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How to confidently attract a steady flow of clients that you love to work with … even if you don’t consider yourself to be a natural-born marketer.

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It’s easy to be distracted by today’s shiny digital tools, sales funnels and passive income opportunities.

But if you’re struggling to find enough of the right clients, these tech tools and funnels can make marketing far more complicated than it needs to be.

GID stands for Get It Done.

And that’s exactly what you’ll do here.

Working through this practical, down-to-earth programme, you’ll get the direction and focus to take action on the exact steps to position, price, package and promote your services and programmes.

No fuss, no hype … just simple, sound advice and practical guidance based on Karen’s 20+ years of small business marketing experience.

GID School available for one day only!

GID School has been one of our most successful programmes; first launched in the summer of 2014, this programme went on to help more than 200 business owners across the world, including Australia, North America, France, Belgium, Germany and Croatia.

In 2018 GID School was taken off our website, no longer offered as a stand-alone course, and became a core programme for Momentum, our flagship programme since 2019.

It continues to stand the test of time, helping our Momentum members get the clarity to move forward with their marketing strategy and grow their businesses.

Today, you get the opportunity to get access to GID School!

Who is GID School for?

GID School is for coaches, consultants, and freelance professionals, such as accountants and web designers, who are either just starting up their business or have been in business for a few years and are looking to refresh or reboot their marketing strategy.

When you sell your time for money it can be challenging for your prospective clients to truly get what they are buying.

You don’t have a product that someone can pick up and experience; your programmes, workshops, done-for-you services and online products need to be packaged and portrayed so that the results of working with you can be easily communicated.

Plus, if you hate selling, you will undercharge AND probably over deliver because you don’t feel confident enough to claim your expert authority.

Most GID Schoolers come from one of these places:

1) You’re Just Starting Out

You’ve recently qualified or left your corporate career and you want your first paying clients.

You may not be exactly clear on what niche you want to focus on but you’re ready to take action if someone could tell you what the right action is to take.

2) You Hate Selling

When you sell “yourself”, it’s easy to get emotionally caught up about how much you’re worth and often means you undercharge.

Understanding how to package your offer will make it easier to sell your services, products and programmes and will be critical to your long term success.

3) You need direction and focus

You’re drifting from one month to the next, accepting what work comes your way and often at a price point way below you know you’re worth.

You want to reposition yourself and work with better clients and you need someone to point you in the right direction and give you a marketing plan that will work for you.

The 4 step GID School process

Step 1: Position Yourself

Establish Your Partnership Power

Discover how to position yourself so you can sell with confidence. You’ll be working on your power introduction, your bios and social media profiles and creating powerful case studies that will enable you to confidently establish your credibility.

Step 2: Get Your Pricing Right

Set price points that will be profitable for you and easy for your clients to invest in.

Understand exactly how to price your services, programmes and products so that you can do your best work and still be able to bring in clients at entry level. Knowing what to charge can be one of the most draining decisions for most business owners, so following the simple process laid out in GID School can skyrocket your results overnight.

You’ll be creating a simple yet powerful menu of options that give you opportunities to generate the cash you need now (AKA your “bread and butter” clients who are critical to your short-term success) as well as developing your “pregnancy” clients who have a longer sales cycle.

Step 3: Package Your Expertise

Clarify your products and packages and understand how to easily communicate the tangible benefits and the results you deliver.

When you sell results-based services, it’s tough for your prospect to truly get what it is they are buying. It’s often why you get so many people telling you “Thanks … but let me think about it.” In GID School you’ll be getting crystal clear on how to communicate what you are delivering and how you are going to deliver it, and in a way that’s going to sustain and fuel you rather than burn you out.

Step 4: Your Marketing Plan

Create and take action on a simple plan that’s going to get you results quickly.

Get working on a bespoke plan that focuses on your strengths, current resources and marketplace. There’s so much you could be doing, it’s easy to over-complicate and get distracted with shiny digital tools. So let’s stick to basics and focus on getting results.

GID School is right for you if are …

  • Ready to stop being distracted by shiny digital tools and focus on a marketing plan that’s going to work for your business
  • Tired of hearing your own excuses about why your marketing is not working for you
  • Prepared to be challenged and stretched so you show up and be able to charge what you know, deep down, you’re worth

This practical, down-to-earth programme will take you by the hand, show you the exact steps to getting better quality leads, higher paying clients and help you put together a plan that, when followed and taken action from, gives you a steady flow of new business.

Get instant access to GID School

Just £350 TODAY ONLY!

Usually £750

When I came to Karen, my business was at a bit of a low point and I was struggling to get clear on the way forward. Doing more of the same obviously wasn’t the answer, but working out what was, along with the motivation to make it happen was proving hard.

Karen gave me clarity, a business model that works and loads of common sense advice and encouragement. With her help I’ve got my mojo back, my business is flourishing, and I’m serving my clients better than ever before.

Karen is the real deal. She gives proper, down to earth, relevant advice and support. She’s not one of those ‘gurus’ who throws a load of hype your way and leaves you to find out later that it’s not actually relevant to your own situation. She listens, she thinks, and she tailors her expert advice. She’s easily the best coach and mentor I’ve ever had.

Mary McNeil

Marketing Systems Creator

As I left the corporate world to start my International Management Coaching Business I found working through GID School has helped me approach marketing myself with more confidence. From firming up my offering, identifying my clients, setting my price and then how to build my marketing funnel, GID School showed me how with realistic goals and actions.

The regular accountability meetings where Karen focuses on specific marketing areas are also forums for sharing experiences, celebrations and support as well as getting honest feedback from Karen before you send it out to your prospects. These weekly calls are the core to the success of GID School because it meant I wasn’t working on my own.

Louise Seabroke-Scrase

Pinpoint Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to make full use of what GID School offers?

We’d recommend you commit to half a day a week for 4 weeks to put into action what you are being taught in GID School, and you will see results. If you want to spread this time out over 6 to 9 weeks and take a little longer to work through each module, we’d recommend you schedule 2 to 3 hour chunks in your diary as a recurring event in your calendar.

Obviously, the more time you put in, the more likely you are going to see results and when you get focused on doing the RIGHT things to grow your business, it’s amazing what you can achieve. But please remember GID School is not a passive, online course. You have to implement and take action to see results. Simply watching a few course modules, won’t grow your business. So to really benefit from what you are going to be taught in GID School, you need to schedule time in your diary for both learning and action taking.

However you want to schedule this course, we give you exact timings of video length and expected times to work through the exercises so you can schedule the programme in to suit your work flow and other commitments. 

What if I can't keep up with the course? I'm worried I may get left behind.

This is a common worry so first off, you are not alone in asking this. In our experience of running GID School, very few people do actually get “left behind”. This is because the course content is broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks and when you follow each step, it’s easy to realise how much you can achieve in the time that you’ve got. 

Where previous GID Schoolers have got stuck is usually on making a decision, either on their pricing or how they package their offers. This is why GID School works as this course helps you make your decisions quickly and see that there is never a right or wrong answer … simply an answer to enable you to take action and keep moving forward. If you genuinely do get stuck or feel you can’t keep up with the course because life has thrown a curve ball at you that you did not expect – such as a sick child or a family member needing help – then simply come back to where you left off.

Don’t put yourself under pressure to complete; take one step at a time and you’ll be amazed how far you can go when you break everything down. 

My business is different. How will I know GID School will work for my marketplace?
GID School graduates come from a full range of industries and marketplaces; from coaches who sell lifestyle and transformation programmes to individuals to HR consultants and trainers who sell to large, multinationals and from beauty therapists who sell facials to graphic designers who sell websites. GID School has worked with a tonne of different skill sets and experts so we can promise you, no matter what sector you work in, what we can show you in GID School can work for you.

If you are unsure, email us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and tell you if GID School is right for you or not.

What don't you cover in GID School?

To be honest, there’s a lot we don’t cover in GID School. And deliberately so, too.

As you may have already discovered there is a plethora of marketing tactics and internet strategies you could be doing right now but when you are your business, you frankly don’t have the time, resources or money to do them all. This is why we focus on the fundamentals in GID School; positioning, pricing, packaging and promotion plan.

Of course, you may want to dive into more technical marketing, such as Facebook or LinkedIn or landing pages and lead magnets. But until you have the solid foundations in place and know exactly how to get yourself a profitable client with the resources and skills you’ve got right now, so much of that can wait.

We promise that your marketing can be so much simpler than a lot of the gurus and experts out there will have you think and after following the GID School process, you’ll be pleased that you’ll have been focused on less so you can achieve more.

How long has GID School been established?

The first GID School programme was launched in the summer of 2014. It was originally a 6-week programme following a structured course on creating a marketing campaign. Since this first programme, GID School evolved and grew into an 8-week programme focused on the 4 core fundamentals of business and marketing.

Momentum then became our flagship programme which took over from where GID School grew too and continues to support business owners today. 

We’ve had more than 200 students go through the GID School process so this is a proven programme with successful graduates from across the world with clients in the corporate market place through to selling to individuals.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a full refund guarantee for the first 14 days of joining GID School. If you’ve worked your way through the first week’s modules and find that GID School is just not the right thing for you, let us know immediately and we will happily refund your investment and cancel access to the programme for you within the 14 day guarantee period.

What if I'm not techy - is GID School focused solely on internet marketing?
Although we happily share with you recommendations for digital marketing tools and will help you with online marketing such as your website and social media marketing, most of the GID School content is focused on the fundamentals of business and marketing strategy.

You will discover that the simplest and easiest way to find your next profitable clients could well be by picking up the phone to someone you know. Not cold calling (we don’t do stuff like that in GID School, you’ll be pleased to know) but making your marketing plan as simple as possible is a BIG focus of GID School.

So don’t worry about not being techy. We keep things simple in GID School and don’t teach the latest, fancy smancy internet marketing tricks because we know, from experience, that’s often not the quickest and easiest way to get results.

If you do want something techy set up in your business as a result of the promotion plan you create, we have a select list of suppliers and recommendations we can share with you, personally vetted by Karen Skidmore.

What happens after GID School? Can I access further support?

We’ve got you covered. After you’ve worked through GID School, you will have the opportunity to build on what you’ve put into action and take part in our flagship programme, Momentum, if you want ongoing business and marketing support.

Rosie’s Story

Rosie+Letts+Nutrition-80Name: Rosie Letts, BSc Hons in Health Science
Business: Rosie Letts Nutrition
Success Highlights:

  • Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquiries are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease
  • Working with less clients but with increased profitability and more in control of her business
  • Clients are getting better results as they are showing up for a more engaged, structured programme
  • Marketing system set up so website visitors easily sign up for a free report and receive weekly recipes and emails, structured in a way that’s easy and simple to do consistently

What was business like before GID School?

“Last year I had a clear vision to what I wanted to create and understood the steps that I needed to take but they just weren’t happening. I felt I was stuck in the small time, chasing and reacting to everything and never feeling supported enough to get my business moving in the direction I knew was possible.

“I knew I needed help but was very nervous by everything on offer on the internet. I wanted to work with someone who had credibility and when you’re not sure who to trust, it was tough making a decision to reach out to Karen. Plus I had to be careful about what I was investing in because business cashflow meant that I didn’t have spare cash to join just any programme.”

What were the key things you worked on during GID School?

“Pricing and packaging were two key areas we worked on together and I was amazed by how quickly results started to happen. Initially, I had joined GID School to get help with a new detox course I was promoting. I needed to seriously make some money and setting up a new 6-week course was what I thought would make this happen. But boy, did I learn some lessons quickly.

“Karen’s teaching helped me realise my expertise wasn’t with marketing “just-another-course” that anyone could deliver. I was a qualified nutritional therapist who was specialising with pre and post natal clients and fertility and I realised I was never going to make my riches in the saturated detox market.

“I went from offering £55 ad hoc client sessions to creating a 3-month programme for £1,995. Over the next 2 days, I had 3 prospective clients booked in for consultations and all 3 said yes to me! Karen gave me the structure and process to putting this new offer together and when I followed her instructions, the selling was made easy.

“Clients are now getting better results with me too as they are following through on a programme and committing to their “homework” and actions between our sessions. And I’m working more effectively because I’m no longer working reactively, juggling my week from one ad hoc session to another.

“The other key area we worked on together was setting up the sign-up process on my website so interested people could easily get a copy of my PDF report offers and then receive my weekly email newsletters. Before a weekly email was just “another thing to do” and I couldn’t see a way of getting it done consistently.

“I now have a slick system setup and structured in a way that it’s easy to do and creates amazing content. In fact, I met someone at a networking event the other day who was getting my emails and told me she “loved my emails … I look forward to getting them every Tuesday morning.”

“As people are joining my email list, they are building up a certain expectation of what I have to offer and it’s almost as if they are working up the courage to book a space with me without me having to do any hard selling. This system is going to reap massive rewards for me in the coming months and years.

“What’s really interesting is that I am now getting LESS enquires than I did before joining GID School but as almost 100% of people contacting me for a consultation are now saying YES to my newly priced programmes, my business is better than ever.”


I have been part of Karen’s GID School and it has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. At a time when my business has been running successfully for 9 years, I was a bit stuck and Karen provided an objective look at what I was doing from a marketing perspective. She is the person who will push you that bit further which often brings big results. She has really helped me simplify my approach, provided excellent tools and ideas. Working with the other businesses in GID School has been great – such a supportive network where we can give each other feedback, share ideas and provide support.

Jo Adams

HR Consultant, Facilitator & HR Coach, Jo Adams Consulting

The prospect of launching and promoting my first online product felt overwhelming, scary and lonely. So many new technologies to learn. Plus the prospect of writing sales letters filled me with horror. Karen gave me the perfect mix of down to earth marketing advice, positive encouragement, combined with the (gentle and friendly) kick up the backside I needed.

Not only did the product launch successfully (without technical glitches), it also met sales targets. I cannot recommend Karen's mentoring highly enough to anyone taking their first steps into online marketing.

Mark Ridsdill Smith

Vertical Veg Club

Karen has a great knack of helping you get to the nub of an issue. I signed up with the “GID School” as I wanted to be held accountable, to get some focus and direction and to learn as much as I can about the best way to market my business. All of these objectives are being met, and more. Karen’s personal attention, insightful questions and marketing know-how, together with the support of the GID School community mean that every week I am taking positive steps in growing my business and, growing my confidence as a business owner

Michelle Tranter

Career Confidante & People Management Specialist

If you are looking to attract more clients then I highly recommend you book yourself onto GID School.  Best investment I made in my business and myself.  Averaging at 3 new clients a month and continued growing database.  Karen is authentic, knowledgeable and truly cares about what she does.

Marcia Guyot

Harmonie Colour

Karen gets to the heart of your business and business objectives with her great questions and ability to really listen. She will be ambitious for your success and really helps translate that into practical, actionable steps.

Frances Taylor

Sprout Coaching

Karen was recommended to me and I can see why. She helped me make sense of the marketing jungle, stop dithering and crack on in a structured way.

Jenny Wilson

Life Coach

You un muddle the muddle! You’ve helped me see the clear process of generating leads and nurturing those leads so that I can see when and how to make my offer. You’ve given meaning to why I am doing any aspect of my marketing. You certainly know “your stuff”!

Louise Turner

Barefoot Training Consultancy

I have delivered a campaign that delivered increased sales for a particular product and it has opened up a communication channel with new potential customers that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. You have used simple language and given me deliverable actions ... not just a load of jargon!

Natasha Roberts

Darling & Darling

I've followed Karen for years and knew that one day I would work with her and benefit from her experience and knowledge. This year I joined her GID School. For those who know me this might seem an odd choice since I work in marketing and teach it but ... there is always something new to be learned. I also wanted the accountability of having to get something accomplished before each weekly call.

I'm so glad I joined in as I really moved forward in some of my endeavours. I had an 'aha moment' as Karen said to me "that is so you - that is what you could be really passionate about and make happen". I'd thought it for a while but thoughts don't make things happen - actions do. Now, thanks to Karen, I'm all action!

Gillian Pritchett

Business & Marketing Consultant

I had a lack of system before I came to you. I’d been working on various areas of promoting my business but it was all very scattered and none of my activities was really moving the needle. Working with you has given me a new approach to marketing my business in ways I just wouldn’t have thought of.

You really know your stuff and you’ve got an ability to laser in and identify precisely what needs to be done. You peel away all the stuff that we don’t need to worry about to instead focus on a targeted plan.

Cory Cook

Productivity Consultant

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