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Never enough. Always want more. Goes too quickly.

It’s something that everyone wants but no one gets to keep.


I’ve written and ranted about this topic several times over the past few years. And I’ve always found it a rather strange one for me to come back to as the people who really need to listen or read are usually the ones who don’t have the time to do so [ha ha].

In fact, time management was the one topic I gave up on back in the days of marketing my Women Business Forums. I used to run these once every 8 weeks back in 2005 to 2007. They were a lot of fun to do, great for lead generation as well as making a tidy profit.

I had set up a marketing system that I could just run each time a new date was announced and I usually got between 12 and 18 people in the room with each one.

But not on this topic!

My mantra when it comes to live events is never, ever cancel. Even if it just ends up being you, the cat and someone you drag off the street … always show up if you mean to use live events in your marketing strategy. (This obviously works better with virtual ones such as webinars … always nicer to talk to yourself when you can’t see that no one else is in the room LOL).

However, on this occasion I did cancel.

No matter how hard I pushed my marketing, the systems that I had created that worked so beautifully for all other topics such as email newsletters and networking skills, just feel flat on this one.

With 2 days to go and only 3 people booked, I came down with a dreadful chest infection, which I am pretty sure I brought on myself, as I had to cancel.

So why did I decide to sit down and write about this topic of time again? If the people who need to read this aren’t going to, why should I bother?

Well, I hope someone out there gets to pick this article up and take note. Plus I have a fun competition at the end to give away 3 copies of a rather wonderful book I’ve just finished reading.

This book is not your usual time management waffle. I’ve got a few of these books on my bookshelf and yup, I never found the inclination nor the time to read them.

But this one was different.

Even my 11 year old son picked it up and went, “Cool Mum – Ninjas!”

The book is called “How to be a Productivity Ninja” and the author is Graham Allcott.

There is one chapter in there that’s worth its weight in gold; the chapter called Ninja Email.

Seriously, it’s has been the single most effective time management tool I have ever come across. Mainly because it’s doesn’t show you how to manage your time better … but actually shows you how to manage yourself better in the time that you have when dealing with emails.

I’ve often joked that my inbox has gone feral again. I’ve never been as bad as having hundreds or thousands of unread emails. But the problem has always been that I’ve ended up using my inbox as my to-do list.

Arrgggh! And every time I’ve allowed my to-do list inbox to get out of control, it’s had this weird way of making me guilty of all the things I hadn’t done every time I checked my email. Which then just freezes me and gets me confused on what I should be focusing my time on.

In fact, this is one of the core principles that Graham Allcott highlights in this chapter. You must never “check” your emails. When you go in to your emails, you “do” your emails. Checking just means you end up scrolling up and down and never get anything done.

I have followed the email system that Graham has outlined, word for word. And what’s amazing is that even 2 weeks in, the system is still working perfectly and I love it.

My productivity is soaring at the moment and all because of this chapter in this book.

In fact, here’s a picture of my lovely inbox and the 3 magic folders that Graham shows you in his book, in action.

Competition Time!

Because I love this so much, I want to send 3 copies of this book to 3 people. I’m not any commission here, nor have any affiliate link. In fact, I will be ordering these books from Amazon and posting them directly to you. I just want to share this cool ninja time trick with you all.

If you would like to win one of these books, simply post a comment below with your reason why you deserve a copy and share your funniest, scariest or most horrific email story.

Its just a bit of fun so please don’t name or shame anyone unnecessarily … unless of course it’s yourself :O)

POST UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who contributed. I have now picked out the 3 most deserving winners to receive a copy of the book and been in touch to ask for your addresses. May your inboxes become places of calming peace LOL

Thanks for reading. And please share this article with your Facebook and Twitter friends … and even your LinkedIn buddies. Let’s all become Email Ninjas!


POST UPDATE:  Graham Allcott, the author of this book, has just been in touch with me. Loves the article (phew!) and wanted to tell me to tell you all that they have made the ebook version available to help raise money for READ International, which is pretty cool.

So if you want the ebook version – don’t buy it via Amazon – get it via this link here:

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