck in this same place. Spending too much time working “in” the business and forgetting that they should either pulling on over to the slow lane to spend some time “on” their business … which ultimately helps them get back to the fast lane.

Everyone goes through this state from time to time. But it gets real dangerous to your business when you end up staying this way for too long.

Wouldn’t it great if you could have someone telling you are going the wrong way or you aren’t going fast enough.

Oh wait … that could me. I could do that for your business (see what I did there!)

This is exactly what we focus on over at The Web Tech Club. We cover topics that show you how to get out of that middle lane, to get you up to speed along the fast lane.

Click here to check out the events happening this month.

And if you feel you are stuck in the middle lane, try working in another room. Seriously. Just grab your laptop and go work somewhere else even if it’s just for an hour or so.

The change of view could be just enough to jolt you out of your middle lane trance and get you thinking on how you could work “on” your business.


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