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About Karen

For more than 14 years, Karen Skidmore has supported creative professionals and entrepreneurs. A published author, speaker, marketing expert and business coach, she is exceptional at simplifying business and making digital marketing human.

If you are making a living from your expertise and talents, she’s here to give you practical, down-to-earth business advice and growth strategies that will turn YOU into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business that fuels you and gives you the income you want.

Results from working with Karen

“As a creative person who is motivated by action rather than committing to a strategic vision, working with Karen and using this planning process of hers was the most productive I’ve been in years. Karen’s planning process helped me focus on what matters right now versus having a massive list of stuff that makes me feel so overwhelmed I get nothing done.”

Helen E Evans

Spiritual coach & fingerprint analyst

“Working you has given me a new approach to marketing my business in ways I just wouldn’t have thought of. You really know your stuff and you’ve got an ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done.You peel away all the stuff that we don’t need to worry about to instead focus on a targeted plan,”

Cory Chapman

Professional Organiser

“I now understand that there is so much more to marketing than just networking and it involves building consistent and effective relationships and processes which, having worked through the Clicks To Clients process, I now have a system for to do that. The biggest insight for me was learning how to keep track of numbers in terms of conversions per month to run a successful business and partnership power.”

Caroline Graham

Chartered Health and Safety Consultant

Karen gets to the heart of your business and business objectives with her great questions and ability to really listen. She will be ambitious for your success and really helps translate that into practical, actionable steps.”

Frances Taylor

Sprout Coaching

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