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Have you finished your website yet?


Websites are often something that sits on your to-do-list, waiting to be ticked off.

You spend a few sessions with a web designer or graphic designer, write your copy and get it published.  Tah-Dah! It’s live. Your website is complete!

But actually your website work has only just begun.  A website is NOT something that just gets ticked off from your marketing list.  A website is actually an evolving tool which needs to be nurtured, cared for and grown to keep up with your business.

One of my 1-2-1 clients was getting very frustrated with her new website the other week.  She had decided to set one up using [a great way of getting a very affordable, user-friendly website up and running very quickly].  But after a week of playing around with different templates and writing copy for her 5 pages, she was pulling her hair out.

I shouted “Move away from the website!!!”  It was time to take a break and stop trying to make it perfect.

My advice to her was to leave her website alone for a week and then come back to it for an hour or two every week over the next month or so. No more, no less.  The site was working, the right pages were up, people where able to book a place on the workshop she was launching – but to keep fiddling to make it perfect before “launching” was just driving her nuts!

You see, a website should never be finished.  When you run your own business, you are probably evolving and growing at a rate of knots.  You start working with clients you hadn’t thought possible, you create products and partnerships you hadn’t quite planned for.  You are being flexible to meet the needs and demands of your clients [or you should be!].

And your website has to reflect this.  It’s not a corporate brochure that once printed, has to be thrown out when out of date.  It’s moving and evolving marketing tool that you need to be reviewing at least once a month.

Have you finished your website, yet?  Good – so you shouldn’t have!

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