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How to engage, build trust and make more sales from your email marketing

For professionals, experts and small business owners who want to put love, trust and engagement firmly in the centre of their email marketing strategy.

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Your email marketing database is potentially the most valuable business asset you own.
How well are you using it?

Join me on this BRAND NEW online course and discover how to fall in love with your email marketing so that your email subscribers fall in love with you.

The 4 big problems with email marketing right now

1. Email marketing can be a technical beast. It feels that there’s a lot of jargon, technical skills needed to set up and send email newsletters and confusion why so many emails you send don’t actually get opened or end up in spam filters.

2. Much of what is taught about email marketing comes from the world of Internet Marketing. Over the years, service based professionals, like you, are being taught to upsell, downsell, offer trip wire products and set up complicated email funnels that are designed to sell a high volume digital products rather than high value services and programmes.

3. Few business owners have an email marketing strategy in place. Because you are probably unsure how and where email marketing really fits into your overall marketing plan or you’re worried about spamming your list, there’s every chance you’re sending out the wrong emails or not sending enough emails which means you’re losing out on sales opportunities.

4. The new GDPR laws. The legal stuff you’re required to do now to ensure you have consent and you’re taking data protection seriously can feel overwhelming and you may be questioning yourself whether email marketing is even worth doing any more.

Why now is the right time to get your email marketing working

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore and email marketing has been the backbone of my marketing since I started my business coaching and marketing consultancy in 2004. Email results across all industries continue to rise, reporting a £6 return for every £1 invested in email marketing, in spite of social media.

In recent years though, I have seen more professionals and experts over complicate their email marketing and focus on list building tactics, expensive Facebook ad campaigns and funnels. When they don’t get the results promised to them, they give up on email marketing.

With the recent changes to our data privacy laws and the introduction of GDPR, it’s a perfect time for you to put engagement and trust firmly in the centre of your email marketing strategy.

This is why I have created List Love, the email marketing course for professionals, experts and business leaders who sell high value services and programmes and need to know what emails to send, without being spammy and burning out their list.


Who and why should you care?

If GDPR is putting you in a tailspin right now and you’re confused by what sort of emails you should be sending out to promote your business, then List Love is for you.

At the end of completing List Love, I want you to be:

  • Confident about the content you are sending out, knowing what you are writing is in your voice and matches the values of your brand
  • Clear about why you sending out emails and the value you want to share with your subscribers
  • Laser focused on how you make sales and get more clients from your email marketing

Who is List Love right for?

  • Professionals, experts and business leaders who are selling 1-2-1 services and high-value programmes
  • Small business owners who want to have a personal relationship with their customers
  • Consultants and trainers who sell to corporates and know that mass marketing doesn’t work

What’s included?

In a nutshell

  • 7 online modules broken down into short, concise video lessons
  • PDF worksheets for each video lesson to help you implement and take action
  • 4 live group Q&A calls with Karen to answer your questions and give you feedback on your ideas and implementation
  • Facebook community to connect, share and learn with other students
  • Online support throughout June & July from Karen within the Facebook community

PLUS … special live Masterclass training bonus

  • List Love Grow: List building strategies to start and grow your email marketing list
  • Only available for List Love members
  • Happening live on Wednesday, June 13th – recording will be uploaded to your List Love course dashboard for you to access in your own time.

Full Course Curriculum

Module One: Why email marketing 

  • Understanding your long-term email marketing gameplan
  • How email marketing works alongside social media and the rest of your marketing strategy
  • How big your list needs to be to be profitable (and, yes – a list of just 100 people can be all you need)
  • Serving your email community & the legalities of sending emails ( what does GDPR & PECR mean to you?)
  • Your email marketing mindset and how not to take opt-outs personally
  • Choosing the right email marketing service provider for you and the way that you work and how to hire technical support to avoid the technical nightmares

Module Two: What makes a great email

  • The anatomy of an email; how to get your email opened, read and clicked
  • Subject lines and from fields
  • Using links in your email to maximum potential
  • Which email templates to use in your email marketing service provider account
  • Using images in your email
  • Optimising for mobile users

Module Three: What, why and when to send emails

  • How to write email copy to engage, educate and entertain, whilst still asking for the sale
  • What content to create; simple email content planning and the power of consistency
  • How many emails to send every month (without being spammy and burning out your list)
  • Deciding on the right time and day for you and your email subscribers
  • How to write copy for automated emails without sounding impersonal
  • Using The Box Set Effect to increase engagement
  • Short versus long copy
  • Breaking the pattern

Module Four: The Welcome Sequence

  • How to build trust with your new subscriber
  • The first 10 days of being on your list; what to send them and why

Module Five: Writing email promotional campaigns and autoresponder sequences

  • Segmenting your list: How to send the right emails to the right person at the right time of the campaign
  • Using storyboarding to plan out your email campaign
  • Key questions to answer at different stages of your email promotional campaign to maximise sales
  • How to create conversations with prospects from your emails; the Clicks To Clients principles of turning clicks into prospect calls (if all you did was to complete and take action on this one lesson, you’d get tenfold back on your investment in List Love!)

Module Six: Email deliverability and keeping your list clean

  • Understanding your email deliverability, whitelists and email filters
  • How to clean up your list simply and easily (particularly important to those of you with email lists going back several years)
  • How to re-engage your unengaged subscribers
  • How to keep on asking for the opt-in and why this is important

Module Seven: Simple email marketing stats to track

  • Measuring and testing your email campaign success
  • Understanding what, when and how to measure
  • Why aren’t you getting the sales from your email marketing?
  • Split testing and when to do it in your business

PLUS … Bonus Masterclass Training – List Love Grow

  • How to list build in this new world of GDPR
  • What Lead Magnets work and why
  • Simple ways of starting and building an engaged list of subscribers


Yes, there’s a lot of content but I want you to know that every video lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes long. And each video lesson will come with a downloadable worksheet that you can print out to help you take action and give you a quick reference guide.

You’ve got lifetime access to the online modules so whatever you don’t get done in the live support time we have together, you can come back and do any of the video lessons at a later date.

And if you need help deciding which module to start with or what you should be focusing on first, that’s what my online support is designed to do – cut through the crap, speed up decisions and help you move forward and get results as quickly as possible.

You’ve got the Skidmore Cut-Through-The-Crap Guarantee! 

List Love is currently in progress. If you want to be the first to know when we open up the doors again sign up for the Priority List.

Get On The Priority List

Congratulations and thank you! You're on it. You'll be the first to know when our doors open up again real soon. 

“I’m finding your List Love course absolutely invaluable Karen; the step by step guidance, the downloadable worksheets, the calls & all the support is exactly the kind of help I need. I’ve been rubbish at email marketing before, and have been stabbing in the dark with it all. It’s been brilliant to get some direction at last and as a direct result of following your advice, I’ve made more than £1,000 revenue in the first 3 weeks of the course.”

Emily Beckloff

Magical Personalised Letters

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you sell something else other than high-value services or programmes?

What’s probably easier explaining first is what List Love is NOT teaching. This course is NOT teaching email marketing strategies aimed at selling low-priced info-products or third-party affiliate sales. Most email marketing courses are taught by internet marketing experts, who teach you to upsell, downsell, offer trip wire products and set up complicated email funnels.

What List Love will teach you is how to use email marketing to sell by engaging, educating and entertaining your subscribers. If what you selling is experiential or if your customer is making an emotive decision to buy what you’re offering (and this can be a service or a physical product) then this course is for you.

How big does your email list need to be to benefit from List Love?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a list size of 100 or a 1,000 and more. Size doesn’t matter when you focus on engaging, educating and entertaining your email community. By following the lessons in List Love, you’ll see that you can get great results from the smallest of lists.

Do you need to have an email list to benefit from List Love?

No, absolutely not. It’s not that difficult to get your first 50 or so people to consent to your email list to get going (simply use personal contact and ask current clients and prospects … it doesn’t need to be anything more complicated than that!) and if you really do want help in list building, that’s why you’ll also get access to the special Masterclass training “List Love Grow”.

Do you have to have a digital product to sell to benefit from List Love?

No, certainly not.

The purpose of creating List Love is to give professionals, experts and business leaders an email marketing strategy that helps you sell services, products and programmes that require your customers to know, like and trust you before they spend money with you. There may be a longer decision process involved for someone to decide to buy from you, hence why they want to receive emails from you so they can experience you first.

If you already have an online course, group programme or digital product you want to sell via your email marketing then, of course, you can apply the lessons you learn in Module Five: Writing email promotional campaigns and autoresponder sequences to help you do that.

How is the course content delivered?

The course content is made up of short, snappy online video lessons of me speaking over slides and each video lasting between 5 and 10 minutes long. With each video lesson, you also get a PDF worksheet, which you can download and print off and covers all the points.

We appreciate that lots of people have different learning styles, so whether you prefer to watch and listen or prefer to sit down and read digital or printed off worksheets, we’ve got you covered.

What if I can't make one of the group Q&A calls?

That’s OK. We get that you probably won’t be able to make all the calls. All the calls are recorded so if you do miss one, you’ll get to listen back to the recording in your own time. If you have a burning question, simply post it in our List Love Facebook Group and I can answer it there.

How do I access the group calls? I'm worried about phone charges.

All our group calls are accessed online. We currently use Zoom which allows you to access the calls via any web browser or from your phone via their app.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a full refund guarantee for the first 7 days from List Love start date. If you’ve accessed the online course and find that List Love is just not the right thing for you, let us know immediately and we will happily refund your investment and cancel access to the programme and the Facebook Group for you.

Results from Karen’s courses and programmes

The prospect of launching and promoting my first online product felt overwhelming, scary and lonely. So many new technologies to learn. Plus the prospect of writing sales letters filled me with horror. Karen gave me the perfect mix of down to earth marketing advice, positive encouragement, combined with the (gentle and friendly) kick up the backside I needed.

Not only did the product launch successfully (without technical glitches), it also met sales targets. I cannot recommend Karen's mentoring highly enough to anyone taking their first steps into online marketing.

Mark Ridsdill Smith

Vertical Veg Club

“As a creative person who is motivated by action rather than committing to a strategic vision, working with Karen and using this planning process of hers was the most productive I’ve been in years. Karen’s planning process helped me focus on what matters right now versus having a massive list of stuff that makes me feel so overwhelmed I get nothing done.”

Helen E Evans

Spiritual coach & fingerprint analyst

You’ve given me the push to get on with moving my business forward. Things have been steady for 11 years but recently I’ve noticed a lot of people tightening their belts. Well, that’s all changed now. Your no-nonsense approach to marketing and business has been invaluable.

Joan Williamson

Phone Joan

Karen's learning programs are packed with content, and her style of delivery makes it easy to learn, ask questions and engage. Karen is First Class!

Deborah Bifulco

Marketing Coach & Behavioral Analyst

“Working you has given me a new approach to marketing my business in ways I just wouldn’t have thought of. You really know your stuff and you’ve got an ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done.You peel away all the stuff that we don’t need to worry about to instead focus on a targeted plan,”

Cory Chapman

Professional Organiser

I have delivered a campaign that delivered increased sales for a particular product and it has opened up a communication channel with new potential customers that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. You have used simple language and given me deliverable actions ... not just a load of jargon!

Natasha Roberts

Darling & Darling

Clicks To Clients really made me step back from what I do and see my marketing from the perspective of the people I want to approach. I love that this system has put me in control of my business and given me a process of attracting the the sort of clients I want to work with.

Lisa Webb

Pink Frog Design Agency

Karen's Your Best Client course was a revelation to me. I realised I'd been emailing and tweeting for ages without a crystal clear picture of exactly who I was talking to. The bit in the course where it really fell into place for me, was towards the end when Karen encouraged me to write my avatar up as a story - so much more user friendly than my previous efforts. Now my communications are really effective because they're using the scenarios and words my potential clients are already familiar with.

Ginny Carter

The Author Maker

“I now understand that there is so much more to marketing than just networking and it involves building consistent and effective relationships and processes which, having worked through the Clicks To Clients process, I now have a system for to do that. The biggest insight for me was learning how to keep track of numbers in terms of conversions per month to run a successful business and partnership power.”

Caroline Graham

Chartered Health and Safety Consultant

The best thing about working through the client avatar process is it made me think, not just about who my market is, but what I am offering. I used to suffer the classic therapist approach of "I help people with ..." Knowing who I most like working with, then asking what are their issues and that I can help them resolve brings into much sharper focus where I want to be. The shotgun approach has been replaced with a much more focused 'sniper' approach. It means my marketing becomes not only easier, but I don't waste time and energy.

Mike Rogers

Step2Change Hypnotherapy

Thank you – I have been dwelling on how to put my training together for over a year. Working with you has driven out more clarity of thought on the programme in the 4 or 5 weeks we have been going than in the previous 12 months, never mind all the practical stuff that I have achieved towards actually making it a reality.

Allen Ruddock

Management Consultant & Project Manager Trainer

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