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Finally … business made simple for consultants, coaches & freelance professionals

Want to reach more people, make more money and grow your business without putting yourself into overdrive?

You’re in the right place!

Get access to this step-by-step small business growth process that will show you how to make the leap from stressed out to calm and in control.

Is This You?

  • Business has felt really hard over the past few months; how do I know if I on the right track? 
  • I need more clients but I haven’t got the energy to keep marketing all the time
  • I keep reading different advice on what’s going to work and now feel confused over which path to take
  • I’m so busy trying to get everything done each day that I’ve lost sight of what I really want my business to do for me
  • I’m fed up with over-hyped business gurus who keep telling me that I just need to work harder and put more hours in
  • Running a business whilst juggling my family needs and having to be there to look at my parents, too, is getting harder every year; I’m exhausted!

You are not alone

No matter what path you’ve taken or success you’ve had already, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done each week.

And even if your business has grown over the past few years, you are still probably behaving like a busy freelancer; you’re trapped in the ‘doing’ of your business, too busy to review your pricing and profitability, hire good people or put in the systems and process that will make it easier to run your business.

This is why I’ve created Leap.

Our clients do not want the latest Instagram trends or 10X formulas; they want to keep their business simple, stress-less and learn how to grow their impact, fulfil their potential, whilst being able to take proper holidays and switch off at the end of the day.

And this is what me and my team deliver.

Leap is a brilliant way of working through a simple business growth process to identify what will spring board you and your business forward.

Welcome to Leap

Hi, I’m Karen. I’m now in my 20th year of running and growing consulting and coaching businesses; I know what it takes to have a business you love whilst not burning out in the process!

I built this programme to show you how to simplify your sales, streamline your business and give you a focused and clear plan that will can be implemented simply and easily over the coming months.

Don’t let the constant hustle and grind hold you back any longer – take control of your business today.


Get ready to make your business simpler and easier to grow

  • Look forward to a year with more ease and simplicity
  • Enjoy financial rewards for all your hard work
  • Reduce stress and streamline your business
  • Boost your confidence and feel calm and more in control of your business

Here’s what you get

Module One: CEO Mindset

From busy freelancer to being CEO of your business

Discover how to stop behaving like a busy freelancer and start running your business like a CEO.

  • Get clarity on what it is your business needs to do for you
  • Dig into your money goals and how you then use these to set your sales target for the year
  • Set the pace you want to work, and get clear on when and where your selling seasons are throughout the year

Module Two: Simplify Your Sales

Design your business to work FOR you

Selling the right things to the right people at the right time means you have to have a clear menu of services that work together, and help your clients to spend money with you at each of their journey.

  • Get clear on what to sell in each of the 4 product categories that make up a simple, yet profitable menu of services
  • Realign your price points so that they help you sell your services and products more easily
  • Identify the profit gaps in what it is you are selling
  • How to work out what capacity you have to sell across the year
  • Set your Business Heartbeat rhythms; the leads and new clients you need each month to make your sales targets (and it’s usually far less than you think it needs to be, which takes a huge pressure off what you think you have to sell every month!)

Module Three: Streamline your operations

How to avoid the daily grind

The tendency for most business owners is to end up doing everything themselves, so in this module you will dive into the processes and team members you need to make your business easier to run.

  • Review your current resources and identify what’s available to you right now
  • Map out the people you may need to hire over the coming months and how to do this without over-stretching your budget
  • Identify the repeatable and trackable processes that will make your business easier to run with our Grow Strong® Process Checklist

Module Four: Prioritise & Plan

Finalise your roadmap for the year ahead

In this final module, you will bring everything you have worked on over the previous modules to complete your one page roadmap.

  • Know what to work on in the coming months, and in what order
  • What makes an effective plan and how to break down projects into do-able milestones
  • Finish Leap with a clear plan on how to better run your business

The nuts & bolts

How does this programme work?

This is a practical and insightful programme, that promises to deliver a step-by-step process for you to follow.

Designed to be short and snappy to fit into your working week, you’ll get clear, concise action to take each week that builds to create your growth strategy for the year ahead.

4 modules of bite-sized video training

Each module has been split down into bite-sized videos to help you go at your own pace.

Email support within your first 4 weeks

If you need help at any time in your first 4 weeks, you’ve got it. You will be able to email Karen directly with any questions you have, and if you need to speak with someone, you will be able to schedule private coaching (note: private coaching is extra, prices available on request).

Templates & worksheets

You’ll get templates and worksheets to work through that accompany each video lesson, making it easy to build up to your final one-page roadmap.

Access to online Hub

Everything is easily accessible in your online learning portal, which you can view on any device. And our amazing Client & Operations Manager, Alexia Padgham, is on hand to help with anything if you need help logging in or you forget your password. 

Get instant access to Leap

Just £195 TODAY ONLY!

Usually £495

Why Us

We get what it is like to run your own business in these times, especially if you are selling professional services, your expertise, and essentially your time for money.

We’ve worked with businesses like yours since 2004, and we understand the financial, commercial, and growth strategies that work.

In the past year alone, our commercially grounded coaching, community support, and strategic planning process has helped our clients win 6-figure contracts, hire new team members to support the operational running of their business, recruit associates to scale their delivery, and create new revenue streams with digital products and online memberships, as well as build their resilience, reduce their stress levels and the number of hours worked.

Our clients don’t want the latest marketing Instagram trends or rich-quick schemes; they want to learn how to grow their businesses so that they increase their impact, fulfil their potential, and are able to thrive in the process.

This is what we deliver and it all starts with a simple plan. 

About Karen Skidmore

Business Books Awards finalist and business mentor with 25+ years’ experience, Karen Skidmore helps entrepreneurs step into their CEO-ship and create better run, more rewarding businesses. She knows that most business owners and leaders are burning out, trying to drive their business and life forward, and Karen knows this from first-hand experience!

She has run her own coaching and consulting companies since 2004. After an 11-year career with Hays Plc, her children were approaching school age and she realised how much she wanted a more flexible and fulfilling professional career.

Within 6 months of starting up, she was awarded European Social Funds for her Women’s Enterprise Programme and Simply Marketing Workshops, which was instrumental in helping hundreds of women start up their own businesses across Surrey & Sussex. She founded a regional women’s networking group in 2005, created & ran a 100+ membership site for 3 years and launched dozens of online courses and group programmes over the past 13 years.

But in 2012, struggling with adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances, Karen was burnt out from constantly launching new programmes and marketing campaigns, exasperated by dealing with grief from losing her father to cancer two years previously. She wanted to scale up but to enable her business to grow and for her to serve more people, it was no longer a case of “work harder”. She had to change the way she and her business worked so her business worked FOR her. She now teaches business owners how to run and grow a thriving business in her Momentum community, along with her team.

What our clients say about our work together …

The calibre of the others in the programme is a huge benefit. In surrounding yourself with really good people, there’s a very real collective benefit.

I had a good business with plenty of work – a freelance learning and development specialist working with organisations face-to-face to develop team effectiveness and leadership skills. I had great clients and loved what I did. But the COVID pandemic hit me hard as firms cancelled talent development and focused attention on other HR issues; it was a stressful time. Coming out of the pandemic, business picked up rapidly with my clients all wanting my input again. I was overwhelmed with requests for work and a full diary. I knew I had a choice. Either to go back to as it had been with me selling and delivering entirely face-to-face training which meant my capacity was quickly reached – or to change how I operated. I knew it was time to re-look at my business model.

Joining Momentum helped me address some of the trickier areas that I might have otherwise ignored. I was helped to spot signs of hazards long before I reach them, so I can take action. My work in Momentum has highlighted some of the gaps in knowledge of running a bigger business, with a different operating model. It was the prompt I needed to dig deeper and be able to access the data I need to make decisions. Now, just being in control of the model and the important figures makes me feel more like the sort of person who is strategic. I’ve been able to focus on the right things as CEO and leader of my business.

Elaine Gosden
CEO of Blue Gnu Consulting Ltd

The right balance of structure and emotional support for strong growth.

For a number of years my business had been a bit of a roller coaster: from high revenue, to very low months. In 2019, it began to rise again and 2020 was looking good – my business was growing and I was feeling well. Then COVID-19 kicked in, and my turnover instantly dropped by some 80%. I joined Momentum at a time I could least afford it, but I knew if my business was to survive I couldn’t do it alone. I wanted to re-build a robust business that would sustain me – in good times and bad – and do so in a different way than before.

Momentum became the scaffolding which supported me, allowing me to grow personally and express the person I’ve become as I developed my brand. I now have clear business processes, terms of service and a solid fee structure in place to support my work. For me, Momentum has struck the perfect balance between practical structure and processes, as well as emotional support needed for strong growth.

Kirsty Innes
Purpose & Brand Consultant

A big shift in my business in a relatively short space of time and a true generosity of spirit in the group.

I already had a range of packaged services, but it became apparent my fee structure failed to reflect my true value. I increased my prices significantly and, by making an offer to current clients, have been able to successfully transition them to the new pricing model.

This was important and impactful, but the biggest impact to date has been on my mindset and my confidence in what I can achieve. It’s meant that I have started to have longer and broader tech conversations with my clients which not only helps to move me to where I want to be, but also are really well received by my clients. It is what many have been wanting and waiting for!

Jason Kruger
Online Marketing Without The Trauma

10% growth in sales in my first year, and forecasting a further 30% growth this year.

Momentum provides the balance of practical support and know-how, with accountability, planning and process. It has given me the space to refine and define my vision, made me crystal clear about who I want to work with – and how – and the practical steps I need to take. It has made me accountable, given me a support network, challenged me and held me high in celebration.

I had my highest grossing revenue month ever in my first year in Momentum – and a 10% growth in sales across the year which took me across the VAT threshold. I am forecasting a further 30% growth this year. But the crucial measure for a sustainable business is profit. Profit has increased tenfold. I also now attract more of my ideal client and more of the work I want to do.

Emma Insley
CEO Emma Insley Consulting Ltd

Momentum is the engine behind my revenue growth; best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced.

If I were to describe my approach pre-Momentum, I was playing at working for myself. Now I really feel master of my destination. This experience has been instrumental in helping me formulate the marketing for my own white paper service, and I am just at the end of the best revenue quarter I’ve ever experienced and sold up all my available time from now until the end of the year so Momentum really has taken me to the next level.

Being part of Momentum has shown me to lift my head up from the day-to-day doing and keep my eye on the bigger picture. I know now what I want to be and what I stand for. It sounds so simple but it’s hugely powerful. 

Lois Dabrowski
Specialist in Marketing to HR

Helped me to dig deep into the commercial aspects of my business, unpicking my expenditure and articulating the true value I was offering.

It’s given me the space and encouragement to work on my vision. The coaching team have the knack of being both relaxed and focused – and know exactly when to challenge and question me. I have far greater clarity from being able to bring ideas and thoughts to the calls, and to talk through my ideas and get opinions. It’s a safe space to be part of.

I’ve also been given you a reason to be accountable. Momentum gives you the tools to learn more about your business and the opportunity to get alternative and external views on those challenges you might otherwise be working through on your own – and that’s invaluable.

Sam Palmer
Founder of Midlife Makeover

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