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Creating purposeful, playful and profitable businesses

For the change makers, the visionaries, the go-it-aloners and the micro-business owners who want to make a difference, make money and thrive in the process.

We give you the structure and support to play your bigger game without burning out.

Ignite Your Business Growth

True Profit Business Models

Design and create the business structure and revenue streams that work best for you and the way that you love to work.

Marketing Strategy & Systems

Get absolute clarity and focus on what will work for you and your audience so you attract the clients you want.

Pricing, Packaging & Productisation

Discover how to create, launch and deliver profitable products and programmes that allow you to thrive and don’t burn you or your team out.

Purposeful Vision & Planning

Get support and clear direction on how to establish, expand and evolve your business so you can grow “Beyond You”.

Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore. For the past 15 years, I have worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders who are stuck, out of flow with their business or have hit an income ceiling.

My two core qualities are innovation and passion so I don’t care about following the same-old industry rules. There’s every chance your market place is too noisy for you to be heard and if you are trying to do the same as everyone else, it’s keeping you on a treadmill. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I believe that everyone has the potential to do great things in their business but, to achieve this, you need the right revenue streams, systems, team and plan in place that fuels you and the way you serve your clients. If you want to up-level your thinking and want a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective on how to market and grow your business, but lack the know-how, time or confidence to take action, then we need to talk.


Sun Brand Consultancy

Got under the skin of why she wasn’t doing some of the bigger things she knew she was professionally capable of


Chartered Health and Safety Consultant

Got a clear B2B sales and marketing process which is now the backbone of her marketing


Specialist Financial Planner

Developed a real stand-out marketing process to get the recognition and authority to get introductions to key influencers in her industry


Kina Event Management

Given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales

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The Stockdale Paradox – why optimism may kill your business

The Stockdale Paradox – why optimism may kill your business

I know that none of us could ever have imagined our current status quo. Some of you are now at home with children, others have now found your previously quiet workspaces occupied by spouses. We all have friends and family who we know are vulnerable, so there's no...

Why going virtual doesn’t mean you have to drop your prices

Why going virtual doesn’t mean you have to drop your prices

We are about to go through one of the most intensely disruptive phases of how we do business. As I write this, countries across the globe have shut their borders and here in the UK, we are realistic about what’s going to happen over the coming days.  With the prospect...

Rituals for prospecting

Rituals for prospecting

Why is it that some people seem to just love picking up the phone. They relish the thought of speaking to people. They get excited by the prospect of prospecting. But, if you like most people who run their own business, making sales calls, reaching out to potential...

Is it time to change your marketing rhythm?

Is it time to change your marketing rhythm?

Constant and consistent. It's good advice, isn't it? Good marketing will (almost!) always fail if you aren't consistent with it. I know many of you are 'creatives'; it's a common entrepreneurial trait. But being creative also has its challenges. You get bored easily....

Consider the impact your business is making

Consider the impact your business is making

How often do you stop and consider the impact you are making? Not how many sales you’ve made this month. Or how many new leads you’ve got. Or even how much money you’ve made.  But how your business is making a difference.  Now before you begin to wonder whether this...

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